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Public Relations Specialist Mel Cordier launches Mini Markteing Masterclass online for children

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 13, 2021  2:32 AM ET

Public Relations Specialist and Entrepreneur Mel Cordier spent the former half of the pandemic outbreak building and launching an online course, breaking down “Marketing” for children.

The media professional cultivated his signature “Mini Marketer Masterclass” in just a few days and is available for ages 10-18! to which the formula can use as they develop their early entrepreneurial ideas.

“This two-week program is designed to align the youth with Marketing and Entrepreneurship. The current climate in economics proves that generation wealth must be taught as early as possible. This proven formula is specifically for our youth, and can be applied to many fields of consumer relations.”

With the help of some small businesses, Cordier was able to secure scholarships used for hand-selected individuals to receive 100% free enrollment. The class also includes access where students can further the Marketing conversation upon completion.

The Mini Marketing Masterclass can be found here.


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