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Save Hundreds of Hours Preparing for and Presenting At Trial

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Dallas, TX – OnCue Technology LLC, the premier provider of evidence presentation software, officially released OnCue 4.0 on Monday with a feature-packed new version of the popular trial presentation software.

Designed for trial presentation consultants and law firms of all sizes, OnCue organizes exhibits, depositions, and other media for presentation during trials, arbitrations, settlement conferences and other legal events

Since its release eight years ago, OnCue has risen to become the most popular software for trial presentation amongst full-time “hot-seat” professionals and has gained traction with hundreds of law firm users.

“We started OnCue because the tools we wanted weren’t available on the market.  With the new OnCue, we delivered several wish-list features that will save hundreds of hours in preparing for trial by eliminating workarounds and improving workflows.  OnCue erases dead air during trial because calling up exhibits and interacting with them happens faster than a blink,” said OnCue founder and lead product manager Eric Pubentz.

David Cavin, the lead programmer, rewrote OnCue from the ground up with the internal codename SkyRocket (a nod to the emphasis on speed) to accommodate must-have features like lightning-fast use of native PDFs and enhanced deposition video editing and exporting.  “Raising the bar from the prior version wasn’t just about adding features, it was about re-engineering the backbone, rethinking the fundamental interactions with exhibits, and redesigning the user interface to work in concert with the changes.  With the new version, you could load 100,000 pages of exhibits in less than a minute and be presenting in the next one.  We are lucky to have more than 150 enthusiastic beta-testers shaping this version.”

New features like “On-Air” simulate the broadcasting-like ability to interact with evidence while the toolset is invisible to the audience.  A new software-based matrix switcher gives users the ability to present to all or a subset of displays like publishing just to the Court.  These eliminate the need for preview monitors or physical switchers required with other software.

User support is a hallmark for OnCue—requests are handled with urgency and a personal touch. Nancy Schlaifer, Support Manager, says “We’ve scaled up support for the influx of new users and we’ve reworked our support materials with to make everything easier to find. Our support staff is also a network of full-time presentation pros who treat customers as colleagues.”

“We first targeted the professional hot-seater and were fortunate to be supported by early adopters like Kirkland and Skadden.  Since the initial release, our user base has grown steadily to include government, small firms, court reporting companies, and even international users all switching from products that weren’t meeting their needs,” said Guy Joubert, an OnCue founder.

Robb Helt, an industry veteran and hot-seat professional became an OnCue evangelist shortly after a trial of OnCue in 2015. Helt joined OnCue in 2017 to help develop and test the new version and create a training program, “I swore by other presentation software until I tried OnCue and realized what I was missing. Existing users are our biggest advocates, and they will be thrilled with the new version and all the carefully designed efficiencies like the Designation Wizard and rich video export. For new users, we offer a free demo and tons of support for those who want to switch.” The new OnCue is available in Flex, Pro, and Team subscriptions starting at $80 per month and decreasing in cost with annual and license number commitments.

About OnCue Technology LLC

OnCue makes best-in-class trial presentation software with flexible and scalable subscription options and provides training for professionals seeking more efficient workflows and presentation options. For more information on the new features and OnCue, visit  OnCue is jointly owned by Core Legal Concepts and TrialGraphix.

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