Reason Behind Cracked Windshields

This can be bewildering and frustrating for car owners. To make sense of why this happens, here are the five surprising reasons windshields crack.

Extreme Temperature Fluctuations During Winter

Many car owners deal with their windshield cracking during the winter season. The reason why this happens is because of extreme temperature fluctuations during the winter. The fluctuations in the temperature cause the glass to expand and shrink repeatedly.

Excessive Exposure to Sunlight

First, you have to understand that UV rays damage your windshield over time. Second, if your car has been exposed to extreme heat and sunlight, you’re going to be dealing with fluctuating temperatures as it cools down during your drive. The cold air is going to be hitting the inside of the windshield while the hot sun is going to be hitting the outside of the windshield.

Poor Installation or Construction

There are times when the windshield isn’t fitted correctly to the slot. That’s why you want to get windshield repair from trusted auto glass shops. If you’ve had your windshield replaced, the auto glass shop has likely swindled you.

Slammed Doors

When you slam the car doors shut very hard, it creates pressure that can spread to your windshield. These are five surprising reasons why windshields crack out of the blue. These reasons often surprise many car owners that were completely unaware that windshields can crack in this manner. The big takeaway here is that you want to take steps to protect your windshield and go in for repairs right away if you notice any damage.

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