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20 Best Mobile Home Retirement Communities in Arizona

Mobile Home Retirement Communities in Arizona
Arizona is an ideal place to retire. The state has too much to offer to retirees. Read the article to find out the best mobile home retirement communities in Arizona to choose a home for your golden years.

Retirement is the significant gospel of everyone’s life. Your Golden years must be filled with relaxation and free time to do whatever you want to do. Talking about Arizona, it is one of the best places to retire. Whether you’re a lifelong native or just moved to the state, the Grand Canyon state offers you certain benefits on retirement.

If you’re retiring in Arizona, you may want to know about mobile home retirement communities in Arizona. Let’s look into the topic to help you with all the available options.

In addition to warm weather, beautiful surroundings, and plenty of activities, Arizona offers an ideal place to settle. Mobile home retirement communities tend to be more affordable than a traditional home, so you can spend more money doing what you love rather than spending it on buying a home for your golden years. With all the amenities, these communities are indeed making the life of residents more effortless and convenient.

If you’re confused about buying a mobile home in Arizona, I recommend you to look at all the pros and cons of it, and the decision will be crystal clear to you. Generally, buying a mobile home in Arizona is not a bad plan as it will cost you less than a traditional house. Moreover, you will get a matchless sense of community.

Is Mobile Home Safer to Live in Arizona?

A mobile home is wholly safer to live in. Such homes are close to other people, and many communities offer security. You may want to know whether mobile homes are more prone to fire or not? The answer is they are as prone to fire as the traditional houses.

If buying a traditional house is daunting, you can consider mobile home retirement communities in Arizona as an alternative option. Mobile homes are excellent choices for individuals as it provides you with living in a home without traditional maintenance.

Upscale Manufactured Mobile Home Retirement Communities in Arizona

Let’s proceed further, and I’ll tell you all the available options if you are thinking about living in a senior mobile home park.

Superstitious Sunrise

Superstitious sunrise combines everything you love about Arizona. Just outside the phoenix, the community, in addition to upgrading basic amenities, has created clubs you can enjoy.

The community gets regularly updated to keep up with the changing world to maintain the elegant aliment of the retirement home. In addition, despite being an upscale community, it offers homes in cost as below as $20,000.

It is among the best mobile home parks in Arizona for people reaching or above age 55, which has two pools. You can enjoy both regardless of the weather as they’re heated.


Situated on the east of the bustling city of Phoenix, this community is the perfect place to spend your retirement age.

Sunspire offers you the opportunity to explore new restaurants and places where you can go hiking. Mobile home retirement communities in Arizona have heated pools where you can enjoy. Moreover, if you like reading, you can go to the library to find new books to read.

Currently, Sunspire is on google ratings of 4.3. To find more information, visit Sunspire. You can make an amazing companionship while living in Sunspire as the residents love outings like bowling or watching movies together.

Jadestone on Olive

If you are looking for the best mobile home parks in Arizona, you must have seen Jadestone on olive in the top google ranking. If you want to make your life easier, consider this a great option. The urban yet bizarre community is located near the Sonoran Desert.

They are close to phoenix; you can even trek to the city for some fresh air whenever you want. Their two bedroom homes are a little bit wider than others.

Jadestone on olive provides you with heated pools, a billiard room, and a clubhouse with many fun activities to enjoy.

You can get more information about the park on jadestone on olive.

Citrus Gardens

Citrus Garden is one of Arizona’s Luxurious 55 mobile home communities and offers you new and pre-owned manufactured homes. The upscale community is affordable almost for people of any budget, and that’s why the community is gaining popularity on a large scale.

The three swimming pools of citrus gardens are perfect places to relax and soak the sun. One of the swimming pools is specially designed for children. This gives you a specific place to enjoy yourself with your little ones when they come to meet you. Other amenities include a fitness center and clubhouse.

Palm Gardens

With a 4.4 google rating, if you are retiring in Arizona, Palm Gardens is worth considering. The homes are designed to make you feel you are on vacation every day.

Palm Gardens offers you management services on the property regularly. If there arises any issue with your home, you can easily reach out to the management, who will sort that out for you. Along with having all the standard amenities, you will be near shopping centers and restaurants within the town.

Orchard Ranch

Talking about senior mobile home parks in Arizona, another viable option is in the north of phoenix. Orchard Ranch requires residents to be at least 55 or above.

Among a lot of reasons for loving Orchard Ranch, the one that tops the chart is that it does not ask for membership fees or home association fees at all.

The community makes sure the residents enjoy and participate in all the scheduled activities. You can enjoy swimming, working out at a fitness center, or hiking.

Villa Capri

The luxury retirement community offers you tax-free property and is located in Tucson. Villa Capri is a great option if you are looking for a place with more than two bedrooms.

The community has a ballroom for events, a card room, and shuffleboard, along with the pool and spa. The community’s convenient location gives you quick access to casinos, zoo, and museums in the town.

Cottonwood Heights

Cottonwood Heights is a  small retirement community located an hour and a half north of phoenix. You can enjoy a genuine small-town atmosphere in this community.

This mobile community has 69 places, lower than other communities. You can have two pets in your home while living in cottonwood heights. The inside of these houses is luxurious. The community may be small but provide you with different activities like pool, fitness Center and easy access to town.

Resident-owned Manufactured Home Communities in Arizona.

If you are looking for fantastic mobile home retirement communities in Arizona but want the freedom of owning your house, a resident-owned community is what you’re looking for. Below, we have extracted the best options for you.

Country Road

Country roads with 1300 lots allow residents to own or rent their homes. The homes are usually one bedroom, one bathroom, two bedrooms, or two bathrooms.

