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PhenQ Reviews 2021 – What do customers say after using PhenQ?

The demand for thermogenic fat burners practically skyrocketed in 2021. That explains why you have been seeing a lot of PhenQ reviews 2021. 

We aren’t too surprised either. Gyms had shut down. People weren’t exercising as much as they usually do. Health had taken a backseat. Waistlines had expanded. 

It is estimated that 10% of Americans gained more than 12.5 pounds during the pandemic. 2% gained more than 27 pounds. 2% of the population is a lot. 

So, people have been looking to drop their weight fast looking to get beach ready for the summer, or fit into that special dress for the upcoming holiday season. Either way, PhenQ has helped thousands of men and women. 

If you have read PhenQ reviews 2021 and want to know more about how this fat burner works, then you are at the right place. Today, we will decode PhenQ for you once and for all.

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PhenQ Reviews 2021 – What do customers say after using PhenQ? 1

What is PhenQ? 1

What are the benefits of using PhenQ? 1

Jitter Free Thermogenesis & Fat Loss 1

Appetite Suppression 2

Burns Belly Fat 2

Improves your mood and motivation 3

Boosts Sleep and Overall Health 3

How does PhenQ work? 3

Diet Induced Thermogenesis (DIT) 3

Calorie reduction 4

ATP Synthesis 4

What are the ingredients in PhenQ? 4

What are customer reviews saying about PhenQ? 4

What are the side effects of PhenQ? 5

How long does it take to see results with PhenQ? 6

How long can you take PhenQ? 6

Can you buy PhenQ on Amazon? 6

Where can I find PhenQ? 6

Do Thermogenic Fat Burners work? 6

How much does PhenQ Cost? 7

PhenQ Pros & Cons 7

Pros 7

Cons 7

Frequently asked questions by PhenQ Consumers 7

  1. How much weight can you lose with PhenQ? 7
  2. How long does it take to see results from PhenQ? 7
  3. How much caffeine is in PhenQ? 7
  4. Do you need to exercise while using PhenQ? 8
  5. Do thermogenic fat burners make you hot? 8
  6. Are thermogenic fat burners safe? 8

PhenQ Reviews 2021 – Our Final Thoughts 8

What is PhenQ? 

PhenQ is what we call a combination fat burner. It is primarily a thermogenic fat burner but it is also an appetite suppressor. 

Think of it like a 3 in 1 weight loss supplement. It consists of proven, natural ingredients that help to boost your metabolism and burn fat more efficiently, while suppressing your appetite at the same time. 

Of course, there are several other factors affecting weight gain or loss, but this combination pill has shown rather promising results thus far. 

In case you are unaware, PhenQ also happens to be the oldest fat burner on the internet. It is being sold since 9-years and all this while, PhenQ reviews from customers have been consistently good.

That’s one reason why a lot of athletes and professional sportsmen trust PhenQ. 

What are the benefits of using PhenQ?

Let’s talk about why PhenQ is the most reliable fat burner on the market.

Jitter Free Thermogenesis & Fat Loss

Most PhenQ reviews 2021 will talk about how easy it was to lose fat while using this fat burner. That’s because it is unlike most other thermogenic fat burners on the internet.

Thermogenesis is the process by which your body produces heat. Heat in turn causes energy expenditure to increase, which in another way means that your body burns more calories for energy. 

You see, thermogenesis is actually very easy to achieve. Any stimulant in a sufficiently high dose will produce thermogenesis. For instance, simple caffeine anhydrous in a sufficiently high dose will also produce thermogenesis. 

But thermogenesis achieved this way will cause your heart to race and make you nervous and jittery. You will burn fat for sure. But you will be so jittery all the time that the fat loss will not be sustainable for too long. 

Chances are that you will give up the weight loss journey or end up burnt out by the time you are done. PhenQ on the other hand does not contain a high dose of stimulants.

It uses Capsimax and α-Lacy Reset, a unique blend of an amino acid and Alpha Lipoic acid to produce the thermogenic effect. As a result, your energy expenditure increases and you burn more fat. But you do not feel jittery or nervous because it is not stimulating your central nervous system. You can exercise longer and harder without feeling tired, exhausted or burnt out. 


Appetite Suppression

Generally, thermogenic fat burners only do that. They increase thermogenesis, but rarely offer any other benefits towards weight loss. This is where PhenQ differs. It is a combination weight loss supplement that will also help to suppress your appetite.

No matter how much a thermogenic fat burner increases calorie expenditure, it is equally important to reduce your calorie intake. The math is simple. 1000 calories deficit equals to 2 lbs. of weight loss a week. 

