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Luxury concierge Uemura Ltd expands its travel agency services and leisure social network

May 6, 2020 9:00 AM ET
iCrowd Newswire – May 6, 2020

The private concierge Uemura, after 10 years in the luxury tourism sector, opens its website and allows users to use its technological tools to design and customize their leisure and travel. Uemura, one step ahead of the OTA, has created an integrated social network thinking about the way the digital user will interact and demand the services, so that he can decide what to do, where and when but also how and with whom to organize and enjoy it

The aim of the extension is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to personalise their trips. The launch of the new services is mainly focused on singles, young travelers, business travelers, companies and families with young children.

In a globalized world where travel around the world is increasingly common, the luxury concierge Uemura Ltd has launched an innovative service extension that aims to create tailor-made trips in real time. The services offered allow you to find travel companions with whom to share your preferred activities during your trip. In this way, each user can personalise the part of the trip that they make individually and also the group part in which they can decide to carry out a series of activities with other travellers who also use Uemura Ltd.

The travel design service that can be found on the website allows you to choose the destination and dates you want to travel, buy the flight and accommodation in which to stay, choose the different activities to be carried out during the trip, the restaurants where you want to eat and hire services such as babysitters, personal assistants or tour guides. At the same time, you can choose if you want to enjoy the trip or some activities with your old friends, with new users or do it individually.

The launch of this service by Uemura is focused on trying to persuade and satisfy the possible demands of mainly four groups:

Although this does not mean that other groups than these who may be interested in this form of travel cannot benefit from this service.

Among the advantages provided by this new type of service are the ability to customize the trip, the immediacy to be able to establish different plans, a great possibility of interactivity with the travel design service and, finally, the ability to socialize that provides to share some activities with other travelers.

Questioned by this new concept of travel that links social networks with travel and leisure, Miguel Santamaria, CEO of Uemura Ltd, says that “we have created a platform that connects leisure with people and gives back the sense of sharing that social networks had distorted”.



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