The community offers a lot of activities for you to stay busy and is located in Yuma, Arizona. You can enjoy your golden years staying busy in activities like dance classes, tennis courts, heated pools, and more.

Their clubs are a must-check and are a great way to make new friends in the community.

Apollo Village

Located in Peoria, Apollo Village is one of the best mobile home parks in Arizona. Peoria is ranked seven on the list of best places to retire in the United States.

This pet-friendly community is only a mile away from the shopping and dining options of the town, so you do not have to travel a lot.

There are certain swimming pools and clubhouses with different fun activities for you to enjoy.

Desert Harbor

A beautiful example of desert beauty with active 55+ living, the desert harbor is located near the Sonoran Desert.

The convenient amenities provided by the community make sure you stay active and entertained in the golden years of your life.

The clubhouse allows you to socialize, or you can head to one of their two pools. There’s a lot of more which you can see on Desert Harbor.

Golden Vista

Golden Vista is located in the beautiful location of Apache Junction and is one of the best 55 mobile home communities in Arizona.

If you’re a person who loves outings and hiking, Golden vista is a place for you to call home in your retirement age.

The community has two pools, billiard rooms, art and craft rooms, and batting cages where many fun activities can be carried out.

The clubhouse arranges functions daily to interact with others and make new friends.

Casa de Francisco

Built in 1975, Casa de Francisco is still a popular choice for anyone retiring in phoenix. The community has more than 200 lots and has a lot of options according to your choice of house.

Despite fewer amenities, the community offers you an excellent opportunity to bustle around in the city of phoenix.

The billiard room, laundry facility, and RV storage give you a laidback lifestyle while having everything phoenix has to offer at your fingertips.

Copper Crest

If you’re looking for a place in Tucson, the copper crest is a great option to consider. The streets and lots of the community are vast, creating a space where no one feels crowded.

Copper Crest offers all the basic amenities you can find in other senior mobile home parks in Arizona. Besides being pet-friendly,  the community possesses a dog park.

Activities like tai chi, yoga, and hiking can add as much fun as possible to your golden age.

Voyager PV Resort

The large space offers everything you can want in a community and a hotel. Living in voyager PV resorts means you are getting a chance to spend your life on the opposite side of the sections.

In addition to basic amenities, you’ll find mail service, salon, and health clinic if you are not up to par.

Comanche Wells

Living in the Comanche Wells means you own the community even if you own a house, you and other residents get to decide everything in the community.

There are 209 plots in the community, and you can decide what is available. Houses are single-wide, double-wide, and triple wide.

The community possesses a clubhouse with a lot of fun activities, along with a car washing area and dog park for your furry friend.

New Manufactured Home Communities in Arizona

Sage Point

Sage point gives a whole new meaning to mobile homes which are not outdated or dingy. The homes feature grey and white, which is in style.

The beautiful community allows you to live your life the way you want. The clubhouse and outdoor spaces are the perfect places for socializing and making friends.

The golf tournament and water aerobics are a great joy. Moreover, they award residents on walking according to how many steps they are taking.

Overall, they offer some best activities one can imagine in senior mobile home parks in Arizona.

Pine Lakes

Within the state, Pine Lakes is one of the best private communities. The community is surrounded by the beautiful view of the forest, which makes it an ideal place for people who want to live an adventurous life.

The community is just five miles away from the city, so you don’t have to travel much shopping and eating places.


The community possesses a variety of exciting amenities for retirees, including desert paradise and much more.

They have a 2700+ sq ft fitness center to keep residents healthy and active. Moreover, it allows residents to be involved in other activities like walking, hiking, and cycling.


If you want to spend your golden years in a peaceful, friendly, away from city neighborhood, then Orangewood is an option you are looking for.

The premium mobile community offers 382 lots, each with a beautiful view and enough landscape.

You can enjoy stress-free life here and can relax your mind. Amenities like clubhouse and five-hole golf course keep residents happy and active.

Saddlebrook Range

Surrounded by the breathtaking view of mountains and the Sonoran Desert, the Saddlebrook range is undoubtedly one of the best senior mobile home parks in Arizona.

The location of the park is quite away from the bustling life of the city and provides all the peace one can ask for in the golden years.

In addition to basic amenities, there are certain activities you can take part in to stay busy and make your retirement days happy golden days.

Pebble Creek

Due to its location, Pebble Creek is an ideal location to retire as it has access to everything. In addition, it offers residents a lot of recreational and social activities.

The lavish landscape and peaceful, tranquil surroundings can make your golden years more pleasant.


This senior home parks offer peaceful living, and you can have all the shopping and eating areas within your access.

They also ensure the intense level of care of the community’s residents.

Fortuna de Oro

If by home you mean a place where you can relax, then Fortuna de Oro is the place you’re looking for.

Living in Fortuna de Oro means your golden days will be filled with adventure and excitement. Besides offering a lot of fun activities, the community possesses 1200 sites, a brand-new sports complex, pools with spas, and onsite restaurants.

If you want an adventurous retirement life, you can go to nearby lakes, hike, or wander in the wilderness on the trails around the community.

 Final Thoughts

Arizona is a favorite hot place to retire due to its warm weather and revitalizing sunshine. Choosing Arizona to live in your golden year won’t make you regret it.

There are Several mobile home retirement communities in Arizona, each with its boom. But all of them serve the same purpose to give their residents a safe, peaceful, and relaxing life.

Before you retire, you may want to consider some of the options explained above to impress you. This way, you can retire in a perfect place for you to call home for the advancing years.


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