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Life during the pandemic – New lifestyle, new needs, new us

life during the pandemic new lifestyle new needs new us

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 4, 2021  1:21 PM ET

What would you tell yourself if you can rewind until February 2020, when we thought that the fires in Australia were the most terrible thing of the year? How would you explain to yourself from the past that life as we knew it would change in a matter of weeks so dramatically? How would you describe the quarantine, the facial masks, the isolation, the social distance?

There is no doubt about it. The Coronavirus pandemic changed not only how we lived but also our perspective on life, and sometimes even our hopes and dreams. Our needs are different from what they were a year ago, and most of us value completely different things now. We were always aware that health is important, but it was still shocking to see how many people’s lives were affected by this virus in so many forms.

We entered 2021 with a new lifestyle centered on our homes and our families. Most of us spent more time at home last year than we did in years. We cooked more, watched TV more, learned to entertain ourselves and the family when going out was considered a health risk. We started investing more in comfort and in well-being. Maybe we took online classes, or we exercised more regularly, or we cooked healthier meals. We became more aware of the things that should have been our main priority from the beginning – ourselves, our home, our family, and yes, even our friends.

We connected digitally, and we laughed on Zoom, WhatsApp, and Skype. We sang “Happy birthday” to our loved ones online and sent virtual kisses and hugs. But even despite the social isolation, we managed to keep in touch with everyone that mattered to us. Maybe even more than before.

The virus robbed us of so many things. But also blessed many of us with more time with the children and partners. With more family dinners and lunches and breakfasts. With day spas in the comfort of our homes. We turned our attention to natural and organic, to self-care and well-being. We created more than ever before, even if it was different things.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and we really got to understand this saying this last year. But only to emerge like the Phoenix bird from Greek mythology. The new “ME” is stronger, more aware, more centered, and more grateful for each day. The new “ME” is interested in self-development, beauty, fashion, but also health and well-being. And this is the target audience of – a lifestyle site created with women and for women by Russian-born fashion model, singer and entrepreneur Ellen Alexander.

Ellen Alexander translated the need for a community and sharing into a site that addresses all interests and concerns of women, and so much more. is more than your regular beauty & fashion site, it’s about YOU and learning from each other and from experts so we’re all improving all the time. Come and see for yourself – it’s a digital place that feels like home!