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35 Potential Earnings Low-Stress Jobs after Retirement

Low-Stress Jobs after Retirement

The thought of retirement life might give you anxiety as it brings so many questions along with it. But let me tell you, there is a persistent misconception about retirement: it ends your career, and you are completely off from work. While you might be stepping away from one career, it’s never too late to start another. As a retiree, you must have many skills and experiences you can put forth to make income in your retirement days. In addition to keeping you active, indulging in some activity can give a new purpose to your life as it gives you a chance of getting involved in something you are passionate about. In this article, I have compiled low-stress jobs after retirement, so you don’t have to be done working if you are a retired person or about to get retired.

When we talk about jobs after retirement, you have a lot of choices. From teaching to the tour guide, the list has some excellent options you can choose on your preference. If you are stepping away from the job that has attained half a lifetime, many low-paying sides hustle to high-paying gigs opportunities are waiting for you.

Before I take you to the road of stress-free jobs for the retirement period, you might want to ask why it is necessary for you to remain active and indulge in some activity during your retirement period.

Why Do You Need Jobs After Retirement?

If you are young, you might not have imagined post-retirement stress but ask your parents or Grandparents who have been living their retirement life, and they will tell you how stressful it is to stay idle for a person who is used to staying active. This is the main reason people intend to work part-time after their full-time employment journey.

You do not have to commit to working hard to make money during your retired life. Many low-stress jobs after retirement don’t require a particular degree or knowledge background. Getting some low-stress job is a culinary step once your active days are over. Many people decide to stay engaged in some activity after their retirement. Their motivation comes from different places, including

Staying Busy with an Encore Career

A part-time job after retirement will keep you productive by engaging you with something new. Encore careers and filling your hours can bring a lot more which you were missing earlier in life. Whether it’s working for the cause you support or starting your own small business, it will keep you busy and informative.

Enhancing Financial Stability

Most retirees have enough savings and income owing their retirement plan that will cover your primary, but who does not want extra cash? Considering the inflation, long-term care, and rising medical costs, extra money is always welcome to live your life comfortably.

Enlarging the Social Circle

Beside exercise, playing crosswords and puzzles that help you stay active mentally getting engaged in a part-time job is an excellent way to stay engaged, active, and socially connected. If you are a social bird, getting a job can help you avoid post-retirement loneliness.

Whatever the reason is, if you are looking for the best retirement jobs, we are here for you. Now let’s dive into the list of jobs worth giving a short to increase your income during retired life.

List Of 34 Low-Stress Jobs After Retirement

Our list focuses precisely on stress-free online and physical work or includes minimal stress. There is no point in starting an entire stress career during your retirement life as it can affect your mental and physical health. Luckily, there are specific options for you too, depending on whether you want to work alone from your home premises or as a team with high earning opportunities.Check the list to choose

Food Delivery Driver

If you want to earn extra cash by doing a job that is not much time taking and has the least stress factor, you can become a food delivery driver.

Food Delivery Driver

Most of your time will be spent in the comfort of your car, delivering or picking food from one place to another.

You can make $20 per hour working as a food delivery guy, and it can be one of the best jobs after retirement. The job’s flexibility allows you to set your own set of hours and work as much or little as you want. You can sign up for any online food delivering restaurant and earn handsome cash by providing food to your city or neighborhood.

As a food delivery guy, it’s going to be easier to make money if you are in a highly-populated area or are willing to drive to one.


Photography is fun and one of the best retirement jobs for people aged 55 – 60. With extreme creativity and experience, you can also get hired for events like weddings, Halloween shoots. Moreover, it will eradicate your post-retirement loneliness.


You can choose to offer portrait photos to people or go for a different choice of photography. If you are a nature lover, you can also work as a freelance photographer by uploading pictures on a platform to sell your art.

Once you get to experience it, you can easily earn $100-$1000 per day. Additional computer skills and photo editing skills can help you make even more.


If you are a retired teacher whose job was in a specialized field, i.e., Math’s, English, or any other subject that could help out college students, then become a private tutor.


In addition to teaching students in your area of expertise, it allows you to work according to hours that suit you. That means you can decide how much you would like to work in this role.

Apply for tutoring jobs in institutions near you, or you can also teach as a freelance teacher. You can make up to $150 depending on your level of education and the services you are willing to provide. If you enjoy working with people and want to impact future generations, becoming a part-time teacher is one of the best retirement jobs.

Another option to avail as a tutor is becoming a substitute teacher. With having the proper knowledge about the subject, you can work on your schedule with solid benefits to keep your life low-stress.

Most academic institutes require you to have a degree; however, some are willing to train you onsite if necessary.

Tour Guide

If you are looking for a low-stress job after retirement, the best option to opt for is to become a tour guide. This can be the most exciting and fun job as you will have to deal with relaxed people and out to enjoy their day.

You can interact with many people, entertain them by telling stories about the place they want to visit. Doing so will genuinely help you enlarge your social circle. This is an ideal career for those passionate about history, travel, and exploring new places.

