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NovaWave Antenna Review 2021: A must Read before buying!!!

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Novawave antenna Reviews 

NovaWave antenna Reviews: Unlimited 100% Free broadcast HDTV – 100% Legal – Anywhere in the US with the NovaWave Antenna

How surprised would you be to learn that most of the top TV channels in the US are broadcast 100% free of charge, over the air, and can be watched by anyone – ANYONE – with the right hardware?

Pretty surprised, right?

Well, folks that have purchased at the NovaWave get over there shock pretty quickly. And it’s easy to do because they get to settle down on their couch and watch all their favorite broadcasts shows without ever having to pony up an extra penny for the privilege!

Yes, you are reading that correctly.

With the help of the NovaWave Antenna you’re going to be able to cut the cord completely, freeing yourself from cable bills, satellite bills, and TV bills of any kind – all without losing any of your favorite programming along the way.

And we’re not just talking about watching standard definition, local TV here either.

No, you’re going to get more than you expect, you’ll get all the top most watched broadcast channels available in the US delivered right to your television without any headache and without any hassle – and without paying any extra money after you buy the NovaWave antenna.

Interested in learning a little more about this amazing piece of hardware?

You’ve come to the right place.

Let’s dig deeper into this NovaWave antenna review to discover everything that makes it so special.


What is NovaWave antenna: Novawave antenna review

NovaWave antenna would be described as an indoor, passive gain that operates on the 470 to 862MHz range.

Designed and engineered to be unbelievably lightweight and compact, this indoor antenna is still able to receive both FM, VHF, and UHF waves being broadcast by US television hardware throughout the country.

But when you boil this down you really end up with a much simpler definition of what the NovaWave antenna is:

The best indoor TV antenna (and the best TV antenna for rural areas by far) money can buy right now!


If you’ve been looking for a way to get TV without having to spend a small fortune on cable plans, satellite setups, or other online streaming services – and don’t want to lose your favorite broadcast channels along the way – this long-range TV antenna is the only way to go!

There are a lot of other copycats out there promising the moon and the stars when it comes to digital TV antenna setups. But nothing (and we mean NOTHING) can go toe to toe with this digital TV antenna.

You’ll find a lot of glowingly positive NovaWave review posts online, and for good reason. This TV set up is a game changer.

You’ll never watch TV the same again!


Is the NovaWave Antenna Legit?

A lot of people want to know if the NovaWave antenna is legit, or if it is promising the moon and the stars and not really able to deliver on the promise of (almost) unlimited broadcast  TV without any more TV bills.

We can tell you in this NovaWave review – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that there simply isn’t a better TV antenna on the market today than this one.

Years and years of research and development went on behind the scenes to come up with every aspect of the NovaWave antenna.

NovaWave antenna official website here

We’re not just talking about the technical side of things, either.

Sure, plenty of time was focused on creating an antenna that could capture television broadcast signals from many miles away (a major engineering fee) – but a lot of time also went into designing a sleek, compact, attractive unit as well.

There aren’t too many people that want to stuff a full-sized, broadcast style TV antenna on their roofs any longer.

With the NovaWave you won’t have to!

You’ll still get all the same great results, though (including access to your favorite broadcast  TV channels in stunning high definition) – and that’s really tough to beat!


How Does the NovaWave Antenna Work?

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Novawaves Reviews


There are a couple of different things that combined together to make the NovaWave the best TV antenna (and certainly the best indoor TV antenna) that money can buy right now.

To start, we have to talk about those years and years of research and development.

The engineering team behind this amazing TV antenna really set out with a singular goal in mind:

They wanted to produce as small and as compact a TV antenna as possible, something that could legitimately become the best TV antenna for rural areas available, but also a TV antenna that could capture signals from extremely long ranges – all without people having to pay a penny for TV after that.

It took a lot of time, took a lot of iterations, and it definitely took bumping into some real challenges and stumbling blocks before the final solution (the NovaWave antenna you see before you) was rolled out.

