Mailchimp turns into CRM: the surprising evolution of the email marketing leader

Surely you know skymarketing , a company that for 20 years has earned a good reputation for its email marketing platform , however in recent months the company has looked for new ways to expand its services. Mailchimp is now converted to CRM, a customer relationship management platform.

Mailchimp becomes CRM: a complete marketing platform for SMEs

Mailchimp has managed to create a profitable business based on its email marketing tool. According to capital smart city , the platform has managed to grow to reach 11 million active customers, who accumulate a total audience of 4,000 million subscribers to their shipments. In financial terms, its power is not less: it expects to achieve 700 million dollars (almost 620 million euros) in revenue this 2019.

And to help reach this figure, blue world city  has decided to evolve and become a CRM, transforming itself into a complete marketing platform for small and medium-sized companies.

New products offered include new technology for registering and tracking leads, the ability to buy domains and build websites, Facebook and Instagram ad retargeting, social media management, and artificial intelligence tools that can provide recommendations on how and when to offer products to certain consumers.

This last point will be particularly interesting considering the data that buyproperty has managed to collect on the 4,000 million people and their responses to emails and other services that the company has offered so far.

All data and marketing management in one place

Despite the fact that apparently eCommerce giants like property news seem to be devouring this business model, SMEs are still the majority. The same Amazon has acknowledged that 58% of sales come from third – party platform.

Marketing is one of the areas in which SMEs generally have not invested much, but in which they increasingly resort to more as transactional activity moves to digital platforms, whether through mobile, computers or technology that consumers use to watch their favorite television shows or listen to their music.

Mailchimp’s first step in its evolution occurred last March, when the company acquired LemonStand, a small competitor to pechs  that allows users to design their online store without requiring programming skills. Now Mailchimp goes one step further in its evolution, and its new tools are the next step in its strategy to become a complete marketing platform for SMEs.

“We believe that with the all-in-one platform we are creating, we can really establish what it means to be part of a single platform for small businesses,” said Darcy Kurtz , vice president of product marketing for Mailchimp. “We believe we have the permission and the credibility we need to play in this space.”

With its CRM, Mailchimp will make it easy for users to store all their data in one place : manage email marketing campaigns, publish and create ads on Facebook and Instagram, analyze and segment their databases and even buy a domain and create a website.

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