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Life Line Screening Reviews – Is it Worth Your Money?

life line screening reviews is it worth your money


It is said that you should “Nip the illness at the start.” Finding potential health issues before they cause any problems can be a blessing. Well, you can say Life Line Screening is one such effort. The company offers preventive health screenings that identify risks of chronic health conditions. You might have heard something about it or maybe your interest in preventive health brings you here.

In this Life Line Screening Review, you will learn everything about it in detail.

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Life Line Screening Review – An Overview

Early detection of diseases is a miracle of science. What could be better than knowing your risk factors for stroke and cardiovascular disease? They are termed silent killers for a reason. Besides, having prior knowledge helps you overcome the problem before it becomes troublesome.

That’s exactly where Life Line Screening comes in. Life Line Screening is a premier provider of preventive health screenings for stroke and cardiovascular disease risk. Screenings provide peace of mind or early detection and they are easy, painless and non-invasive.   In addition, they have over 14,000 convenient locations across the United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

What’s the initiative behind Life Line Screening?

What is Life Line Screening? Life Line Screening offer preventive health screenings for asymptomatic people age 50 and older. They offer many of the same screenings that your doctor can order, but generally won’t unless you already have symptoms. The organization’s main initiative is to provide preventive health screenings that are affordable and convenient.

Life Line Screening was first introduced in 1993. Since then, the company has screened over 10 million people and is a leader in the preventive health space. Each year about one million people chose Life Line Screening due to the convenience, accuracy and affordability of their screenings.  And many of their patients go back for additional screenings throughout their lives.

Moreover, the popularity of Life Line Screening continues to grow as people look for affordable ways to be proactive about their health.  That compelled us to write a Life Line Screening review about the company. So, let’s dive in to learn all about Life Line Screening in detail.

How is Life Line Screening Beneficial?

Life Line Screening is helpful by identifying risks of serious illnesses in the body. The screenings help detect serious health risks so you can take action with your personal physician.

Getting screened is simple. Schedule an appointment either through their website or on the phone. Locations are conveniently located across the US. Most appointments take 60 – 90 minutes and screenings are easy, painless and non-invasive. You won’t be required to remove any clothing.

A board-certified physician reviews most results before being shared with you and there will also be important information included in your results to share with your personal physician.

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Services provided by Life Line Screening

As we age, the risk of developing various diseases increases. Common diseases for aging adults are cardiovascular disease, stroke and osteoporosis. Screenings are a smart way to be proactive about your health and learn if you have risk factors. Many people over 50 make preventive screenings a part of their yearly health schedule. When it comes to our health, we shouldn’t take risks. In our opinion, the best option is to look for a Life Line Screening location near you.

To find locations near you, visit their website and enter your zip code. A list of locations and times will be shown. Once you find a convenient location and time for you, schedule it as soon as possible to reserve your time as appointments fill up quickly. Once your appointment is confirmed, the company will send you all the appropriate information you’ll need for your appointment via email, such as complete details about where to check-in, time and date of the appointment, what to wear, etc. In addition, they will guide you through the necessary preparation before the appointment. For instance, depending on the screenings you schedule, you may be required to fast prior to your appointment.

The most popular package at Life Line Screening includes these 5 screenings in 1 convenient appointment to identify risks of stroke, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis:

  • Carotid Artery Disease Screening
  • Atrial Fibrillation Screening
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening
  • Osteoporosis Risk Screening

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Life Line Screening Pros and Cons

An honest review must cover the pros and cons of a company. Let’s have a keen look over its pros and cons:


  • First off, it offers over 14,000 locations so you can find one near you.
  • The services are affordable as compared to traditional screenings in hospitals and don’t require insurance.
  • In addition, there are dozens of different screenings available to identify risks of serious conditions.
  • The results are accurate and trustworthy.


  • Most insurance companies don’t cover services provided by Life Line Screening.

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Does Life Line Screening work?

As competent analysts, we are highly confident about our recommendations. Life Line Screening uses state of the art technology and has experienced technicians performing each screening.

Moreover, you can truly rely on their reports and share them with your health care provider. Furthermore, their latest research in the field is proof of their willingness to be the best.

Life Line Screening Real Customer Testimonials1

“I am 60 yrs old and had a screening in May 2019 and found my right carotid artery was 70% blocked. I had no symptoms. Took the results to my doctor then to a vascular surgeon who ran his own tests. I had surgery 5 weeks ago and it was a success. You can’t put a price on health. Thank you Life Line Screening.”

–  Kim, Illinois

“Life Line Screening is the only reason I’m alive today. They found the abdominal aortic aneurysm which was monitored until it got to the size that required surgery and now it is stronger than before. I recommend everyone over 50 to get checked and this is the least expensive way to get a clean bill of health that will ease your mind and maybe save your life.”

–  Cliff, Missouri

Life Line Screening Reviews – Final Words

In the end, Life Line Screening is all about being proactive with your health. As a team of analysts, we highly recommend Life Line Screening. They have the most reasonable preventive screening packages at convenient locations.

Being a trendsetter in any field has never been easy. Life Line Screening has brought about a revolution in the healthcare field. The clients are highly admiring of their services as are the industry experts. So, it is best to book an appointment because you can’t put a price on health.

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FAQ’s About Life Line Screening

  • Is Life Line Screening Legit or a Scam?

Having prior knowledge about your health risks provides peace of mind or early detection. Moreover, the clients’ reviews reflect the exceptional service at Life Line Screening. So, undoubtedly, it’s legit.

  • Is Life Line Screening a Profit or Non-Profit Organization?

Life Line Screening is a for-profit organization. It works much in the same way as other health care providers, but is much more affordable.  Its outstanding services and extensive network of locations take preventive health to another level.

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  • What is the Life Line Screening Customer Service Number?

Life Line Screening customer support number is (855) 697-4695 / (800) 718-0961.

1 The testimonials reflect real life stories from Life Line Screening customers.  Testimonials that include abnormal findings may not reflect the typical experience since most screening results are normal.

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