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Prestigious College of Commercial Arbitrators Launches Rare Mentorship Opportunity

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The CCA Associates Program Aims to Increase Diversity in the Alternative Dispute Resolution Field

AUSTIN, TX – The College of Commercial Arbitrators (CCA), a professional, collegial organization established in 2001, that celebrates and advocates excellence in the field of commercial arbitration – in the US and internationally – opens registration for a new and rare mentorship opportunity. The CCA designed its Associates Program to share the Fellows’ highest standards of ethics and professional conduct and their innovative best practices with arbitrators from diverse backgrounds.

The CCA both defines and promotes the highest standards of arbitrator ethics, standards of conduct, and best practices in alternative dispute resolution. The Fellows of the CCA are recognized as some of the most highly experienced and sought-after members of the commercial arbitration profession. However, according to the CCA President, Mark Heley, CollArb, the market landscape is changing and the CCA is proactively responding. “Parties to commercial arbitration proceedings are becoming more diverse and are, in turn, looking for a more diverse group of arbitrators,” he explained. “The CCA Associates Program serves this interest by working to expand the pool of qualified arbitrators from groups that have been historically underrepresented.”

Three applicants will be chosen to participate.  Applicants must meet requirements such as currently having an active ADR practice, having less than five years of experience serving as a commercial arbitrator, and confirming a commitment to develop the skills needed to provide high-quality commercial arbitration services. Arbitrators interested in applying for the inaugural two-year mentorship program can visit The deadline to apply is August 5, 2022 and selections will be announced on August 22, 2022.  Selected applicants will be invited to participate in CCA programs and attend the CCA’s annual meeting at no expense.

CCA Fellows meet regularly to share experiences, develop new ideas and advocate for the process of commercial arbitration. The CCA recognizes that a broad cross section of Fellows from varied and diverse backgrounds allows the group to foster new insights, share different perspectives, enhance business opportunities and advance the field of commercial arbitration. “The CCA knows that actions in this regard speak much louder than words,” said Heley. “For this reason, the CCA remains committed to its diversity initiatives.”

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CCA is an invitation-only organization that provides a meaningful contribution to the profession, the public, the legal sector, and to the businesses that implement commercial arbitration as a means of dispute resolution. The Fellows of CCA have the professional training, judgment, and years of experience to undertake the most complex and difficult commercial arbitration assignments. To learn more about CCA or find an arbitrator for your commercial dispute needs, please visit

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