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Lionlung Breath Trainer Review 2021: The Best Inspiratory Muscle Training Device

Lionlung Breath Trainer is an Inspiratory Muscle Training Device that helps to strengthen the muscles you use for breathing. You can think of it like weighted training, but it is specifically designed for your diaphragm, intercostal muscles and all the muscles involved in breathing.  It is a cheap alternative for people experiencing shortness of breath. If you are having difficulty in breathing or you just want to enhance your lungs capacity for better gaseous exchange, then Inspiratory Muscle Training Device will be a pretty good investment for you. With this portable Lion lung breath trainer, you will breathe easily, and feel great. It is suitable for everyone, both smokers and non smokers, and those that have healthy lungs. This lionlung breath trainer review contains everything you need to know about this device.


A healthy lung with adequate capacity is necessary for adequate gaseous exchange, and oxygen delivery to the tissues. When the capacity of the lungs is reduced, there will be a decline in gas exchange, and reduced oxygen supply to the peripheral tissues. Also, when the Oxygen content of the atmosphere is reduced it will affect gaseous exchange and oxygen supply to the tissues. Having highly capacious lungs will help you overcome these challenges. At high altitude where the oxygen content is low, if you have healthy lungs or diseases lungs with high capacity you will unlikely have any challenges with oxygen supply to the tissues. With adequate lung capacity, you won’t have any problems with gas exchange irrespective of how unfavourable the environment is. Also, if you are an athlete, then you will benefit so much from this inspiratory muscle trainer.

Inhaling muscle training helps strengthen your air intake, increase lung capacity, and delay the secretion of lactic acid to improve exercise capacity. It reduces symptoms of shortness of breath, increase diaphragm thickness and make you breathe better. Also, lionlung breath trainer helps improve cardio-respiratory endurance which makes uphill climb much easier. As an amateur training athlete, you will enjoy this device. It is good for swimmers, cyclists, runners and older population as well.

This breathing trainer has gained wide recognition in different parts of the world including Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. Numerous Lion lung breath trainer reviews attested to the effectiveness of this device. It has helped a lot of people breathe easily and feel better.

Breathing training is one crucial part of exercise that everyone should be doing, but unfortunately, it is one of the most overlooked areas in sports and wellbeing. This might be as a result of ignorance or wrong perception of how it works and its benefits. Breathing training is very good for our wellbeing, and for athletes. It increases our endurance and strength, as long as you make it a routine. It is pretty simple and easy. There are different methods of training our respiratory muscles, and this lion lung breathing exercise device is one of the most effective methods. It is entirely free from drugs and chemicals. Lionlung breath trainer is a natural way of improving your exercise and breathing capacity.

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What is Lion Lung Breath Trainer? (Lion lung breath trainer review)

Lion Lung Breath Trainer is a breathing exercise device that enables you breathe easily and feel great. It is a natural means of improving your lung capacity. It is a lung capacity trainer that is useful, inspiring, and enjoyable, a breathing exercise that can help you loosen up and even have a bit of fun. Lionlung Breath Trainer has adjustable intensity levels to enable you adjust the resistance. Depending on your needs, you can use this breathing exercise device as many times as you want in a week, and you can also choose high resistance or medium resistance or low resistance. If you have lung problems, then the medium and low resistance (intensity) levels will be best for you. Lionlung breathing exercise device was designed for everyone, and it worth every penny spent on it.

Increasing your inhalation load while training is like lifting weights for your breathing muscle. More respiratory power and stronger breathing muscles will supercharge your endurance and stamina. Lionlung training device has 10 intensity levels which allows you to work on your breathing power, inspiratory muscle strength, and breathing technique. It makes your breathing more efficient for better gaseous exchange.  If you are having difficulty in breathing or there is insufficient Oxygen content in your surroundings, which is usually the case at high altitude, you need breathing exercise.

Lionlung Breath Trainer is very portable and easy to use. It feels comfortable for use as well. You will never experience any form of inconvenience while training your respiratory muscles with this device. Improving your breathing should be a priority and not overlooked. Breathing exercise was initially developed for patients with COPD like asthma, to improve their breathing because they usually have shortness of breath symptom. However, it is found to be even more useful for athletes, and people with normal lungs. Lionlung Breath Trainer was built for everyone. However, if you are having lung diseases like COPD, make sure you consult your physician before starting any breathing exercise to ensure that it is safe for you.

There are tons of positive lionlung breath trainer reviews from satisfied customers online, and we are confident that you will come back to drop a positive review once you start using this outstanding lung resistance training device.

