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Omid Akale Shares Why You Need An Advisor When Buying or Selling Real Estate

omid akale shares why you need an advisor when buying or selling real estate

How Real Estate Advisor Omid Akale Can Improve Your Real Estate Experience

When buyers and sellers jump into the real estate market, they often find a real estate agent to work with. Though this can be a wise move, there is something important to understand. Real estate agents have one focus: To make a sale, whether that is a sale to you or for you.

Due to this goal, it can be easy to wonder whether you are getting the best deal. With real estate advisors like Omid Akale, though, you can trust that your interests are being met. Their main goal is to ensure your success with the following services and more.

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Starts With Your Goals

One of the most important reasons to connect with a real estate advisor is that they start the journey by getting to know you. Omid Akale takes the time to fully understand the buyer’s or seller’s goals before making a plan.

Creates a Strategy

After getting a deeper understanding of the client’s needs, Omid Akale commits time and energy to create an effective strategy. This typically includes doing in-depth research to determine the best use of a property. With this information, Omid Akale can develop a plan for the client to get the most from the property, whether they are buying or selling the property.

Real estate advisors like Omid Akale utilize their research and knowledge of property management to provide the following and more:

– Evaluation of a sale or purchase

– Check the zoning and market

– Determine the best use of any financial resources

– Explanation of costs related to income-producing properties and guidance on property management

– Tips for improving current income properties

– With all of this completed, Omid Akale presents a strategy designed to help maximize real estate endeavors.

Implements That Strategy

Once a strategy is agreed upon, Omid Akale begins to put it into action. This can come in many different forms, including negotiating a sale and helping the client gain a clear path to follow.

Omid Akale Helps Enhance Your Real Estate Experience

No matter your real estate goals, Omid Akale has the skills and desire to help you make them a reality. He has worked with several real estate companies, getting certified as a distressed property expert, and much more. Through these steps, Omid Akale has gained the knowledge and experience needed to help you reach and manage your real estate goals.

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