PhenQ contains a reasonable amount of Nopal, which is a cactus that has been used for centuries in Mexico to suppress appetite. It works by increasing satiety, meaning that you are less hungry and more satisfied after eating breakfast. 

You will not reach out for that mid-meal snack that’s crammed with chemicals and processed sugar. 

By suppressing your appetite while boosting thermogenesis, PhenQ ensures that you burn fat while curbing unnecessary calorie intake at the same time.

Burns Belly Fat

Fat loss is never selective. But we used Belly fat here as an analogy to define stubborn body fat. The belly region for men happens to be the hardest to burn fat from. It is the last region that will show visible results, but it is also very important because of its relation to heart health.

Healthy men will always have a lean stomach notwithstanding cholesterol levels or other conditions like diabetes, cholesterol etc. 

For women, this can be the hips or the arms or thighs or any other body part depending on how they are genetically predisposed. 

PhenQ is most effective at targeting existing stubborn fat deposits. It contains Chromium Picolinate, which begins to break down and release the existing adipose tissue into the blood stream. Chromium then shuttles this adipose tissue to the muscle cells where it is burnt for fuel. 

As a result, most men and women who use PhenQ mention that they have noticed a visible difference in stubborn fat deposits that they were unable to get rid of through traditional weight loss methods.

Improves your mood and motivation

Don’t for a minute think that weight loss is all about fixing your diet and popping thermogenic fat burners. That’s just one part of the equation. Weight loss is also about being motivated enough to stick to the journey for long enough.

It’s about being focused enough to achieve your goals within a realistic time frame. It’s about having the right attitude and mindset towards achieving your target weight.

This only happens with mood and motivation. Peak energy levels that allow you to exercise longer and harder are essential for burning fat. With an improved mood due to better serotonin levels, you will be much more motivated towards your weight loss goal. 

PhenQ therefore offers benefits in multiple areas of weight loss. It increases metabolism, suppresses appetite while also improving mood and motivation.

It is used by professional sportsmen and athletes who are able to curb calories without suffering a dip in energy levels. 

Boosts Sleep and Overall Health

Any fat burner or sudden change in energy expenditure can contribute towards poor sleep. PhenQ contains a tiny amount of caffeine anhydrous, and it also has capsimax.

Despite being all-natural, some people who are sensitive to these ingredients might experience poor sleep. To balance it out, PhenQ contains α-Lacy Reset, which offers a bevy of health benefits.

At the forefront are improved quality of sleep, and reduced oxidative stress. This stress buster will prevent the damage caused by stress as it contains powerful antioxidants. 

So, even if you use PhenQ for a longish time frame, you are not going to end up burnt out. 


How does PhenQ work?

Here’s how men and women generally pick dietary supplements. They look at themselves in the mirror and think, ‘Oh, I need to lose weight or build muscle’. They look up on Google for the supplement that works the fastest.

In this case, they come up against PhenQ reviews 2021 and think, this is going to work.

But, do you even know how it works? What exactly happens when you pop that pill? How does it cause lipolysis? How does it actually boost energy (ATP)?

In case you want to dig down into the nitty-gritties, here’s how PhenQ works. 

Diet Induced Thermogenesis (DIT)

PhenQ contains Capsimax, which is a patented blend with Capsaicin or Chili Pepper Extracts as the primary ingredient. It also contains piperine, niacin and is encapsulated in a cellulose shell. 

Capsaicin stimulates DIT, which is a form of thermogenesis that is induced with diet. It increases your energy expenditure by up to 25%, as proven by clinical trials. As a result, you are burning 25% more energy without doing anything extra. 

Even if you sleep all day while taking PhenQ, you will burn 25% more calories. But here’s the kicker.

If you add exercise to the mix, the calorie expenditure will increase a lot more. 

Calorie reduction 

PhenQ uses a soluble fiber to induce appetite suppression. The fiber absorbs water and swells up in your tummy. This makes you feel fuller faster.

At the same time, it also adds bulk to your meal without adding calories. This is the most proven and safe way to reduce your calorie intake. Some users do not even realize how they have reduced up to 1000 calories a day from their diets. 

Calorie restriction is generally a struggle. It becomes effortless with PhenQ. 

ATP Synthesis

α-Lacy Reset helps to increase ATP synthesis, which in other words is energy production. With this process, PhenQ helps you to have a surplus of energy all day. 

It also improves mood, reduces fatigue and increases endurance levels so that you can exercise longer without getting tired.

ATP is the molecule that fuels your muscles. It provides all the cellular energy for body movements. When your ATP levels are low, you will be dragging. You will feel tired and might even end up with a small headache because you lack energy. 


