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Neutrino Energy Will Make Renewable Energy Targets Safer and More Realistic

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 25, 2020  3:07 PM ET

The Neutrino Energy Group was founded to develop a source of truly sustainable and reliable renewable energy. Blinded by unreasonably simpli?ed policies and unrealistic goals, many proponents of renewable energy are contributing to the world’s energy crises instead of solving them. According to new research from the University of Queensland published in ScienceDaily, quantitative renewable energy targets (RETs) may be doing more harm than good as we do our best to realize a fully sustainable future.

RETs Can Make Renewable Energy Unsustainable

In many areas around the world, governments have set speci?c targets for how much energy should be produced using renewable technologies. While these quantitative goals look good on paper and facilitate heavy investments, setting an exact percentage for the energy that you want to produce using renewables can directly counteract the goal of long-term sustainability. The University of Queensland researchers provide two examples of this phenomenon in effect. First, California is currently undergoing rolling blackouts largely due to an unrealistic reliance on solar and wind energy, which only provides energy intermittently. Additionally, Europe’s Renewable Energy Directive is increasing carbon emissions and leading to deforestation instead of helping the environment. There are signi?cant differences between clean energy and renewable energy. If sources of renewable energy contribute to pollution, carbon emissions, and deforestation while also limiting our access to electricity, they can’t be considered clean or sustainable. Increasing reliance on renewable energy is certainly the path to clean energy, but to fully utilize the bene?ts of renewable energy, it’s necessary to start following the science and stop carelessly chasing quantitative RETs.

Neutrino Energy Fills Glaring Gaps

As our focus shifts toward renewable energy technologies that are truly clean and sustainable, neutrino-generated electricity will play an increasingly important role. Unlike solar and wind energy, which take up immense tracts of land, harm wildlife, and only operate intermittently, neutrinovoltaic devices generate energy ceaselessly. Neutrino energy generators can be placed inside buildings, underground, underwater, or in practically any other conceivable location. While neutrinovoltaic devices won’t generate much electricity at ?rst, that’s entirely acceptable in light of our new, responsible approach to renewable energy. If shifting to 80 percent renewable energy within ?ve years or complying with other unrealistic, policy-driven goals will harm the environment rather than help it, we need to shift our focus to technologies that provide true sustainability over the long term.

Support Neutrino Energy for Truly Sustainable Energy Policies

The Neutrino Energy Group is dedicated to securing a safe, clean, and sustainable future for the human race. While rapidly shifting away from fossil fuels may sound attractive, this helter-skelter approach could do more damage in the long run. Little by little, and with your help, neutrino energy will gradually remove the pressure from our dependence on fossil fuels and deliver a truly sustainable global society.


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