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Learn the art of writing perfect essays that score an A+ every time

Essays offer an opportunity to students to demonstrate their knowledge, comprehension, intelligence, and creativity. It also gives them a chance to display their talent in constructing arguments, analysing opinions and highlighting their writing abilities. The challenge for most students is to make their essays stand out from the rest, especially if there are many others writing on the same topic or answering a similar question.

For most students, writing essays does not come easy. They either ask their friends to help them out with their essays and assignments or approach professional essay writers online and say, “Write my essay for me please”. Fortunately, essay writing is an acquired skill, which can be taught, assimilated, practiced and perfected.

It is possible to learn how to write perfect essays that can help you score an A+ every time. Read on to learn the method to craft a great essay and apply the same tips to any type of academic writing –coursework, assignment , a reflective essay, a standard essay , a thesis or dissertation and score a good grade each time.

What do essays essentially test?

Before we start, it is important to define the purpose of essays. Regardless of the academic level, essays are intended to test the following:

Subject knowledge: Essays evaluate how much you have actually understood the subject

Grasp: This is all about your ability to comprehend the concepts, explain them clearly and respond to arguments in an appropriate manner

Paraphrasing: This is about your ability to present information in a condensed manner. This means you have to say a lot in a brief manner as well as manage time to present all the facts

English skills: This is an opportunity to demonstrate your language skills

Presenting a valid argument: Essays test your ability to present a balanced view and rational argument considering many opinions from different authors

Ability to keep the deadline: As a student, you are taught to have a plan and prioritise your tasks. Essays test your planning and time management skills.

How to write a perfect essay? 

There are few traits make for a perfect essay. Know the features that distinguish a good essay from a bad one. Here are few guidelines to write a perfect essay.

Essay plan and scheduling

All good essays have started with a plan where the writer has a clear idea about the flow of the essay. The best way to plan is to write down basic ideas and provide a sketch to the arguments you want to present. Essays should begin with an introduction. Succeeding paragraphs should develop the arguments. Finally, the essay should have a conclusion that sums up the hypothesis, based on evidence.

Scheduling and managing time efficiently also contribute to the ingredients of a perfect essay. Many students do not have a clear appreciation of the quantum of work and time available to complete it. Often, this leads to cramming the work closer to the deadline and naturally, the essay falls short of expectations. This can lead to unsatisfactory scores. Planning an essay with respect to content, flow and scheduling delivery is key to submitting a perfect essay.

Ensure flow, structure and attention 

You essay has to follow a logical structure. The manner you present the argument occupies as much importance as the argument itself. Always ensure a clear logical structure so that the essay does not deviate from the question being answered. As you write each paragraph, always crosscheck if it supports the argument you are presenting.

Make sure your essay addresses the question that has been set. Often, students mould the question to suit what they know or what they prefer to write about and they go completely off mark with no relevance to the topic. Your essay may be brilliant but it may not have answered the question in the first place.


Innovation and original thinking is at the heart of a brilliant essay. This means you should bring a unique approach to the essay with some inventive thinking. This helps make the essay different from what others deliver. Addressing the topic from a different angle is a good way to ensure a novel approach to writing an essay. This could mean you introduce a different insight in your essays, which you can source from reading other material.

Demonstrate knowledge 

Your essay should display your knowledge on the subject and concepts, backed by facts. The perfect essay uses these facts to form the foundation of the argument. The essay should take into account material from references as well as other points of view. The essay should quote from relevant sources and should demonstrate sound understanding of concepts.

Research and go beyond the brief 

When you read widely, you increase your knowledge. Increasing the depth of knowledge by reading more than the mandated reading list gives the student an edge over their peers. Further, reading and researching enables deeper insights, which make the essay exceptional

Lucid structure and intelligent debate 

The perfect essay must present a rational and logical debate considering all angles pertaining to the topic. The argument must develop gradually and exhibit a balanced approach. It must have a conclusion that sums up facts, your opinion and the interpretation of the topic

Present a balanced argument 

Perfect essays present both sides of an argument. They also present an impartial view while taking into consideration all opinions. At the end, it should also present your opinion and interpretation of the matter. It should show case your original thinking and intelligence, making inferences from the evidence or from extensive research.

Stick to the point

An essay provides information and presents an argument, backed by facts and evidence. The writer is also in a persuasion mode to direct the reader to agree to the point of view expressed in the essay. It is important not to deviate from this purpose. When you lose focus of the main purpose, sometimes the tutors are forced to think that you have not comprehended the subject.

You can afford to be critical too 

Critical thinking is important in giving a distinguishing line to the essays. It will prove that you are not merely parroting arguments but truly presenting the theories in a more academic way. It will show that your essay is not a mere summary of various studies, but presents original thoughts and ideas.

Impeccable English language skills 

Some essays are exceptionally well written and what caught your attention is the smooth flow of the article. Essays should be understood at first reading. Topics need to be dealt with in a systematic manner. If the writer jumps topics, the flow and understanding is adversely affected. Next, is grammar, spelling and punctuation which you need to be careful about. Typos are a strict no-no.

Cite the sources

Academic writing is all about exhibiting a good balance between a new argument and citing the arguments that others have presented. It is imperative to draw on others’ arguments in your essay and provide evidence by way of credible citations.

When you cite the sources in the right manner, you will escape the unwanted tag of plagiarism, which is considered a serious offence in academic circles. Most academic institutions deal with repeated plagiarism very strictly, and those that indulge in it may risk being suspended from their study program.

Further, you must learn to write in an academic language, which means the language should have a formal and unprejudiced tone. A significant stamp of perfect academic writing is concise, precise and clear language.

If you follow these steps, very soon you will be able to write perfect essays that score an A+ every time.