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Ransomware is on the Rise: How to Protect Your Business

How Can MDR Services Protect Your Business From Ransomware? 

With ransomware on the rise, businesses need a security boost. MDR services protect from these attacks with a data-driven, focused approach to cybersecurity.  


Ransomware is a terrifying proposition. Hackers gain access to your data and lock your company out of it unless you agree to pay them a hefty fee. While this feels like something that only happens to other businesses, it’s actually growing more and more common. In fact, the number of ransomware attacks from 2018 to 2019 has already more than doubled thanks to powerful new malware and hacking strategies. As these attacks become more sophisticated, the price to secure your data is going up, too. The average ransom demand has grown to $13,000, which is almost double what it was not even a year ago.

It’s not only large businesses that are targeted for these attacks. Criminals are targeting small businesses with increased frequency, too. For a brand-new business, this could be a death blow. It’s clear that no matter how big or small you are, ransomware poses a significant threat. You must take immediate steps to protect your business.

Protecting yourself from these nefarious criminals isn’t as simple as putting some hardware in place and calling it a day. You need the right security infrastructure, a team of experts, and constant vigilance. Most of all, you need to be proactive. That’s why many companies are starting to turn towards Managed Detection and Response Services, also known as MDR.

MDR services go above and beyond the call of typical managed security services. Instead of responding to security alerts, MDR services analyze your network in-depth to develop proactive alerts. Detection is tailored to your specific company, people, and infrastructure. It’s the difference between threat intelligence and threat response.

Jason Simons, a San Antonio IT services professional with ICS lays out three specific ways that MDR services are able to help businesses protect themselves from ransomware attacks and other digital threats:

1. Tailors Specifically to Your Business

Most security services are based on a checklist of best practices. These teams have the experience to know how attacks hit other companies in the past and work hard to ensure they don’t happen to you, too. This is somewhat useful, but the problem is that cybercriminals are intelligent and constantly evolving. Their techniques from three months ago won’t be the same that they employ today. What’s more, they might not hit your business the exact same way they hit another one last year.

To truly protect yourself, your security services must be tailored specifically to your company based on a complete knowledge of your infrastructure – hardware, software, policies, and people. This full protection sets MDR services apart from typical cybersecurity security services and ensures your business is as safe as possible.

2. Protects from the Known and Unknown

By using threat intelligence, proactive threat hunting, and other critical techniques, MDR services are able to keep you safe from both known threats and unknown ones. Real-time analytics and machine learning allow your security team to detect and prevent threats the second they are spotted. This can happen both on-location and in the cloud.

3. Enhances Your Response to Threats

One key benefit to being so proactive is that the number of actual threats hitting your network is reduced. This helps reduce the number of security alerts you need to deal with. However, the quality of these alerts is also improved by leveraging security intelligence and analytics. This ensures that only true threats trigger alerts. The burden of responding to these alerts is reduced. Since only true threats trigger alerts, the response rate to each alert is heightened.

It’s impossible to fully secure your business from every single threat out there. There are simply too many threats, ransomware included. However, protecting your business with MDR services gives it the very best chance to detect threats before they become a problem and respond immediately when necessary.

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