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Orbis Heater Reviews 2021 (Update): Read This Orbis Heater Review Before Buying This Personal Space Heater.



Do you remember your last winter experience? Was there any point during the winter when you could no longer wait to see the end of the cold season? This is a common finding especially in individuals living in temperate regions.

Winter months are generally cold, the degree of cold however depends on the part of the world you live in. People living in cold places are most affected by the winter cold and are more deserving of a house warming gadget such as the Orbis heater that can efficiently rid the house of cold, for a much cozy winter experience.

Exposure to extreme temperatures could be of grave consequences. When your body is exposed to extreme cold such as the type experienced in really cold winters, the body’s physiology changes to compensate for the cold external environment. The body generally initiates mechanisms to generate internal heat to maintain the core temperature as well as mechanisms that reduce heat loss from the body.


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The body’s ability to cope with extreme temperature decrease with age and is suboptimal in young children. These age groups should therefore be protected from cold as much as possible. While room heaters are necessary for all age groups, they are more in need of gadgets such as Orbis heater.

It’s important to always protect yourself from the cold by using room heaters, wearing strong cardigans amongst other things. Continuous exposure to cold may lead to hypothermia, which present with symptoms such as shivering, shortness of breath and if left untreated may fail the heart and respiratory system and death in advanced cases.




Ensure to read the full article to find out whether the Orbis heater is what you need this winter. The article covers what the Orbis heater is, how to use the Orbis heater, how does Orbis heater work? Special features of the Orbis heater, why you should use the Orbis heater, the pros, and cons of the Orbis heater, where to buy the Orbis heater, and for how much, customer review and frequently asked questions.


What is Orbis heater

Orbis heater is the perfect electronic warming gadget during winters. It is designed using advanced technology and can effectively warm up the room even in the coldest winter. Its advanced safety features put your mind to rest regarded the common hazards associated with room heaters. It’s a portable room heater designed to work effectively without consuming a significant amount of energy.

While a lot of people would love to have room heaters to help them cope with the winter cold, a major stumbling block is usually in terms of affordability.


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This could be in the form of the price of the gadget or the amount of electricity consumed. Orbis heaters unlike similar products are reasonably affordable. Its market price is much lower than similar products within the same category. It also does not cause a spike in the electricity bill as it only requires a small amount of electricity to function.

Orbis heater is the ideal small space heater, it is suitable for small rooms, offices, lounges, and other small spaces. It has a modern design which makes it a perfect fit for modern houses with sleek interior design. Its exquisite design does not go unnoticed even though its primary function is to warm up the room.

For how long do you think the body can cope with freezing temperature? Eventually, the body’s cold adaptive measures will be overwhelmed by the extreme cold. For an affordable price, Orbis heaters will warm up the room in a couple of minutes so your body does not have to deal with the winter cold on its own.


How to use Orbis heater

Orbis heaters are simple gadgets that can be operated by virtually anyone. Simply unpack the gadget and place it on a flat smooth surface. This is very important in terms of safety. Ensure the surface is flat, smooth, and stable to avoid falling over.

Been an electronic device, ensure it is kept in a dry environment free from moisture. Most electronic devices are damaged by moisture and can also electrocute when touched while sitting in a wet or moist environment or with a wet hand.

Next is to connect the heater to a wall socket or extension. One of the advantages of using an orbit heater is its compatibility with any outlet. Turn on the heater’s power button to begin to enjoy the warm air. It can be positioned toward the direction or part of the room you wish to cover. In about a few minutes, the effect of the Orbis heater can be felt all over the room.


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How does the orbit heater work?

Orbis heater is designed using an advanced radiator technology that allows it to efficiently warm up a small space within minutes of putting it on. Structurally, the Orbis heater is made of a radiator, a control board, and a fan. When plugged into a wall socket, the Orbis heater traps the cool air in the room and sends this to the radiator which warms up the air. The host air is then distributed into the small space by the fan.

The fan system enables Orbis heaters to quickly distribute hot air around a chilly room or office turning the environment into a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Orbis heaters are fully on electricity and are therefore free from any toxic by-product. They are designed with such a technology that affords them to work efficiently without taking up much of the electricity. Compared to the central heating system, one can save a fortune using this compact portable space heater.

Central heating systems consume a lot of electricity and cause a significant spike in the monthly or annual power bill. Additionally, there takes a lot of time to warm the entire house, unlike portable space heaters.

Orbis heaters are safe and eco-friendly. Sure, having a fireplace does the job of keeping the house warm even in the coldest winter month. However, a fireplace that runs on electricity consumes an incredibly high amount of electricity when compared to an orbit heater, those running on gas are far less affordable. Firewood fireplace poses a serious health concern.




