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MANIFEST DENSITY: New COVID-focused podcast sponsored by Smart Facilities data leader Microshare

manifest density new covid focused podcast sponsored by smart facilities data leader microshare

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PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 18 – As COVID-19 continues to claim new victims and force draconian lockdowns on the global economy, Microshare, a leader in Smart Facilities data and wearable contact tracing solutions has launched “Manifest Density,” a new podcast exploring the myriad ways that the pandemic is changing business, society and individual lives.

Hosted by author, sustainability expert and three-time Emmy Award winning broadcaster Michael Moran, Manifest Density explores the fuller implications of COVID-19 to global business and the people who are its most valuable assets. In coming episodes we’ll speak with some of the world’s leading authorities on pandemics, on the changing relationship between workers, tenants and landlords in commercial real estate, on the impact of the pandemic on urban centers and even how COVID-19 may change global economic and political relationships.

In its first three five episodes, Manifest Destiny has tackled thorny issues like the future of commercial real estate and offices, new realities for China supply chains, COVID’s impact on employee-employer relationships, and the data privacy implications of contact tracing. Early episodes have included CRETech founder Michael Beckerman, China expert Rachel Ziemba, data privacy and cybercrime authority Bob Sullivan, and global trade analyst and senior Council on Foreign Relations fellow Edward Alden.

Long a fixture in podcasting, Microshare decided that a podcast focused specifically on the issues surfaced by the pandemic was in order. “We looked around and saw that COVID-19 was being tackled primarily in the old taxonomy – through the lens of, say, epidemiology, or politics, or real estate,” says host Michael Moran, who is Microshare’s Chief Risk & Sustainability Officer. “The fact is, it’s an all-encompassing tragedy, and its effects will cross all the lines that we humans drew to neatly divided the pre-COVID world. So we felt Manifest Density should apply a universal filter.

Microshare is a Philadelphia-based technology firm specializing in creating new data streams with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors for the Build World – offices, factories, airports, warehouses and other facilities that were once thought of as inert brick-and-mortar assets. These data streams reveal insights that bring wellness, sustainability, efficiencies and safety improvements to any facility, in effect creating “vital signs” for real estate assets.

Microshare introduced Universal Contact Tracing (UCT) in late March, soon after the virulence of the virus became clear and the global economy began to shudder. Dubbed “hot new COVID techThe New York Times on Nov. 15, UCT was developed and battle tested in tandem with global clients like Glaxo-SmithKline and Rent-A-Center, whose operations made remote working impractical. Since then, UCT’s wearables have been deployed around the world in manufacturing, healthcare, office, residential and mass transit settings.

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Microshare™ provides “Sensing-as-a-Service” and Digital Twin capabilities for multinational clients in commercial real estate, healthcare, manufacturing and other sectors. Our Clean=Safe suite of Smart Facilities solutions use carefully curated IoT data to reveal previously hidden insights on the safety, efficiency and sustainability of their facilities. Microshare is a proud member of the LoRa Alliance®. Read more at

About Manifest Density

Manifest Density explores the enormous changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the world of business, government and to society at large. Sponsored by Microshare, Manifest Density hosts the world’s leading experts on viral outbreaks, urban development, commercial real estate, building wellness, trade, supply chains and many other issues affected by the pandemic. Download the podcast on the Microshare website, on Apple iTunes, on ListenNotes or Podbean.

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