Tour Guide

As this profession does not require any certification, anyone can do it depending on how traveled you are. Your genuine interest in showing people different places and your knowledge about the place ensure that your tour group enjoys your company. Living in an area that is a tourist attraction can be the cherry on the top. Your specialty can be any tourist attraction, i.e., historical buildings, national parks, etc.

The biggest attraction this job has is that you can travel around the world and get paid for that. You can earn almost $20 per hour as a tourist, which is not at all bad.Let’s move further to explore more on the list of best retirement jobs.


You know painting is a great way to relieve stress and mental strain. If you’re good at something, never do it for free-Said the joker and legend were not wrong. If you can play with colors, you can earn up to $30 per hour.


Painting can indeed be adopted as one of the low-stressed jobs after retirement, and if you are creative with the brush, you can easily make $50 per hour.

If you are doing it for your own house, you can consult any company or individual looking to paint any building or property.

Take paid Surveys

Take online paid surveys and start earning money within your home premises. Several companies pay you for the surveys about their products and services. These surveys help the company know if they need betterment in their research and development area and update their marketing campaigns.

Take paid Surveys

You will earn a point every time you complete a survey. Upon reaching 100 pts, you can earn $1, so if you want to make a bit of pocket money, taking a survey can always help you.

Sharing your opinion and doing a micro-task can earn you some money in the comfort of your house. I come on that can be considered the best retirement jobs.

You can also earn money up to $300 per month with some app surveys. This app includes

Survey junkie-It lets you earn $45 for every survey. Survey junkie is a legit app and has a 4-star rating on trust pilot. Surveys offered are short, easy and you can choose which survey you want to redeem, and you can cash out at $5.

LifePoint panel-The paid survey website with a 4.5 rating on Trustpilot is available globally for the audience above 16. It lets you win amazon and Walmart gifts by participating in surveys.

These are some of the websites which pay you by taking surveys. Unfortunately, they only rake in a few dollars, so this isn’t the best option if you want to make a significant amount of money. However, you can maximize your earning potential by using multiple sites at once.

Pet Sitter/Dog walker

Dog walking is one of the best retirement jobs for people who love animals. Dog walking is a growing business as it is, without any doubt, the best senior employment for retirees.

Pet Sitter/Dog walker

Many people hire someone to take care of their pets instead of taking them to pet care. Along with exercise, it keeps you busy, and you can earn a good amount of money from the fun activity.

You can choose the hours and the distance according to your availability. Start by offering your service to neighbors or signing up for a pet care house.

Usually, you can make $17-$40 as a dog walker. If you can take care of more dogs, the side hustle can earn you $200 per hour. Enjoy your walk with the fluffy friend and make an income out of it. Sounds interesting, No?


If you are good with numbers, bookkeeping can provide you with some extra cash even in the comfort of your home. Nevertheless, you need to have previous computer knowledge and data entry skills to organize data.


You can apply for the bookkeeping at your nearest company, or you can make money from it by staying in the comfort of your home, as most bookkeeping is done remotely nowadays. The pay ranges from $20-$60 as a virtual bookkeeper. Salary depends on your experience and training level.

If you are good with numbers, none of the tasks will feel like hard work to you, making it one of the great low-stress jobs after retirement.


Blogging is becoming famous for people of all ages as you just need a computer, smartphone, and internet connection. Blogging has passive income potential, and you have to be patient as your blog/website may take some time bringing high traffic. Blogging does not have to be niche-specific. You can write about anything; you just have to exhibit excellent writing skills.


There are many benefits of the profession; you can set your hours and work remotely from anywhere having internet access. If you want to make some serious money, blogging can be a powerful marketing tool if used correctly. Top-notch bloggers pocket about $1500-1600 per month. With that much potential, what is stopping you from becoming a blogger in your free time?


You may not believe it; babysitting is one of the best low-stress jobs after retirement. If you have your children or know how to deal with children, you can be the perfect candidate for the job.


Working as a childcare provider can be rewarding.


Content writing is an excellent job if you are looking for something that is not too hectic to handle and can provide you with a good amount of money. You only need basic writing skills and concepts to comprehend. There exist many websites that hire writers remotely to write for them.


Payment depends on the knowledge and niche specificity of your writing. Choose the nice things you want to write about, set your hours of work, start writing and earn money in the comfort of your home. The pay ranges from cents to $5 per word, depending on your level of expertise.

Website Tester

One other way to stay busy and make some income during retirement life is by testing websites and apps for the companies.

Website Tester

You record everything as you go through every task to evaluate. You may be asked to share your opinion, and the company will pay you $10-$20 for completing a task.


One of the classy, low-stress jobs after retirement is being a waiter or waitress.


Working in a restaurant can be fun, and it can keep you active as you get to meet so many new people daily.

Such jobs can help you earn even more money than your decided pay in the form of tips.


If you are a book lover, you can opt for becoming a librarian. Your daily responsibility will be to give people what book they should read and budget money for new reading material.

Low Stress Jobs after Retirement 15

You can get a chance to meet people of your age, as most of the retirees come daily to the library. You can use the extra time to read the book and further enhance your knowledge.