The next phase was to introduce this antenna into some real-world testing. People brought this digital TV antenna to all corners of the country, setting it up to make sure that it was not just going to work but was going to work well – and even the highest expectations were blown right out of the water.

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That’s because this antenna takes advantage of passive game technology on a number of different wavelengths, gathering up TV signals from all kinds of broadcast stations and networks around the country.

You might not know this, but TV today is still sent out “OTA” – over the air – even if it comes in on a digital signal.

Well, this digital receiver is able to decode that information, reproduce it on your television, and give you the same TV experience, Full HD image and sound quality you’d expect from a cable or satellite company without the extra cost.

If you remember what rabbit ears were like, think of the NovaWave as the same kind of setup but on steroids!

You are going to have to worry about fuzzy pictures, you aren’t going to have to worry about funky sound, and you aren’t going to have to worry about being stuck with nothing but PBS and your local ABC channel.

No. Those days are gone thanks to the NovaWave antenna.

With the help of the NovaWave Antenna you’re going to get a whole lot more broadcast channels than that, totally free of charge, and 100% legally, too.



Does the NovaWave Antenna Really Work?


Designed and engineered to work with any modern television set (while still able to work with older TV sets, too), hooking up this piece of hardware to your TV is about as easy as it gets.

Included in the box is the NovaWave antenna itself, one RF coaxial cable/adapter, and an instructional manual to help you hit the ground running with your new TV hardware.

That’s it!

You don’t have to worry about running wires all over the place.

You don’t have to worry about putting something huge and ugly on your roof.

And you don’t have to worry about paying for TV anymore, either.

Not too shabby, right?

Best of all, the NovaWave antenna has full support for 1080p HD resolutions. You’re going to be able to watch your favorite broadcast shows, sports, news and more in stunning HD – just as if you had been paying for a high dollar cable or satellite subscription.

Audio is crystal clear as well. You don’t have to worry about static, there’s no “white noise” going to filter into your TV signal, and you don’t have to worry about the audio chopping out every now and again.

Everything – and we mean everything – works just like if you had that premium cable or satellite subscription. Only now you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on television each month.

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Features and Benefits NovaWave Antenna

  • Beautiful industrial design allows this digital TV antenna to fit in with your TV/entertainment set up
  • Indoor TV antenna can be mounted to the back of your television, to a window, or anywhere else you like
  • The best TV antenna for rural areas thanks to its extremely long range and ability to pick up signals from extreme distance
  • One of the few TV setups to include antenna TV channels guide right out-of-the-box, too
  • Picks up, decodes, and provides full HD signals – video and audio HD, too
  • Gives access to more than the top

top broadcast TV channels in the United States, completely free of charge with no strings attached

  • Always connects to the most powerful and most consistent signal in the area, but still provides backup signals to other to other broadcast channels so that you have the most variety to pick from
  • NovaWave works with all modern (and most older) television sets right out of the box!


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How is the NovaWave Antenna Better Than the Competition

There are a couple of things that help to separate this particular TV antenna from the rest of the pack, but the biggest difference has to be the ability for the NovaWave antenna to pull signals – full HD signals – from almost unbelievably long distances.

It’s not at all uncommon for people to get broadcast HDTV channels from many miles away or further just by using this indoor TV antenna.

You’re not going to find that kind of range everywhere else.

Another thing that a lot of NovaWave review posts talk about (something we want to mention, too) is how easy it is to actually set up and use this TV antenna.

A lot of other “best indoor TV antenna” options promise plug and play installation and operation but aren’t ever able to deliver. They require you to run all kinds of wires, require you to plug all kinds of things into the wall, and then you really have to fight the initial setup process, too.

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Nothing could be further from the truth with the NovaWave.

Right out-of-the-box you’re ready to rock and roll.

All you have to do is connect the antenna to the television of your choice, adjust the mounting system so that the antenna set up where you want it, and then turn your television on.

That’s it.

That’s all there is to it!

From there you’re able to enjoy everything that this top-tier digital TV antenna has to offer, again 100% free of charge, watching your favorite broadcast HD channels just the way you were previously.

