Monday Seems Massive as Big Match is Lined Up

Week 16 of the 2019 season will close out with a massive Monday Night Football battle between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings. This is one that could potentially decide the outcome of the NFC North and effect who is relegated to a wild card berth. The Green Bay Packers are 11-3 and already have a head to head win over the Minnesota Vikings. Back in the middle of September during Week 2 play, the Packers hosted the Vikings and won 21-16.

But now Aaron Rodgers and company have to head over to U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis and face the Vikings on their home turf. I’ve seen computer models that are predicting the Vikings to win 17 points, but I’m not so sure about that. Let’s break it down and come up with a Monday Night Football prediction for the Packers vs.

Vikings Marauding in Minnesota

The Vikings have been playing well at home. Their average score has been upwards of 28 points per game – 27.67 to be exact. Home points allowed – 14. Home rushing yards allowed – 91.

Home passing yards allowed – 223. Home yards per play allowed – 5.

01 yards per play at home

The Vikings haven’t been great throwing the ball in Minnesota, ranked No.

The Packers are Middle of the Pack on the Road

The Green Bay Packers have the No. Still, they have managed to win 11 games so far this season against a not-so-easy schedule, and are on a three-game winning streak. They currently rank 28th in rushing yards at just 87.67 per game, and 28th in passing yards at 183.33 per game. If they lose in Minnesota, and then just happen to drop their game in Detroit and the Minnesota Vikings beat the Chicago Bears in Week 17, the Packers would be relegated to the No.

5 seed and the NFC Wild Card game against either the San Francisco 49ers, who have already beaten Green Bay or the Seattle Seahawks, who the Packers have yet to play this season. He has won just seven of fourteen, or 33% and has only covered the point spread 30% of the time. Even though all signs point towards a Vikings win, I think the Packers do what they have done all season, just enough to get the win. The Vikes are great at home, but these two teams know each other really well and the Green Bay has already walked away victorious once.

These predictions could blow up in my face, but I’m going with the Packers as underdogs on MNF.

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