Reviewing FXOro and The Features That Contribute To Its Leading Position In The Market


Trust is the most important thing between two business partners. When you sign up with a broker, you are essentially accepting them as your business partner. So, before you do that you need to find out if you can trust the selected partner. You should carefully look into any broker and check their regulations, trade services, commission rates and fee, and several other features that contribute to the credibility of a broker. There are many online brokerage firms with some of them at the leading position in the industry. So, let me tell you what makes a broker great. My experiences with online brokerage firms tell me that a good broker must have a reliable trade platform, should be regulated and authorized, provide low deposit fees and commission rates, and should ensure user information security.

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FXOro.com is one of the top leading brokers in the industry. The broker was launched in 2012 and has since made a name in the online trade business. FXOro created this reputation by building trust with the clients. Let me describe some features of FXOro that contribute to it being a recognized online brokerage firm.

Best FXOro Features

· Regulated Broker

One very important aspect to look for in a broker is to see if they are regulated by trusted companies. Regulations refer to when a third-party company monitors all activities on a broker. They monitor all transactions between the broker and the clients to prevent fraud and other illegal activities. You should stay away from any brokers that are not regulated by authority to avoid getting caught up in scams.

FXOro is a highly regulated broker that is regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange. All means of payments and deposits on this broker are regulated by trustworthy agencies. This broker offers you high security for all matters of trade.

· Web Trader

This broker provides you with one of the most seamless web trader services through their MetaTrader4 platform. The MT4 platform is a highly secure trading platform that provides you with many instruments to assist you in trade. FXOro provides you a link to download this software for free on your laptops. Furthermore, they have also designed a web trader MT4 mobile app that is available on the Apple store as well as the Android play store.

The MT4 platform is one of the best platforms for online trading. The FXOro platform is designed on an MT4 structure to provide you with a high performing and smooth running platform for your trades. The platform comes with the built-in option of auto trading that enables expert advisors. The platform is user-friendly and very easy to use.

· Bonuses and Promotions

Who doesn’t like promotions and bonuses? Well, sadly you will find that many brokerage firms do not provide any promotion services on their platforms. It seems that many don’t consider the benefits it will bring to them as well as their customers. More people will be tempted to pick the broker that provides them with occasional bonuses and promotions.

You will find that FXOro provides its customers with frequent bonuses. In fact, you get bonus equity of 30% on your initial deposit of a minimum of $200. Now that is a sure way pique the interest of new clients. FXOro rewards its customers for putting their trust in them by providing Cash Back offers for up to 50% of your investments. You need to trade in a particular field for 3 months to activate this service.

Another service provided by this broker is that you can convert your profits into gold bullions. To take part in this promotion, you need to trade 1000 lots in 3 months. You can find detailed explanations for activating these bonuses on their website.

· Tight Spreads

The value of the spreads that a broker provides determines the quality of your experience with them. Spreads determine the rate of your profits. So, if the broker has low commissions, fees, and spreads, then your amount of profits will be more. This is why you will find online brokers competing aggressively to provide the best spread rates.

FXOro provides one of the most affordable spreads to you. For most currencies, their spread rates start from as low as 0 pips where pips are the “percentage in point”. Pips are the smallest price moves that an exchange rate can make. If you make a fixed account with the broker your spreads will start at 2 pips while with Floating accounts, your spreads start at 1.2 pips. You have to make deposits to gain access to these great spread rates.

· Easy Payment

As a trader, a majority of your time is spent making payments and transacting profits. So, it can be annoying if the payment and transaction services by the broker are complicated and do not support for preferred methods of payments. You have to make an initial deposit to finish your registration process, if you encounter a complicated payment process in the initial stage then you might lose interest in the broker.

FXOro prioritizes your comfort when using its platform. Their payment methods are straightforward and charge no commissions on deposits. This trader allows you to pay through credit/debit cards, Visa, and MasterCard. You are also able to make bank wires via e-wallet services such as Neteller, GlobePay, Skrill, among a few others. The one thing that you should remember is that you can only make transactions with the same method that you used for deposits. For example, if you deposited an amount using your credit card then you cannot withdraw using the e-wallet services.


FXOro is a trading platform that provides you with many facilities and services. Their user-friendly and interactive platform gives full experience in the trade markets. In addition to being a secure and regulated broker, FXOro believes in rewarding you for trusting them as your broker and offers you several bonuses.

I have simply shared my own experience with this broker in terms of services that impressed me. You are, of course, free and encouraged to make your own judgment and research to decide if this broker is worth your time. While I cannot compel you to sign-up with this broker, I would still recommend that you consider FXOro before deciding on any other broker. To learn more about FXOro click here.

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