There is no other antenna out there that can match the NovaWave as far as range, ease of setup, and overall picture quality is concerned.

At the end of the day, there’s a reason why so many people are going crazy over the NovaWave antenna and ignoring almost all of the other options out there.

The inclusion of the TV tower locator app (available for both Android and iOS devices) that gives you even more control over this TV antenna is another game changer.

You’ll be able to look at your integrated TV guide, find out which signals are strongest in your specific area, and troubleshoot and customize your NovaWave antenna on the go straight from this Antenna tv app.

Talk about convenience!

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NovaWave App Review

With the NovaWave digital TV antenna, you can find any signal from a nearby TV tower and send it directly to your NovaWave antenna. This lets you watch all of your favorite broadcast channels absolutely free from bills and commitments to cable companies.


How does it work? We’re happy you asked.

The NovaWave TV antenna signal finder app can search your area and pinpoint the closest TV towers to your house. The tv tower locator app will display all the available broadcast channels. Then, simply direct your NovaWave towards the tower, and the signal will be sent right to your TV with zero interference or compression.

Currently, this app only works with US towers, but the folks at NovaWave are looking to expand their services and offer the best TV antenna in more locations.

With the app, customers can see all the towers nearest to them. It also allows you to scan an area of thirty miles in all directions and see every broadcast channel available from each signal. This gives customers the most comprehensive coverage of TV tower signals.

The app’s features also enable customers to watch their favorite broadcast local and national news, sporting events, and all their favorite broadcast TV shows. Watch it free, at any time, with no bills, fees or contracts required.

And the best part of all, the NovaWave TV signal finder app works with both regular and NovaWave digital TV antennas. All you need to get started with this fantastic app is to follow these four easy steps:

  • Download the app: NovaWave TV signal finder
  • Create an account and join
  • Find all the nearby television towers and view the broadcast channels available.
  • Point your NovaWave Antenna at the tower and watch all your favourite programs for free.
  • If you have ever thought about cutting the cord, now is the time to take part in one of America’s best-kept secrets.

If there are any issues, NovaWave has a robust support team. Do not hesitate to reach out to them.




Does NovaWave antenna TV worth my money?

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Novawaves antenna Review 2021

Not many products out there add value to customers’ lives and save them thousands of dollars every single year. But that is precisely what a NovaWave antenna does.

You only have one purchase to make, the reasonably priced cost of the antenna itself, and that’s it: no hidden or additional fees. Just the purchase price listed on the purchase page, and you have access to the best broadcast channels for years to come.

Download the app to shop around your area for different local broadcast channels floating. They are free to anyone who knows the secret. Good thing you do and learned about it here in this NovaWave review.

You’ll have no reason to stay with your cable contract after you give NovaWave a try. The highest quality video and audio is matched with plug-and-play ease.

Cancel your cable now and get significant savings on any modern TV set.

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Performance, Build and Picture Quality of NovaWave antenna TV Reviews

NovaWave’s indoor TV antenna with passive gain is built to last. It will continue offering you the same top performance and HDTV picture quality for years without needing to be replaced.

It offers a frequency range of 470 to 862MHz and a receiving range. On top of that, NovaWave offers a 75 Ohm impedance and a passive gain function of 3.5 decibels. All units come with a coaxial port fitment that will connect to most modern TVs.

A detailed instruction manual is also included. It will walk you step by step through the easy, plug-and-play installation process and give you all the information you need about owning a NovaWave antenna.


NovaWave  antenna TV Installation Review

It doesn’t get much more straightforward: anyone can install the NovaWave indoor antenna, regardless of age or ability. It’s easy, lightweight, and accessible.

All you have to do is find the spot with the strongest signal, attach the unit with the double-stick tape provided, and plug it into your TV using the RF coaxial adapter.

There is nothing extra you need to purchase. All the magic happens inside the NovaWave antenna. All you need to worry about is plugging it in and cancelling your cable before the next billing cycle.



