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OSC Innovation, Acea and ELIS are launching an exclusive interactive projection mapping as a special Happy Holiday wish during the Roman night.

osc innovation acea and elis are launching an exclusive interactive projection mapping as a special happy holiday wish during the roman night

OSC Innovation, Acea

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 23, 2020  10:30 AM ET

A unique installation, consisting of a spectacular interactive projection mapping, in which every single user can participate remotely via smartphone or PC. 


These are the words that are projected on the headquarters of Acea, one of the leading Italian multi-utility companies, active in the management and development of infrastructure and services in the water, energy and environmental businesses. A dazzling combination of energy and colors, a traditional and at the same time highly innovative experience, created through a special installation. This is how Acea wishes happy holidays to the public.


The installation has been developed by OSC Innovation, an Italian atelier that combines technology and creativity, a leader in the sector of entertainment technologies such as augmented and virtual reality. In collaboration with the OPEN ITALY program of the ELIS Consortium which fosters collaboration between companies, Startups and young talents passionate about innovation, this projection mapping promises to be spectacular.


Anyone can participate and interact with the projected content, directly from their own device, by visiting the page dedicated to the event:

Users can customize the welcome message in real time and further enrich it thanks to the various reactions available through the application. The happy holidays messages will be projected on the building of the Acea headquarters in Rome located on the side of Viale Marco Polo, between December 22nd and January 6th. Everyone taking part in the initiative will see the video with their happy holidays message available online, ready to be shared on social networks. The initiative also launched an official hashtag that users can use to give their #BigCityLights content additional visibility.

An experimental project developed by OSC Innovation in collaboration with Acea and with the patronage of the ELIS Consortium, illuminating this year’s holiday greetings with energy, hope, love, peace – and why not: innovation.

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Contact Information:

Marco Abei, Marketing Manager OSC Innovation
[email protected]
mobile +39 3277753071


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