What are the ingredients in PhenQ?

We have mentioned each of the ingredients numerous times while talking about the benefits and how it works. But here’s a look at the ingredient list in detail. 

  • Capsimax Powder – Capsaicin extracts blended with Niacin, Caffeine & Piperine
  • Nopal – Soluble fiber extracted from a Cactus for appetite suppression
  • ALCAR – Increases energy expenditure and boosts ATP synthesis
  • Calcium carbonate – Proven to help with weight loss in clinical studies
  • Chromium Picolinate – Shuttles adipose tissue for burning
  • Caffeine anhydrous – Mild Stimulant boost to pep you up
  • Piperine extracts – Boosts absorption 
  • α-Lacy Reset – ALA and Leucine works to improve endurance, reduce oxidative stress and protect the body

We have linked each of the ingredients with the scientific evidence that supports its use. 


What are customer reviews saying about PhenQ?

PhenQ has been around for 9-years. Just imagine the amount of customer reviews that we had to sift through. If you look at the all the customer feedback over the years, most users are happy with their purchase for two reasons. 

  • One, they managed to lose weight (or control appetite) without doing anything extra like exercise or dieting. 
  • Two, they lost quite a lot in just 60 days. 

Here are some of the prominent ones that we could find. (Names Changed)

#1 – Andrew Howell – Total weight loss – 20 lbs. in 14-weeks

  • Age – 42
  • Before weight – 187 lbs. 
  • After weight – 167 lbs. 

Andrew mentions that his goal was to drop about 10-15 lbs. in the first 2 months and then go on a lifestyle-change diet, which he did. He went from 187 lbs at 24% body fat down to 167 lbs. at 15%. He did exercise religiously when he was on PhenQ. But according to him, he didn’t have to do anything extra hard because PhenQ worked so well. 

He believes supplementing with a product that has all-natural ingredients is always better than going for a medically supervised diet and exercise program which you will not be able to sustain. 

#2 – Ashley Lauren Baker – Total weight loss – 40 lbs. in 6 months

  • Age – 30
  • Before weight – 228 lbs.  
  • After weight – 188 lbs. 

Ashley was at 227 lbs when she started on PhenQ. After taking it for 4-months, she has managed to lose over 40 lbs. of extra weight and is now down to about 188lbs. She still has about 40 lbs. to lose. But she’s currently taken a break from PhenQ.

She’s amazed that even after stopping PhenQ, she does not have the same kind of cravings anymore that she used to have. It’s like PhenQ’s helped her adapt to a new lifestyle where she doesn’t have to stress about food temptations. 

#3 – Emily-Mary Morgan – Total weight lost – 19 lbs.

  • Age – 26
  • Before weight – 175 lbs. 
  • After weight – 156 lbs. in 2 months

Emily managed to lose over 19lbs in just 2-months, just in time for her France vacation. She also managed to lose 4-inches off her waist. She feels that losing excess weight has made her look much better. Also, her confidence has skyrocketed. 

She did mention that she had mild headaches initially while using PhenQ, which diminished in about 2-weeks. Otherwise, it was practically hassle-free weight loss. 

There are thousands of such positive customer reviews from real world users who have achieved their target weights with PhenQ and healthy eating. 


What are the side effects of PhenQ?

Thermogenic fat burners and side effects are generally like two sides of the same coin. You cannot avoid at least mild side effects while using them.

But PhenQ contains all natural ingredients and hence, the possibility of side-effects are very low.

However, based on real customer PhenQ reviews 2021, here are some side effects that you might experience.

  • Upset tummy – Nopal can cause a mild stomach ache or cramps if you have never eaten it before.
  • Headaches – Capsimax powder is 100% jitter free thermogenesis. But it may trigger mild headaches in some people. 
  • Increased energy – Users have reported feeling overwhelmed with the surplus energy that they have after using PhenQ. 
  • Facial Flush – A lot of users mention a mild facial flush after using PhenQ. This can be attributed to the Niacin in Capsimax. It is known to cause mild and temporary flushing. 

In addition to this, you’d want to watch your caffeine intake so that it doesn’t amplify the thermogenesis effect by much. 

How long does it take to see results with PhenQ?

As made evident from the PhenQ Reviews 2021, it varies greatly from person to person. There are some people who have been able to lose considerable amount of weight in just a few weeks while there are others who took months.

However, the average fat loss timeline is about 90 days. For some people, it may take somewhat longer by a week or two if their body doesn’t respond well to PhenQ. On average, you can expect great results within 60 days, provided you stick to your diet and exercise plan. 


How long can you take PhenQ?