If you want a peaceful, relaxing activity that can earn you a good amount of cash, you can choose one of the best retirement job-gardening.


In addition to taking care of your property, you can offer the service to someone else and earn money in return.


Becoming an editor or proofreader with SEO knowledge for articles or publications is one of the easiest and low stressful jobs for your retirement period.

If you know how to help someone with their article to rank it on the top on search engines like google, no one can stop you from making money even if you are above 55.

Be a Handyman

You have enough time after your retirement. If you have skills in fixing things in the house, you can make it your source of earning some extra cash.


Some simple tasks can be pretty complex or time-consuming for the busy homeowner, and they will happily pay you for fixing simple things like gas pipes.

Virtual Assistant

If you want to make money from home, one of the best retirement jobs can be by providing customer assistant to different companies; how? By becoming a Virtual assistant.

You do not need to have any experience; the company will give you all the training. So, if you are eager to learn something and earn at the same time, you can go for VA.


Does the idea of getting paid to inspire others fascinate you? With all the knowledge you have gained through your experiences, you can motivate the youngsters and earn money by becoming a coach or mentor.

Low Stress Jobs after Retirement 18

This pastime job will fill your hours and is a great chance to pass your knowledge to others.

Real Estate Agent

Becoming a realtor is among the best retirement jobs if you know real estate and its fluctuating prices.

Maybe it’s hard for you to believe, but it is the safest and promised source of income. A real estate agent, on average, earns around $40,000-$110,000 in a year.

This is a full-time job, and you need to be a US resident and pass a real estate test to gain a license to start working as a real estate agent.

Sell Craft

You can sell some of your crafty art either online or at local craft stores to earn a good amount of money at once.

Flipping furniture can also provide you with extra income in your retirement age.

Massage Therapist

Who does not like massages? So, become a masseuse and earn money by giving others a relaxing massage.

The hours are pretty flexible, and you can do it either from home, spa, health facility or from the client’s home.

Chat Moderator

The responsibility of the chat moderator is to run chat rooms related to specific topics like health or fashion and keep online forums discussions constructive.

The job requires you to be available at specific chat timings, however, you can set your hours and work remotely.

If you enjoy the company of people, customer service can make you the happiest. Go, apply for the job of chat moderator and make money out of it.


If you are good at writing or editing content, you can make money with your skills even in your senior years.

You can do plenty of transcription and translational jobs from home to earn extra money after retirement without taking too much stress.

Animal Shelter Worker

If you are an animal lover, you would love to spend your retirement days with the animals. Consider signing up for an animal shelter worker.

What’s the best thing besides taking care of the animals abused by their owners? And you don’t need any prior experience for that.

You will get paid according to the hours you work per hour, no matter what level of seniority you are working on.


Since writing is one of the low-stress jobs after retirement, you can make money. In addition to that, it does not require you to work from 9-5.

You can enjoy plenty of free time and earn extra money by becoming a writer.


This is the best option if you are used to your day-to-day professional work and cannot stay idle. The knowledge you collected during your employment can reward you even during your retirement age.

You can open your own consulting business or apply for the post of a company looking for one.

Golf Course worker

The golf course can be a low stressful job if you are a sports fanatic. Besides, numerous jobs are available for seniors, including working as marshal or starter.

Administrative assistant

If you keep working in an office environment and have experience in a scheduling office setting, you can work as an administrative assistant.

Make sure to set your hours of work to keep stress minimal. By that, you can decide how much work you want to do and how much work you can bear.

Event Planner

If you love parties or events, you can consider becoming an event planner and earn a good amount of money.

Event Planner

There is so much joy and satisfaction in making an event successful. In addition, you will get the chance to chill with people of all ages. 

Park Ranger

For all the senior age nature lovers, working as a park ranger can be a wonderful experience as it is one of the low-stress jobs.

You get to interact and talk with people. To become a park ranger, you need US residency and a driving license.

Online business

Start an online business and make handsome cash every month. As you can manage all your business activity according to your availability, it is one of the best options for looking for low-stress jobs after retirement.

Charity Worker

Charity workers often focus on a specific area of problem and resolve the issue. The job allows you to make a difference in society without too much stress.

You can volunteer at whatever timings suit you and earn an amount. It does not allow you to have any prior experience or degree.


Although the term is more common in teens, that does not mean you, as a retired person, cannot make a vlog.

You can easily do it from home whenever you want. Start creating videos on your schedule and share them with the world.

It would be a fun and new thing to do after retirement.

Final Thoughts

The article clearly shows that retirement does not mean it’s the end of your working era and there are no opportunities left for you.

Some jobs are flexible and can easily be done from home, while others require you to go outside and enjoy nature.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick out the one opportunity to keep yourself mentally and physically active and earn handsome money out of all these low-stress jobs after retirement.

Q1. What are the options after retirement?

Retirement does not mean sitting idle and wasting your energy and time. There are plenty of jobs you can do after retirement. Consider the job mentioned above to stay busy and full-on cash.

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