Features of Lionlung Breath Trainer

Lightweight and Portable: It is very portable and easy to carry. Lion lung capacity trainer feels so light that you won’t even remember that you are wearing something. You can train as long as you want without feeling any sign of numbness. Unlike other brands that might be heavy, and make you feel like you are carrying a load, Lionlung Breath Trainer is a lightweight device. Any instrument for exercises that is heavy drains a lot of energy which is supposed to be channelled into the exercise proper. The crafters of Lionlung Breath Trainer factored this in when producing this device. A lung capacity trainer is not supposed to be heavy so you don’t add too much stress to your respiratory system.

Comfortable to wear: You heard it right, Lionlung Breathing Exercise Device is very comfortable to wear. It poses no hassle or inconvenience to the user. If you are an athlete that workout for a long time, then Lionlung breath trainer is the best option for you. You can wear it as long as you wish without feeling perturbed. Lionlung breather device is trending because of its effectiveness and comfort.

Ten (10) intensity levels: There is a whopping ten resistance levels that you can select from. This gives you more than enough option to choose from. If you are having lung problems, you need lower resistance unlike athletes that need higher resistance. By simply adjusting the knob, you can choose the intensity that is most suitable for your lungs. Lionlung capacity trainer is designed for everybody, both those with diseased lungs and those with healthy lungs. The wide adjustable resistance helps you to exercise at your own pace. No matter what your goal for breathing exercise is, lionlung breathing trainer will help you accomplish that only if you give it a try.

Easy to use: No technical skills required, no assistance needed. Lionlung breath trainer is pretty simple and easy to use. It was designed to be used right out of the box. If you have seen people wearing mouth guard or if you have worn mouth guard before, you won’t have any issues with your lionlung breath trainer. Simply wear it and adjust the intensity to your desired level. Adjusting the resistance level is also pretty simple and easy.

Affordable price: Though it is very effective, and even better than most lung capacity trainer, lionlung breath trainer is very affordable. You don’t have to break a bank or spend big bucks just to start your lung capacity training. Currently, there is a special discount on every purchase made at the official website of the manufacturer. This reduces the price even further just to ensure that everyone interested in having breather device gets one. If you want to strengthen your breathing, then lung exercise should be one of your routine. Exercising with the right tools will make the experience much better and enjoyable. Get your own lionlung breathing exercise device at an affordable price to get the ball rolling.

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Benefits of using Lionlung Breathing Exercise Device

Increase lung capacity: Lion Lung Breath Trainer helps to increase the capacity of the lungs. When the lung capacity is increased there will be increase in alveolar surface area which allows for faster and more efficient gaseous exchange. This means more air can get into your lungs to be utilised by the muscles and tissues of your body. Stretching your intercostal muscles also increases the intrathoracic space which will make way for the lungs to expand. As the lungs expand, their capacity increases. Training with Lionlung Breathing Exercise Device helps to stretch these intercostal muscles.

Delay lactic acid secretion: Lionlung Breath Trainer helps to delay the secretion of lactic acid by making sure that the tissues get enough oxygen for aerobic metabolism. Lactic acid is secreted when the tissues are undergoing anaerobic metabolism. This happens when there is insufficient Oxygen supply to the tissues resulting in the release of lactic acid as the end product of the metabolic pathways. If this continuous unchecked, there will be accumulation of lactic acid resulting in acidosis which will manifest in fast breathing, easy fatigability and other symptoms. This affects athletes and enthusiasts who engage in long term exercise. If you have adequate oxygen supply to the tissues you won’t have any of these problems. Increasing your lung capacity will help boost gaseous exchange and oxygen delivery to the tissues.

Increase diaphragm thickness: As you train your muscles during weight lifting,  the same way you train your diaphragm and intercostal muscles. The diaphragm and intercostal muscles will acquire extra thickness which will increase their strength and efficiency during respiration. When the strength of diaphragm is increased, you will breathe better and more effectively because diaphragm is a key muscle in respiration.

Improves endurance: Lion Lung Breath Trainer increases cardio-respiratory endurance. This helps to make uphill climb much easier. It is particularly important for athletes who workout for a long time. If you don’t have the endurance and stamina, you will get tired easily. When we exercise, our body consumes much more energy, and adequate tissue perfusion and Oxygen supply is essential to generate this energy. If your lungs don’t have adequate capacity to ensure good oxygen supply, there will be impaired oxygen delivery which will result in anaerobic metabolism and lower energy generation. In this condition, you are much more likely to get tired easily.

Better anaerobic tolerance: This is the most interesting benefit to some customers. Going anaerobic sucks, and most people will seek for any help they can get to improve their anaerobic tolerance.