The official website of PhenQ recommends not to take it for more than 3-months at a stretch. In fact, that is the only way you can be sure that you are not going to develop any tolerance or addiction.

It’s advised to take a 1-week break after every 3-months while using the product continuously over a period of time. By cycling it on and off like this, you can use it for much longer too with zero problems. 

Can you buy PhenQ on Amazon?

No, you cannot. PhenQ is not sold on Amazon or Walgreens or eBay. In fact, any copies of this weight loss supplement that you find on these sites might be counterfeit.

So please be warned. Buy only from the official website or from licensed vendor websites. 

Where can I find PhenQ?

As we just mentioned, PhenQ is only sold on the official website or selected licensed vendor websites.

We recommend that you be very careful while shopping for PhenQ. You can undoubtedly find hundreds of counterfeit products that claim to offer the same benefits as PhenQ. 

But we dread to even think what those pills may contain. Buy legit. Stay safe! 

Do Thermogenic Fat Burners work?

They absolutely do. However, there are both synthetic and natural fat burners. While both will help you lose weight, you must opt for the natural alternatives as far as possible.

Synthetic fat burners are riddled with side effects. In fact there are stories galore of people being wheeled into the ER because they used fat burners that they bought off the internet. 

It’s a shady industry. Buy legit and ensure that you do your research always. 

How much does PhenQ Cost?

PhenQ offers the best value for money that you can find anywhere. You can get a pack of 30 capsules of PhenQ (1-month supply) on their official website for as little as $69.95.

You may also see some offers on their official website from time to time. For instance, you can get 1 bottle of PhenQ for free when you buy two bottles at just $139.90. 

Similarly, you can get 5 bottles for just $189.95. That’s the price of 3 bottles. So you get 2 bottles for free along with a free bottle of Advana Cleanse. 


PhenQ Pros & Cons

Based on all that we have covered so far, here’s an overview of the pros and cons for PhenQ.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Combination fat burner with multiple advantages
  • Helps in managing appetite and cravings for junk food effectively
  • May burn up to 25% more calories even if you do not exercise or diet
  • Over 9-years of track record
  • Thousands of positive customer reviews
  • Average weight loss of 25 lbs. in 90% users
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


  • So many counterfeits being sold online. 
  • Fake discount coupons being used to lure people to buy counterfeits
  • May not work if you are very overweight, unless you add diet and exercise 



Frequently asked questions by PhenQ Consumers

Q.  How much weight can you lose with PhenQ?

  1. Weight loss is such a complex process that can depend on multiple variables. However, on average, depending on your diet and exercise, you can expect to lose 25 lbs with the regular use of PhenQ over a period of 90 days. This is just an average though. There are people who have lost as much as 50 lbs. or even more with this product. 

Q. How long does it take to see results from PhenQ?

  1. Again, this depends on a lot of variables. For most people, the results will start showing after about a month or sometimes even sooner. This is why we recommend that you use this product for at least 90 days to see actual visible results on your body.

Q. How much caffeine is in PhenQ?

  1. PhenQ contains 150mg caffeine per capsule. So basically, you do not need to worry about the amount of caffeine that you get from PhenQ. You do want to watch how much caffeine you consume with it though. 

Q. Do you need to exercise while using PhenQ?

  1. You should combine PhenQ with regular exercise for maximum weight loss results. Exercise will always improve your results. But you can still lose weight even if you do not exercise with this product. If you do not have time to exercise, then at least take it along with a healthy diet plan. 

Q. Do thermogenic fat burners make you hot?

  1. An increase in thermogenesis, which is increased calorie expenditure, can sometimes result in a subsequent increase in body temperature. So, some people may feel hot for a short while after using PhenQ. But this is temporary and fades away. 

Ensure that you hydrate yourself and watch your heart rate while doing HIIT. 

Q. Are thermogenic fat burners safe?

  1. As long as you are buying an all-natural fat burner with proven ingredients, one that is manufactured in a FDA and GMP certified facility, and one that does not contain any banned ingredients like DMAA or ephedrine, it should be completely safe. 

So yes, PhenQ is all-natural and does not have any artificial ingredients in it. It is made in a FDA and GMP registered facility in the USA. 


PhenQ Reviews 2021 – Our Final Thoughts

PhenQ is a gamechanger in the weight loss industry. It is a combination of multiple products in one bottle. It has both fat burning and appetite suppressing capabilities. 

It will not be an exaggeration to say that if you combine a healthy diet with regular exercise with this product, you can lose a lot of weight quickly without the need for surgery or any other gimmicky methods. 

It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee too. So you have practically nothing to lose. Try PhenQ today!