Orbis heaters provide an atmosphere of warm fresh air free of any harmful toxin. The soothe from the fireplace that runs on firewood was in the past discovered to be amongst the cause of scrotal cancer in men. Exposing yourself to a carcinogen just to stay warm is unacceptable especially when a safer, more affordable option is readily available.


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Wood burning fireplace aside exposing you to soothe which pose a risk of respiratory diseases and other morbidities buying od the wood and splitting it, an inconvenience you may not be able to afford.


A special feature of Orbis heater

Orbis heater may not be the only space heater out there, however, there are a lot of properties that set Orbis heater apart, making it your best buddy for winter. Some of these properties are mentioned below in this segment.

Adjustable temperature

How warm you want your room depends on the temperature outside, on colder days, you will require your heater to ditch out hotter air and vice versa. The temperature of the room can be regulated by adjusting how much heat is released by the Orbis heater. this way, the room is kept at an optimal temperature that is in synch with the outside temperature.

This high degree of control is not obtainable in-room heaters such as the traditional firewood burning place for example. The gadgets, therefore, do not have a preset amount of heat it ditches out, rather, the user can determine how warm he wants the room.

Safer than most space heaters

Heaters are commonly associated with fire outbreaks which sometimes have fatal consequences financially and otherwise. This is because most heaters tend to overheat when used over a prolonged time duration.

Orbis heaters have heat sensors inbuilt within the gadget that protect them from overheating. Given that the most common cause of fire outbreaks associated with heaters is as a result of overheating, Orbis heaters are therefore one of the safest space heaters out there as there are unlikely to cause a fire outbreak.

When using heaters, even one as safe as an Orbis heater, certain precautionary measures must still be taken to ensure maximum safety. One such precautionary measure is to unplug the heater before leaving home. As long as the heater is not needed, such as when stepping out of the house, ensure to turn it off and unplug it from the wall socket.

At bedtime, make sure to have plans of waking up at some point to put off the heater to ensure it does not keep working all through the night. Even after turning off the heater, it may take up to a couple of hours for the heat previously generated to ward off especially for a well-insulated room.

To maximize the effect of the Orbis heater and cut down on the amount of electricity consumed, ensure the windows are tightly closed when using the heater. fix any opening in form of broken windows or other means through which the heat generated by the heater could escape to the outside as this would be counterproductive.


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User friendly

A discouraging factor with most modern gadgets is the sophisticated operational module. Older people tend to have far less understanding of technology than young adults. While this age group is less capable to bear cold and therefore more in need of an orbit heater, they may become easily discouraged if the heater was inherently difficult to operate.

Orbis heaters are operatable by anyone including the elderly with apathy against technology. When plugged into a wall socket, all it will take after this to get the Orbis heater working would be just to press the on button and allow the magic to happen. You can set the temperature that the amount you are most comfortable with.


Sleeping in a warm room, on a warm bed allows you to enjoy a nice sleep and a complete rest. An extremely cold weather condition makes it difficult to sleep especially at night when the temperature becomes even colder. However, a similar problem of difficulty finding some sleep can become the case even with a warm room or warm bed. It is ironic to have a gadget supposedly designed for comfort been implicated in depriving one of his sleep due to unbearable noise that keeps you awake all night.

Noisy heaters are not ideal to be used in the bedroom during bedtime as their noise may keep you from sleeping. Outside the bedroom, this noise may also constitute a significant nuisance or distraction when used in places such as the study, office, or another similar environment.

Orbis heaters run smoothly without producing any noise. They are suitable for the bedroom, study, or any other space where heat is required as they do not make any weird noises.

Compact/portable design

An important advantage of space heaters over central heating systems is that space heaters are portable and have a compact design, therefore can be moved with ease to wherever they are needed. In certain instances, such as when only two or three persons leave in a house, not all the rooms within the house will be inactive use. Therefore, heating these rooms would constitute a waste of electricity.

Orbis heaters can be carried to the exact room or space where heat is required. There can be used as both room heaters and as office heaters. There can be carried even to a friend’s house when having a sleepover night at a friend’s place. This will prove highly helpful for individuals with cold sensitivity, as they never have to be exposed to cold during the winter irrespective of wherever they are.

Fire-resistant plastic material

The exterior casing of the Orbis heater is made of a fire-resistant plastic material. Even after working for hours, this casing may not heat up irrespective of the amount of heat generated in the heater. This is one of the safety measures enjoyed by users of the Orbis heater.