Stronger breathing muscles: Think of this as endurance work. With most of the focus on the diaphragm, endurance athletes can benefit from respiratory trainer because it will prolong the time until we fatigue, which prolongs the oxygen supply to motor muscles. Lion lung capacity trainer helps you to improve in all angles.

Train with confidence: If you make Lion Lung Breath Trainer your routine, it is going to enhance your endurance and stamina such that you will always have confidence when you are training even if you are an amateur. It was designed by breathing experts to help you achieve your goals. Many Lion Lung Breath Trainer Review online attested to these claims.

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Pros (Lion Lung Breath Trainer Review)

  • Easy to use
  • Variable resistance levels
  • Feels comfortable
  • Improves exercise capacity
  • Reduces symptoms of shortness of breath
  • Makes uphill climb easier
  • Suitable for everyone including amateur athletes like swimmers, cyclists and runners.

Cons (Lionlung Breath Trainer Review)

  • Limited stock
  • Not available in retail stores

How does it work ?

Lion lung breath trainer works like other regular breathing trainer. Their mechanism of action is the same but their effectiveness varies. Lionlung is one of the most effective breathing training devices that are within the range of consumers budget.

LionLung causes resistance to air flow which results in stretching of your respiratory muscles. This stretching helps to increase both the thickness and strength of the muscles especially diaphragm and intercostal muscles. This will help increase the lung capacity and delay the release of lactic acid. This is how lionlung breath trainer works.

However, you need to train with Lionlung for quite sometimes before you start getting effects just the same way you need to be consistent with your muscle building exercise.

If you are having lung diseases, make sure you consult your physician before using Lionlung to ensure that your lungs can withstand the training. Though you can easily adjust the resistance level to suit your system.

How to use Lionlung Breathing Exercise Device

It is pretty simple and easy to use. You really don’t need much technical skills. The Major thing required of you is to adjust the intensity levels.

  1. For your first session, put the breath trainer at its lowest intensity level. Stand or sit up straight, relax, then put the mouthpiece into your mouth. Bite the teeth pad and close your lips around the outer shield.
  2. Exhale, then inhale quickly with your mouth. Exhale slowly until you feel that you are empty.
  3. Relax your chest and shoulders. Pause if you need to, then inhale again.


Where to Buy Lion Lung Breath Trainer

The best place to purchase the original Lionlung Breath Trainer is from the official website of the manufacturer. Any purchase made outside this website is at the buyer’s risk. The producer stated explicitly that their product is not sold anywhere else except their official website. Currently, there especial discount for any purchase made at the official website, also all orders are covered by 30 days money back guarantee. In the off chance that you are not thrilled with the product, you can return it and get fully refunded within thirty days.  Below are the prices of Lionlung as stated at the official product page

  • 1 X LionLung – $49.99
  • 2 X LionLung – $99.99
  • 3 X LionLung – $111.99
  • 4 X LionLung – $136.99

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is inspiratory muscle training (IMT) ?

A: Inspiratory Muscle Training is a form of training that strengthen the muscles you use for breathing. It is specifically for diaphragm and intercostal muscles and other muscles of respiration.

Q: Who can use the Lionlung IMT breath trainer?

A: Anyone can use Lionlung. It is good for all ages and completely drug free. Athletes, singers, and older people will benefit so much from this device.

Q: Can I use the Lionlung IMT breath trainer if I have a lung disease?

A: While Lionlung can help those diagnosed with asthma, COPD, or other breathing problems, it is best to consult a doctor before you start breath training.

Consumers Reviews

I grabbed this device because the price is pretty cool. We didn’t need something super intense at a higher price point. I’m glad I bought it, I feel it is helping strengthen my spouse breathing. Adult onset asthma sucks but medications and training the body to work more efficiently has made a big difference. I would buy this one again. _Davud G. US

Breathing in and out is not natural to us. I use it to breathe through the nose and out through the mouth. This way it works better for me. _John H. Canada

I thought this would be a great little exercise for my lungs, I have COPD, it is great and easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone! _Linda Rosa. US

Final Remarks on Lionlung Breath Trainer Review

Exercise is a very important part of our lives. However, we need an adequate lungs that can ensure good gaseous exchange so we don’t get tired easily. Inspiratory Muscle Training is very important in improving Lung capacity. Lionlung IMT breath trainer is an effective breathing training device that can help you increase your lung capacity, improve your cardio-respiratory endurance and exercise. It makes uphill climb easy. It has adjustable intensity levels to enable you choose from.

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