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Mengibar, a liquid filling machine company, explains why not all gels are effective

Jun 22, 2020 4:51 AM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Jun 22, 2020

In COVID’s time, if there is one thing that is certain, it is that companies dedicated to liquid filling machinery have been overwhelmed by their demand for containers for gels and disinfectant products. This is the case of Mengibar, a company with years of experience in bottle filling machines.

Due to the fear of infection and the recommendations of experts, antibacterial gels or hand sanitizers, have become highly valued and demanded products so there was a time when the manufacturers overflowed.

But are all hand sanitizing gels valid?

The answer is no.

Alcohol can quickly and effectively kill bacteria, tuberculosis bacilli, fungi and a variety of viruses.

Hand sanitizing gels which contain a large amount of alcohol can kill the coronavirus because alcohol attacks and destroys the protein pool that surrounds its RNA and without these proteins the virus dies and cannot multiply. To make sure it is the right one, the batch and expiration date must be checked on the registration number given by the AEMPS.

It is something like: XXX-DES. This will indicate that the disinfectant gel has passed the evaluation process of the Ministry of Health. If it is a virucidal gel, the UNE EN 14476 standard will appear on the container. If it does not appear, it means that it is possible that the gel has a bactericidal capacity but not a virucidal one.

Given the urgency, the company Mengibar , expert in liquid filling machines, set to work and can assure that they are proud to have been able to produce equipment to fill and package hydroalcoholic solutions and gels and to have contributed in some way to this pandemic.

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