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Let’s make a toast with “Pisco, spirit of Peru”

lets make a toast with pisco spirit of peru

Let’s make a t

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With a history of more than 400 years, pisco is the Peruvian spirit drink that is gaining more popularity in cocktail bars around the world due to its particular flavor and versatility, which offers freedom of creation according to the taste and ingenuity of those who enjoy it.

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Ancient jars of pisco. Winery Zegarra & Children

Pisco has an appellation of origin, which is why it can only be produced in the lower half of the country, in the strip that goes from Lima to Tacna – the southernmost city in Peru.

This wonderful translucent and bright distillate has an identity and exclusive flavors, which is made from the fermentation and subsequent distillation of pisco grape juice.

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couple toasting with glasses of pisco. Brand Spirit of Peru

Pisco can only be made from eight grape varieties, which give rise to eight major types of pisco: on the one hand, the non-aromatic varieties (Quebranta, Negra Criolla, Mollar, and Uvina) and on the other the aromatic ones (Italy, Moscatel, Torontel, and Albilla). The variety of grapes are a reflection of the diversity of climates and ecosystems typical of this country.

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Pisco-based cocktails at Hotel B

There are also two types of pisco: Pisco puro (Pure Pisco) and Mosto Verde (Green Mosto) both can be made from any of the eight grape varieties; the difference lies in the fermentation process of the wines, the Pure has a complete fermentation cycle, while the Green Must the fermentation cycle is interrupted, making the distillate much more intense.

As it is a fruit distillate and not a grain distillate, the sensations and flavors that pisco offers are naturally blended with other beverages, making it a distillate highly appreciated by bartenders. These nuances and also its versatility have made it a distillate that has been able to find its place in contemporary mixology.

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Chilcano varieties.

Among the most famous cocktails are Pisco Sour and Chilcano, however, the Peruvian distillate par excellence offers great versatility, which gives rise to endless cocktails, suitable for the most daring to prepare at home.

Peru invites you to learn more about the history of pisco and delight in its unique flavor in cocktails that you can prepare in the comfort of your home, find this and more at

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