This feature allows the Orbis heater to be used even in an environment with pets and children as they are unlikely to sustain a burn or scalding injuries from coming in contact with the heater. the heater could also be relocated from one place to another within the room or carried to an entirely different room or other places where it is needed without fear of being burnt by it.


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Even with this insulating plastic exterior casing, ensure to keep the surrounding environment of the heater free from easily flammable materials. Curtains and the likes could be easily carried by the wind and dragged over a working room heater. to avoid catastrophic disasters associated with heaters, keep these materials away from the heater, or place the heater on a platform far from these materials.

Energy efficient

A common fear with using heaters at home is the effect on the amount of electricity consumed and the consequent electricity bill. Certain household appliances must be used with care as they are implicated in contributing significantly to a high-power bill. Examples of such include; heaters, washing machines, refrigerators, and similar appliances.

Portable space heaters such as Orbis heater are energy efficient and do not consume huge amounts of energy as does the central heating system.


Pros and cons of Orbis heater


There are many advantages to using an orbit heater. some of these include;

  • Orbis heater is a highly efficient space heater. They warm up the room moments after putting them on.
  • They are designed with a temperature control panel that allows you to control the temperature and set up the temperature you are most comfortable with.
  • Has a sleek modern-day design
  • Durable design can serve you for several winters.
  • More affordable than the central heating system
  • Energy efficient
  • Guaranteed one hundred percent refund if a customer is not okay with the product and wishes to have it returned. The product must be returned within 30 days of purchase, later than this, the refund policy may not apply. It must also be intact and not tampered with.


  • Cannot generate as much heat as the central heating system


Who should use an orbis heater?

Orbis heater can be used by families looking for a comfortable and cozy experience this winter. The benefits of the Orbis heater are appreciated more by individuals who had a rough ride the previous winter.

Orbis heater is also suitable for persons who require extra heat at the office. The hands and feet are usually threatened by the winter cold at the office. This will affect office productivity immensely. Orbis heater can be moved easily from home to the office to provide a conducive working atmosphere.

The elderly are now relatively confined to a segment of the house. When only the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are the only actively used parts of the house, it’s unnecessary and wasteful to continue to use the central heating system. The elderly are usually more prone to cold, given their relative immobility, portable space heaters such as Orbis are perfect for this age group.

Orbis heaters are the heating system of choice for individuals who economically cannot afford the central heating system.  The energy efficiency of the Orbis heater makes it more affordable than the central heating system. Similar, individuals who leave in a rented apartment without a heating system, can procure this portable heater for their room.

Its timer system makes it suitable for persons who may accidentally sleep off while their heater is running. Orbis heaters have several safety features such as a kill switch, timer, heat resistant plastic casing amongst others.


Where to buy Orbis heater

One of the properties of the Orbis heater considered a disadvantage of the product is its unavailability in offline stores. Orbis heater can only=y be obtained online from the company’s website. It’s not available in any other online store aside from its official website.


Current market prices

The following is the list of prices of the Orbis heater on the company’s official website depending on the low may you ordered for. The more the number ordered for, the cheaper. This portable heater makes a great winter gift, especially for individuals with cold sensitivity.

  • One Orbis heater: $69.99
  • Two Orbis heaters: $125.98
  • Three Orbis heater: $167.98
  • Four orbits heater: $244.97

To obtain your Orbis heater, simply visit the company’s official website and make the appropriate payment either via credit card or PayPal to place your order. You can decide to pay extra for the anti-theft insurance package or express delivery.

It’s hard to find a similar product with an equal degree of efficiency that is sold at similar prices. Orbis heaters can warm the room up to 75 degrees in really cold winters. They have an inborn timer that can turn the radiator on or off. This makes Orbis heaters convenient. You can simply set the time you want the heater to come on judging by the pattern of the weather and when you would love for it to be turned off.


Frequently asked questions

How safe is the Orbis heater?

Orbis is one of the safest space heaters. It has a timer system that turns it off at a certain time. It does not overheat nor cause any scalding or burn injuries owing to the heat-resistant outer casing.

How to use Orbis heater

Simply plug the Orbis heater into a wall socket, press the on button, and set up the timer if you wish to do so.



If you are looking for an efficient, affordable, safe, and energy-efficient heater for this winter, an Orbis heater is your best bet. It outperforms several other options such as the central heating system or fireplace in terms of affordability, safety, and energy efficiency. Let’s change the winter narrative, a freezing winter experience is unacceptable, not when the Orbis heater is here to keep you comfy.


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