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Sea Captain Nils Larsen Discussed How Explorers Can Visit Antarctica Without Harming Habitats

iCrowdNewswire Mar 9, 2021 6:05 PM ET

Sea Captain Nils Larsen formerly discussed how explorers can visit Antarctica without harming natural habitats.

Sustainable tourism is a popular travel trend that nearly everyone can get behind. Being responsible is a major part of traveling, and much of that responsibility comes from protecting th natural places we all love to visit. Sea Captain Nils Larsen formerly discussed how explorers can visit Antarctica without harming the natural habits there.

Nils Larsen was a Norwegian sea captain known for the Norway expeditions of Antarctica. During one of his missions to the Antarctic aboard the vessel Norvegia, Larsen and is team achieved annexation of Peter I Island and Bouvet Island.

Antarctica is becoming a popular travel destination for the most adventurous travelers. Many are braving the sub-zero temperatures to catch a glimpse of rare wildlife and untouched terrain. Unfortunately, climate change is having a major detrimental effect on Antarctica, making sustainable tourism in the area an absolute must.

Nils Larsen explained that it’s not impossible to visit Antarctica without harming the natural habitats there. He stated that one of the best ways to travel in an eco-friendly way is to book wisely. A number of tour companies are now operating in Australia, and it’s essential you choose one that is focused on sustainable travel. A quality ecotourism company will offer low-impact visitor adventures, support local conservation efforts, and educate travelers on what they can do to protect natural habitats while visiting.

It’s especially important to research tour companies, as many will state that they are responsible or eco-friendly without actually taking action. Nils Larsen added that individuals can take their own efforts to protect the environment in Antarctica. The best way to do this is to educate yourself on the habitats there and the struggles they face. The more you understand about the challenges facing Antarctica, the more cautious you will be while traveling.

Antarctica is currently a place free of pollution, hunters, and other common harms to natural habitats. Nils Larsen explained that this is why it is such an important place to protect. Visiting Antarctica can open your eyes to the harms humans have on the environment and inspire you to make further changes to protect the environment at home and while traveling.

The biggest industry in Antarctica is tourism, and the destination sees roughly 37,000 tourists per year. Effects on the environment are inevitable, but every single traveler can do his or her part to stay educated, purchase tours wisely, and remain respectful of this incredible travel destination at all times.

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