Legal-Bay Pre Settlement Funding Company Announces Settlement Updates To Looming Roundup Weed Killer Lawsuits

JERSEY CITY, N.J., — Legal-Bay LLC, The Pre Settlement Funding Company, reports that over 40,000 plaintiffs have now filed suit against Monsanto (a subsidiary of Bayer) due to alleged toxic exposure to the manufacturer’s Roundup brand weed killer. Plaintiffs claim their non-Hodgkin lymphoma was directly caused by exposure to the glyphosate-based product.

Recent settlements have proven victorious for plaintiffs whose illnesses were allegedly caused by Bayer Monsanto. Litigants who were diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma were able to show a correlation between their exposure to the company’s Roundup weed killer and their various diseases. These initial cases alone received jury awards in excess of $2 billion. With tens of thousands of cases now looming, Bayer is considering a global settlement. The overall settlement amount for these Roundup weed killer lawsuits could be anywhere from $2 billion to $10 billion when all is said and done. 

Chris Janish, CEO of Legal-Bay, commented, “With so many new cases being filed, our sources close to the proceedings anticipate that Bayer will be entertaining settlement discussions very soon. Although a favorable judgment decision is never guaranteed, we are comfortable assisting plaintiffs in this litigation and offering any lawsuit funding cash advances they may need.”

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Chris Janish, CEO


Email:  [email protected]


Ph.: 877.571.0405

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Chris Janish, CEO
Email: [email protected]
Ph.: 877.571.0405