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Metamaterials Market Forecast to 2025; Top Key Players – JEM Engineering, Kymeta Corporation, Evolv Technologies Inc., Multiwave Technologies AG, Plasmonics Inc.

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Metamaterial is a metal–dielectric artificial composite media that gains electrical properties from its structure rather than from the composed material. Made up from sub-wavelength building blocks, metamaterials exhibit strong control over optical fields, enabling effects such as negative refraction. An antenna is used to create strong electromagnetic field that develop an alternative electric current to radiate energy. There are various advancements have been made in the antenna designs to radiate up to 95% of the radio signals. These antennas are widely used in GPS, space communications, space vehicle communications, and wireless communication system. Use of metamaterial in various applications is promising for a couple of reasons; first, it enables the extreme miniaturization of optical devices. Later, it can be customized to support novel properties which are currently not accessible with existing optical hardware systems.

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  • Electromagnetic, Terahertz, Tunable, Photonic, Non-linear, Frequency selective surface (FSS), Metamaterial absorber

Depending upon types, this product is divided into electromagnetic, terahertz, tunable, photonic, non-linear, frequency selective surface (FSS) based metamaterials and metamaterial absorber. Electromagnetic types accounted for the highest revenue share. Metamaterials can manipulate electromagnetic radiations, including light, in ways not readily observed in natural properties. This type is a man-made material with strong electromagnetic properties compared to naturally occurring composites or materials.


Superlens, Antenna, Absorber, Cloaking Device, Others,

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Regionally, Asia Pacific and North America accounted for the highest share. Growth is majorly driven by the rising product demand from industrial and commercial sectors. Key players such as JEM Engineering, Metamaterial technologies Inc., Harris and Kymeta Corporation have strong presence in these regions and are investing heavily in research activities to increase their service offerings.

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