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Nominations open for Dementia Spotlight Foundation’s Superhero Caregiver Awards

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In honor of National Superhero Day, non-profit calls for nationwide nominations of dedicated dementia caregiver heroes

ATLANTA (April 7, 2021) – The Dementia Spotlight Foundation (DSF), a non-profit organization working toward a world that does not fear dementia and fully embraces the rights and needs of individuals and families living with dementia-related disorders, today unmasked a nomination program for the inaugural Dementia Spotlight Superhero Caregiver Awards – on National Superhero Day, April 28. Through the Superhero Caregiver Awards, the organization will shine a light on caregivers across the country who demonstrate exceptional superpowers, including their care and support of loved ones.

National Superhero Day is a day of observance that began in 1995 when employees at Marvel Comics petitioned to set aside a day dedicated to honoring superheroes, real or fictional. Diving deeper into the belief that all caregivers are remarkable real-life superheroes living among us, the Dementia Spotlight Superhero Caregiver Awards were created. This program launches amidst an increasing need for caregivers as dementia-related diseases continue to rise, leading to more family members to provide or employ caregiving responsibilities. By illuminating unique experiences of the rapidly growing population of caregivers, the Superhero Caregiver Awards will recognize the time, patience and resources caregivers provide to ensure their loved ones remain healthy, comfortable and supported during their most vulnerable stage of life.

For entry into the 2021 Superhero Caregiver Awards, participants can either submit themselves or nominate a caregiver through the Dementia Spotlight Foundation’s nomination form. Nominations are open to those who reside within the U.S. and are currently caring for someone with a dementia-related disease, those who have been caregivers in the past, as well as children and young adults caring for a loved one. All nominees will receive a certificate of nomination.

The deadline to submit nominations is Sunday, April 18, 2021, at midnight, EST. Winners will be announced on National Superhero Day, Wednesday, April 28, 2021. For more information on the Superhero Caregiver Awards, please visit this link.

About Dementia Spotlight Foundation

Dementia Spotlight Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting patients, families and caregivers about dementia-related diseases through advocacy, the arts and education. Headquartered in Atlanta, Dementia Spotlight Foundation continually supports the lack of funding, education and resources available for individuals and caregivers who need them. With a deeply rooted focus on life before loss, rights before research and care before cure, Dementia Spotlight Foundation provides support and consultation for the notion that life does not end after a dementia diagnosis. For more information about Dementia Spotlight Foundation, visit or connect via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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