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Semify Reviews SEO Reseller Market in 2021

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There’s no doubt that 2020 brought about massive changes across virtually every industry. For digital marketers, in particular, the pandemic threw some major curveballs. But if you’re running your own digital marketing agency, you’ve probably fared better than most during this time.

Still, a new year brings about new opportunities. And as we look forward to a post-pandemic world, it’s a good idea to take a look at some of the trends that will continue to shape the SEO reseller landscape this year. As an experienced digital marketing company, Semify reviews some of the most important considerations for SEO resellers and SEO reseller programs below. 

Which trends will emerge or continue to impact SEO resellers in 2021? When Semify reviews what’s occurred during the past year and reflects on what’s to come, it’s important to highlight how the pandemic has affected the way we work and the way that businesses promote themselves. 


Whether you already run your own marketing agency or you’re looking to start a new venture this year, an SEO reseller model can help you reach your goals. And if you keep the following trends in mind, you’ll be well-prepared for the future. As Semify reviews the SEO reseller landscape, here are the trends to keep an eye on.

Demand For Digital Marketing Has Recovered

The onset of the pandemic last March culminated in widespread panic among business owners. This caused history to repeat itself in certain ways, particularly in regards to marketing budgets. Marketing and advertising are among the first things to be cut during times of economic hardship, as they don’t necessarily have a direct impact on the business’s ability to actually sell products or services. It’s generally easier to pause a marketing campaign than it is to simply stop producing — and to many businesses, it’s seen as a way to limit damage during a recession.


However, we know from historical analysis that the companies that continue to market during these crises actually fare better in the end. While it might seem like an unnecessary cost at the time, it’s often the right choice in the long term. Making cuts to marketing and advertising might provide immediate relief, but the big picture effect is that the company will lose out on profits as a result and may even jeopardize its brand perception or overall awareness in the meantime. 

Certainly, it’s important to make strategic decisions in these situations. It may simply not be possible to continue a marketing campaign with no adjustments made. But rather than stop marketing completely and potentially lose ground, it’s often smarter to simply scale back a bit and hold out until the market recovers. Just as you shouldn’t be quick to sell your stocks during a disruption, lest you exacerbate the problem, it makes sense to stick it out (even if you need to downgrade your budget a bit) and still reap the benefits.


Fortunately, in 2021, the demand for marketing has made significant strides in terms of recovery. While the economy still isn’t back to where it was before the pandemic, businesses are making more informed decisions that aren’t based on temporary panic. Instead, they’re thinking ahead to the future and know there are better times ahead. That optimism can prompt business owners to invest more money in their marketing and advertising once more, which can allow agencies to be prosperous during this new normal.

The stock market is recovering, as are many businesses. While some may still be a bit gun-shy and hesitant to invest too much in marketing out of fear of the unknown, others are willing to take chances now that they know what to expect. When Semify reviews what experts predict for 2021, it’s clear that brands are now open to investing in online promotion (even more so than traditional print advertising, which tends to come with a higher price tag). 


This recovery and the willingness to embrace digital marketing is great news for agency owners. Clients who are seeking customers during the ongoing pandemic are likely to turn to digital marketing, creating more opportunities for marketers. And if you’re part of an SEO reseller program, you’ll have a chance to provide the in-demand services that customers are asking for at a price that allows both you and your clients to thrive.

Diversification is the Name of the Game

As Semify reviews SEO reseller trends for the year, let’s continue with the stock market analogy for a moment. When you invest in stocks, most financial experts will urge you to diversify. By avoiding the pitfall of putting all of your eggs in one basket, you’ll be in a better position to protect yourself and maintain a more well-rounded portfolio.

The same can be said for both the clients you choose to work with and the services you provide to them as an SEO reseller. Many agencies that did well during the early part of the pandemic were naturally in a better position because their clients were so diverse. It can be easier to concentrate on one area — say, lawyers or dentists in a certain part of the country, for example — when marketing your agency or qualifying leads. The problem with that, however, is that you’re placing limitations on your business that can prove problematic in the event of a crisis. 


Unfortunately, this is something that many agency owners found out the hard way. When Semify reviews some of its most successful partnerships during the pandemic, the majority had diversification built right in. Rather than restricting their work to one industry or geographic location, these businesses sought to have a variety of different clients represented. When non-essential businesses were shut down, this brought huge challenges for agencies that hedged their bets on only one or two client sectors. Since then, many have learned to diversify to prepare for this type of scenario in the future. That way, even if one type of client is unable to operate as normal (and needs to cut back on their services), you’ll have a built-in safety net.

Diversifying the services you offer will be on-trend for 2021, as well. This can provide your clients with more flexibility if they do need to adjust their budget or pivot their strategy. While having a specialty is nice, you’ll be more appealing to customers during a pandemic if you can position yourself as a one-stop shop, of sorts.


Even if you’re not able to fulfill all of these deliverables yourself in-house, you can easily partner with a firm that can offer white label SEO or other in-demand digital services on your behalf. Making it easy for clients to get the services they need can really seal the deal, as no one wants to deal with coordinating different vendors or take on any more stress than necessary.

