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SemRush free and its benefits to improve the web positioning in Desamark

Nowadays it is very important for businesses to be in the top positions in Google to attract customers and generate more profits. One of the main tools SEO experts use to do this is SemRush.

How to improve a website with SEMRush
SemRush has some very interesting features that allow you to know:

Organic Search: The visits that come from the search engines, positioned keywords and the web traffic of each one. It allows you to segment by country.

Paid search: Knowing which keywords the competition is spending money on and detecting the most interesting ones to position itself.

Links: These are the links that other websites have to the analyzed website. It allows you to see what type they are and to segment by them.

Tracking of the positions: You can see the evolution of positions in the results of the search engine for different keywords. In this way you will be able to find out which keywords are positioning well and which are not and require more work.

The data obtained with these functions will be taken into account later for the following steps:

Study of keywords : The organic and paid keywords of the competition will be gathered and pages will be created that respond to the user’s search intention in order to overcome them.
Onpage SEO Optimization : Each page created will be optimized with its title, description and hierarchical structure of H1, H2, H3, etc.
Create quality content: Original content will be created that responds to the search intention , so that the user finds everything he is looking for and does not go to another site.
Get sites that link: We will look for where you can get the best links, looking for related sites, with authority and that bring quality traffic).

By following these steps you will increase and receive many more visits to the website. To learn more about how to use Sem Rush , they have created an academy with free courses, videos and certifications at:

There is currently a promotion to try SemRush for free for 1 month at Desamark . There are times when the promotion changes and it is 14 days free, 7 days free or discounts. To consult the current promotion and other offers you can go to the web or in the Youtube channel of Desamark.

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