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Must-have SUP accessories before going stand-up paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is getting more popular around the world. If you are thinking of stand-up paddleboarding, there are some great SUP accessories to up your paddleboarding game. These accessories can help you paddle away in style this coming winter. We’ve done the research and identified several must-have accessories before going on stand-up paddleboarding. They will make your lids easier for maintenance and performance on the water. 

  • Paddleboard carrying strap

If you struggle to carry your paddleboard, these carry straps can help save you the hassle and backache. Sometimes the paddleboard can be awkward to move around. A carrying strap allows you to carry your paddleboard and accessories while still having a free hand. It is typically made from soft and durable neoprene for maximum comfort on your shoulder. The straps are easy to use as you clip them on the D-rings and adjust them to match your height. They are also adjustable, making them better to use for people of all heights. 

  • Personal flotation device (PFD) or life vest

PFDs are especially crucial when you SUP on rough water like a beach or even calm waters like a lake. Select a flotation device with pockets that allow you to have a bit of storage to carry other important items. 

  • Coiled SUP leash

If you use a PFD or life vest, the coiled SUP leash keeps you afloat and attached to your board at all times. The leash is made of a strong urethane cord that can handle the longest and heaviest board. It is lightweight, designed for flat-water paddling. These leashes are also comfortable to use. You’re more likely to find the coiled leash among paddle riders as they are safe to use and readily available. There is also a straight cord for a SUP leash.

  • SUP anchor kit

Carrying a SUP anchor kit helps keep your SUP board in one place while you rest from paddling. It’s designed to prevent your boat from drifting in uncharted territories in the middle of the ocean. This anchor kit is convenient to use. It is rust-resistant and comes with a PVC floatation buoy and stainless steel snap hook. It slips into a fully padded storage bag and prevents scratches on your board.

  • Inflatable paddleboard carrying bag

This carrying bag is made of a premium nylon outer shell that provides excellent protection to your body and accessory anytime. With this bag, you can bring your inflatable paddleboard and other accessories to your desired destination. The waterproof bag provides a great place to store and protect your board and accessories when transporting it. It fits most inflatable paddle boards along with all the accessories. You can use the bag to protect your paddleboard from external forces that might end up damaging it.  

  • Waterproof mobile phone carrying case

For obvious reasons, a waterproof mobile case is a good idea. What if you need to make an emergency call from the middle of the ocean? It will also protect your phone from water damage.

Bottom line

Don’t go into paddleboarding without these SUP accessories. They can make your paddleboarding experience a lot more enjoyable. With these paddleboard accessories at your disposal, you can maximize your experience with paddle boarding right away. The SUP accessories are easy to get if you rent, with the advanced accessories giving you a better overall experience.