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Non-Profit Startup Accelerator IIT Startups receives $1 Million commitment from Asha Jadeja, Silicon Valley Venture Capital investor

non profit startup accelerator iit startups receives 1 million commitment from asha jadeja silicon valley venture capital investor

Sep 15, 2020 9:00 AM ET
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iCrowd Newswire – Sep 15, 2020

– Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Alumni are globally the 4th largest unicorn maker

SAN FRANCISCO (Tuesday, September 15, 2020) Indian Institute of Technology start-ups non-profit accelerator program, IIT Startups, has received a $1 Million commitment from Asha Jadeja, a Silicon valley based venture capitalist. She will directly invest in promising startups trained by IIT Startups accelerator.

Previously, Asha Jadeja has invested in over 100 start-ups including high-profile public companies such as Google and PayPal.

“IIT Alumni are the 4th largest unicorn (billion-dollar startups) group after Stanford, Harvard, and UC Berkeley. This is a great start for our unicorn nursery – IIT Startups, a young 2 year old accelerator out of Silicon Valley, at present.  We have plans to expand to major global hubs where there is a concentration of our IIT alumni” – Monishi Sanyal, Founder & Chief Evangelist,  IIT Startups

Launched in 2018 by Monishi Sanyal, alumni of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Startups is a unique non-profit accelerator program in the San Francisco Bay Area. Asha Jadeja, founder of the non-profit Motwani Jadeja Foundation (MJF), is an ongoing sponsor, and has allocated $1M US for direct investment in promising IIT Startups portfolio companies.

The partnership with MJF gives IIT Startups portfolio companies access to some capital during their fundraising endeavors. As an entrepreneur herself, Asha’s philanthropic work has championed “exponential growth” designed to ignite young entrepreneurs to become disruptive change-makers.

About IIT Startups

IIT Startups provides free mentoring, coaching, and workshops to entrepreneurs to help them scale their companies. All our resources are available on the IIT Startups website free of charge. Past IIT alumni have co-founded or are leading over 300 companies such as Cirrus Logic, Google, Juniper Networks, Nutanix, Palo Alto Networks, Sun Microsystems, Webex, Zscaler. Visit

About Motwani Jadeja Foundation

Asha Jadeja founded the Motwani Jadeja Foundation to develop a network of entrepreneurs in South Asia trained to think and drive exponential change. The foundation supports US – India partnership for disruptive entrepreneurship, gender equality, and inclusive development. Asha created and enabled Maker Fest – a grassroots social movement that is now prolific in Africa, India and more recently in Brazil. Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit Organization.

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IIT Startups receives a pledge of $1M from Silicon Valley investor, Asha Jadeja


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