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Orca Opens Official Subreddit in Latest Move to Break Down Financial Barriers

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Orca, a new investment app based in the UK, has launched an official subreddit with an eye on making the investment process for users and prospective users easier and more enjoyable as its community continues to expand.




Orca was started as an answer to the current lack of quality investment platforms available to retail clients. While traditional financial institutions and professionals have a plethora of investment avenues, new and retail investors are often left with sub-optimal solutions. Whether the problem is due to an overly complex interface or exasperating hidden transaction fees, mobile investing platforms by and large leave users out to dry.

Orca’s response was to design an investment platform oriented around the real needs of users. As part of that, the company’s approach is defined by a commitment to transparency and ease of use. Orca users are always told straight up exactly what fees they will have to pay and provided with an intuitive investment experience that is as useful as it is easy to understand for even the least experienced in investing.

The Orca team’s effort to lessen the entry threshold into investing has resulted in them packing the app with a plethora of useful tools and market breakdowns while also providing a wealth of educational materials for users of all levels. The opening of Orca’s official subreddit marks the latest development in the company’s push to make investing more hospitable to everyone.

Let’s talk about investing pain points

The subreddit will be a place where users can identify and talk about their investing pain points amongst themselves and also directly dialogue with the company and take an active role in refining the app based on their wants and needs. In addition, users will find like-minded people with whom they can share and work on their investment ideas.

Community of female investors

One of the less represented demographics in the world of investing has been that of women. However, Orca has cultivated a relatively large female userbase, and in addition to its other resources, has specific stock collections and educational resources catered to female investors. This inclusive approach will make Orca’s subreddit a rare welcome place for female investors in an industry that for a long time has been male-dominated.

Reap the rewards

Another potential boon for users of the subreddit is how it will facilitate participation in Orca’s referral program. As part of the program, users who get others to join Orca via their referral links are given free stocks. With a group of interested people all gathered in the same place, participation in the program will become much easier, as users can share their links with people looking to get started investing and reap the rewards.

In a statement on the opening of the official subreddit, Dmitry, Orca’s Senior Product Manager said:

“Our support team often receives the same questions regarding investing, many of them are based on investment fears and lack of confidence. They are generally not related to technical issues but rather more psychological in nature. We, at Orca, thought it would be cool to bring those users together so they can feel like they’re not alone in their investment journey. Our idea is to create a supportive community where our fellow beginner investors feel at ease”.

Inclusive future for investing

The more people that actively get involved with the community, the more both the company and its users will be able to grow and learn from each other, and the better the Orca investment experience will become. So, Orca invites everyone to check out this new hub of financial happenings and to take an active role in building a better, more inclusive future for investing –

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