How does the NovaWave Antenna work?

Installing the Novawave so that you can receive can receive broadcast channels for free is easy.

Follow these three steps, and you can kick back and start watching:

  • Attach the Novawave unit to your wall or window – wherever the signal is strongest.
  • Connect the Novawave cord to your TV with the coaxial cable included in the package.
  • Turning on your TV and scanning to find all the can broadcast channels for free is easy for you, that you never knew were available for the low price of an indoor antenna.

It really is that easy!


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NovaWave Antenna FAQ

Will I ever have to pay monthly for TV again?

Absolutely not! With the NovaWave antenna you’ll never again have to pay a single penny for TV.


Is NovaWave antenna legal?

You bet it is! You aren’t ever going to be running into trouble with the law using this TV antenna to watch to broadcast TV  for free. You’re scooping up OTA signals that are designed to be transmitted 100% free of charge to Americans today.


Is the NovaWave antenna easy to use?

It is unbelievably easy to use and about as close to a “set it and forget it” kind of TV solution as you’re going to find today. All you really have to do is plug the antenna into the back of your TV, position the antenna where you want it, and then fire it up.

Now you’re good to go!

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How Much Does the NovaWave Antenna Cost?

It’s important to remember how many times we’ve referenced in this NovaWave review that this antenna was designed to help people save a small fortune on TV bills.

That was a big part of why this antenna was built in the first place, and it’s a big part of why this antenna is so popular today.

Here is a pricing breakdown:

  • 1x NovaWave antenna: $49.99
  • 2x NovaWave antenna: $99.99
  • 3x NovaWave antenna: $119.99


At the same time, it’s also why the people behind the NovaWave antenna made sure to make this solution as affordable as possible. Not only is the everyday price of this antenna unbelievably affordable, but they also offer a 50% off discount that you will be able to take advantage of, too.

Not only are you going to be able to save tons of money on TV every month, but you’re also going to be able to save 50% off of purchasing the NovaWave antenna if you buy it today!


Where Can I Buy the NovaWave Antenna?

The only wrinkle here, though, is that you aren’t going to be able to find the NovaWave antenna anywhere locally.

The NovaWave isn’t available at Walmart, Target, or any other department store. And you won’t be able to find it at electronic stores, either

In order to keep costs as affordable as possible, and to control the quality of these units as much as possible, the folks behind the NovaWave antenna only sell this hardware directly to consumers.

Official website here

If you want to get your hands on the “master key” for unlimited, completely free, totally legal broadcast HDTV forever you’re going to have to buy the NovaWave directly from the manufacturer themselves.

Still, you get a great warranty, you get great customer service, and you get that 50% off discount – on top of the direct to consumer discount by cutting out the middleman completely – when you pull the trigger on this purchase.

You’re never going to regret getting this TV antenna. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself writing a glowingly positive NovaWave review yourself later down the line!

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Pros of NovaWave Antenna

  • Stunning HDTV available free of charge
  • All the top broadcast channels in the US available OTA
  • Effortless to set up right out-of-the-box, with a true plug and play installation
  • Can work anywhere in the United States, even on the go
  • Compatible with all television sets and brands, as well as most older TVs
  • Always prioritizes close TV signals to get the best picture quality but shows all shows all broadcast TV channels in the area


Cons of Novawave Antenna

  • Only available direct from the manufacturer
  • Must be purchased online


NovaWave antenna review conclusion

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NovaWave antenna TV Reviews

At the end of the day, if you’re serious about upgrading your TV experience without having to spend a small fortune every month – and are tired of wasting a lot of money on a TV subscription filled with junk channels you never watch anyway – the NovaWave antenna is perfect for you.

The ultimate digital TV antenna, this compact, sleek, and effortless to use unit sets up in about five minutes flat.

From there you’ll be able to watch all the TV you ever wanted to – at home or on the go – without any headache and without any hassle.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself giving a glowingly positive NovaWave review to everyone you talk to after you’ve been watching TV on this antenna for a couple of days.

It’s that impressive!

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