Reseller Models Promote Agency Growth

That brings us to our next point. As Semify reviews SEO trends for 2021, it’s clear that many people are looking to grow their businesses after a rough 2020. That may have driven some to acquire new skills during quarantine, but many others would rather not shoulder additional burdens during this time.

One of the solutions we’ve found is partnering with other businesses to share the load. SEO reseller programs can be a great way for marketing agency owners to focus on the areas they’re passionate about, provide the services that customers demand, and forge mutually beneficial relationships with others in the industry — all while scaling their business for the long term.


Innovation has been essential during the pandemic. What once worked for you may not be effective anymore. Fortunately, we’ve found new ways of doing business that can allow for a better work-life balance and help your agency recover in 2021. If you were hesitant to give up some of that control before the pandemic, your priorities may have since shifted to reveal what really matters to you. And if growth and recovery are your top priorities, it’s no surprise that a reseller model may allow you to achieve those goals while working with fellow professionals you can trust.

In general, outsourcing will continue to grow in popularity during this time. But with a reseller model, you can establish an ongoing relationship with another business that will provide you with the support you need. Rather than relying on a faceless freelancer, you can partner with an established firm and benefit from their experience and connections. It’s all about working smarter, not harder, in 2021. 

Resellers Emphasize Importance of Local SEO

When Semify reviews SEO trends throughout the pandemic, we can’t forget about the role that local SEO has played. Local SEO was important before 2020, but most people started to realize its impact during this time. That’s especially true for America’s small businesses, many of which faced major struggles last year.

Google knows that web users want search results that are nearby. Understandably, search engines place a lot of emphasis on local recommendations. And as voice search and smartphone use continue to grow in popularity, it’s no wonder that businesses are leveraging the power of local SEO. 

Agencies involved in SEO reseller programs will continue to recommend local SEO services to their clients because these tactics can provide greater visibility and essentially level the playing field. Whether a client runs a restaurant, operates a healthcare facility, or provides home improvement services, it makes sense to optimize for customers within a specific geographic location. This can increase the likelihood that a client would appear in the map pack and be featured more prominently in search results with the “near me” qualifier. 

Even if you don’t offer help with local listings or Google My Business, partnering with a marketing agency can help your clients gain the brand awareness they deserve. Of course, including location-based keywords in on-site and off-site optimizations can also be beneficial. If the bulk of your clients are small business owners operating in certain areas, it makes sense to embrace the local SEO trend to help them be found more easily online. 

Reseller Models Align With Remote Work

Remote work was on the rise well before anyone had heard of COVID-19. But, as we now know, many businesses had to quickly become acquainted with the ins and outs of working from home as a result of the pandemic. 

That was a shock to many agency owners who were accustomed to commuting to the office every day. But as Semify reviews its own work environment, it’s clear that the businesses that had already implemented flexible work programs were able to adjust with almost no delay. That served many agencies well at the start of the pandemic when competitors were struggling to keep up or get used to a different routine. 

A year into the pandemic, many Americans have now become accustomed to remote work. While it may not be your preference, there’s no denying that digital marketing and SEO reseller programs are a natural fit for this type of arrangement. Teleconferencing and phone calls may have already been part of your life as an agency owner — and if you work with other businesses that aren’t located in your area, utilizing available technology to connect may be par for the course. 

If you’ve recently opened your own agency and are wondering whether it’s worth it to open an office, remember that being an SEO reseller is a natural fit for remote work. Working remotely allows you to reduce overhead, maximize productivity, and achieve a better work-life balance. It’s likely that many digital marketing companies will continue with fully remote work arrangements throughout 2021, as it’s a great way to keep everyone safe while streamlining operations. And for many marketers, it really isn’t all that different from pre-COVID life.

Reseller Programs Provide Affordable Marketing Solutions

Earlier, we mentioned that digital marketing demand has shown signs of recovery. That’s certainly true, though many customers may still not be ready to commit a large portion of their operating budget to online promotion.

But what’s great about many aspects of digital marketing — like SEO, in particular — is that cost-effectiveness is baked right in. SEO has one of the lowest costs per lead of any acquisition technique and is meant to be a long-term solution that builds on itself over time. Rather than running an ad for a short period of time and paying a fee each time it’s clicked, your clients can invest in quality content for their site that brings new visitors for an infinite period. By highlighting the affordability of digital marketing products, you can more effectively sell your services to clients that really need your help.

Providing a wide variety of different digital services can allow clients to come to you with any budget. You can benefit from obtaining wholesale prices (thanks to your reseller program), marking them up for a nominal profit, and still providing an accessible way for your clients to improve their rankings and visibility online. When they’re ready to upgrade, you can then recommend other services that align with their goals. 

Driving home the benefits and cost-effectiveness of digital marketing services can help your clients to understand just how much they’re getting for their investment. Everyone wants to feel like they’re getting a bargain, especially during an economic downturn. When you’re part of an SEO reseller program, you’ll be able to offer affordable services that provide huge value over time.

As Semify reviews the SEO reseller landscape in 2021, it’s clear just how much has changed over the past year. But the effectiveness of reseller programs remains consistent — allowing agency owners to succeed even in the midst of an ongoing pandemic.

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