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No People – No Business! Ronnie Flynn About the Golden Rule of a Successful Project

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The success of the winner of “Brand Blazer 2021” from Verizon Media – Vuuzle Media Corp Limited. proves once again that business is first and foremost a team effort.

According to Vuuzle Media Corp Limited founder Ronnie Flynn, you need to look for people who complement you. There is a popular thesis that says that to start a business you need three people:

  • Hacker: someone who actually reinvents the product
  • Hipster: someone who will develop an attractive design
  • Hustler: someone who can sell it all.

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If there is a successful business that works and develops, then a person can be called a successful entrepreneur.

Is it possible to make a successful business yourself? Never. It is not even close to an inch of possibility.

Business is first and foremost, teamwork. After all, you can not block all the competencies needed to start. You need a partner anyway. Whether it will be a share of the company, whether it will be a salary, it is your strategy.

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History knows many methods of recruiting – from a three-day Chinese test to an English survey of relatives. And the task of recruiting is facing almost any business, especially – newly created or expanding. Professional selection of new employees will not only ensure the normal functioning of the project. It may also lay the foundation for its future success. Vuuzle Media Corp Limited founder Ronnie Flynn values ​​responsibility in the team. And this principle is followed when forming it.

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Why is teamwork a priority for a company?

First, it is a powerful tool for effectively achieving the goals of the organization and the implementation of the tasks set within it. Second, teamwork is a tool for the personal and professional growth of each employee who is a member of this team.

And here it is worth noting that the founder of Vuuzle Media Corp Limited Ronnie Flynn and CTO of Prophecy Onasis gathered around not only a team of professionals but also like-minded people. CEO Ted Joseph, Chief Product Manager Joe Salvador, the Director of Ad Relations Natasha Rainey, and the Director of Live Streaming Jock Mirow and others – all these people are working hard to develop the company.

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Foto // Ted Joseph, Ronnie Flynn, Prophecy Onasis

According to Vuuzle Media Corp Limited founder Ronnie Flynn,  he, his partners, and employees are constantly trying to be flexible, courageous, resourceful, creative, and think freely and openly. All this is necessary for the accelerated development of business.

And, of course, professional values ​​are what candidates look for. These are the features and characteristics without which a new employee will not be able to become part of the company’s staff. These are the values ​​that will be a priori common to all who start working in the company. The company especially appreciates the focus on current trends and innovations. Vuuzle Media Corp Limited primarily develops progressive and promising projects related to the Internet, media, and cryptocurrency.

In particular, it works and implements such projects as: streaming service  Vuuzle.TV, modern  Vuuzle Dubai Studios, licensed in the UAE  Vuuzle Film Production, music application  Vumu Music, an application for artificial intelligence called  Clout 9, the Gamevuu game application, a modern online platform with a wide range of products from the world’s best brands  The Dubai Shopping Channel, as well as the Vuco Coin token and the blockchain platform for cryptocurrency trading Cryptocaptrades.

Author: Ivanna Samotei // Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist at Vuuzle Media Corp Limited

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