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New Divorce Record Lookup Tool – Find Anyone’s Divorce Record Online

Sep 2, 2020 9:00 AM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Sep 2, 2020 just launched a new divorce record lookup tool that allows anyone in the United States to search and verify divorce records from their smartphone, tablet or computer. All that’s required to begin a divorce record search is the full name of the individual and the state of their residence when they became divorced. The search only takes a few seconds and then all the germane divorce information is viewable, for online reference or also downloadable in a PDF format. Divorce record results might include divorce dates, divorced parties, previous marriages, vital records, and background information. 

Search Quarry knows the importance of being able to access divorce records, they are an important vital record that is considered a “life event” by the Department of Public Health. Divorces involve the separation of married couples and the changing of the last names. Having a record of one’s divorce is very important when applying for health insurance, auto insurance, renewing a driver’s license, applying for a passport, etc. With the new divorce record tool, anyone can verify divorce record information on the fly, from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. If someone needs help with their search, they have 24×7 live support to help guide anyone to the correct divorce record. Anyone using this service can also download the app to smartphone or tablet which makes searching for public records even easier. hosts a multitude of other vital records and public records that can be found with a simple name search. Divorce records, marriage recordsbirth records, and criminal records are just some of the public records that people can look up, which is all made possible by the Freedom of Information ActPublic records are not always easy to find so innovated this easy to use a public record search engine that can sort through billions of public records in moments and make them available to anyone with an internet connection. A spokesperson said, “All our public record searches are anonymous and most people really like that.” and continues to elaborate, “having the ability to lookup divorce records and public records from the convenience of someone’s home or even while traveling is at the heart of what our service is all about. 

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