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Koretrak Pro Test – What can the new smartwatch do?

What is Koretrak Pro?

Koretrak Pro is a combination of smartwatch and fitness tracker. The health tracker allows you to record a variety of your health data, evaluate your workouts in clear statistics, and read messages sent to your smartphone. Koretrak Pro does not have all the features that a high-priced smartwatch offers. For this, Koretrak Pro focuses primarily on its function as a fitness tracker.

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What are the Koretrak Pro quality features?

The provider of Koretrak Pro allows its customers to make secure payments. This is guaranteed by AES-256 encryption, which is ensured by McAfee SECURE and Norton Secured. This is to prevent unauthorized third parties from intercepting the data entered by customers.

Furthermore, the provider grants its customers a 30-day guarantee. This way, if you don’t want to use the health tracker after all, you can return it to the provider up to 30 days after the delivery arrives and get your money back. Here, however, the return conditions must be observed. In addition, for a one-time additional charge, you can obtain a lifetime warranty, which is designed to ensure that you will be sent a replacement in the event that the Koretrak Pro becomes defective. These two warranty offers indicate that the supplier considers its product to be of high quality. (Any/all of the links on this post are affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission from sales of this product/service, but the price is the same to you.) Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!

Koretrak Pro rating and recommendation

The Koretrak Pro convinces its users with a multi-sport mode. In this, the steps walked as well as the calories burned are measured. Training performance is displayed in the associated app in clear statistics. The inactivity warning helps remind the wearer of Koretrak Pro to be more active again in case of prolonged inactivity. In addition, there are monitoring functions such as sleep monitoring, which is supposed to ensure better sleep quality, as well as health and heart function monitoring. Notifications and calls you receive on your smartphone will also be displayed on your health tracker, provided your smartphone is connected to the tracker. The smartwatch is operated by a one-button system. The wristband itself is elastic yet sturdy and ensures that you can wear the tracker comfortably around the clock – even when you come into contact with water thanks to the IP67 protection rating. The reviews of users of the smartwatch seem to confirm these promises of the provider. They almost all report being very enthusiastic about the Koretrak Pro features. Overall, the health tracker is an interesting tool. While it is not an absolute rarity on the market and there are some competing products. However, the smartwatch convinces with the intelligent combination of modern design with functional technology.

General information about smartwatch

Wristwatches, as they were often worn in the past, can only be seen on a few wrists today. Instead, many people are currently wearing something else on their arm: a smartwatch. While a few years ago it was something of a luxury item, today it is affordable for almost everyone. Visually, it even reminds a bit of a wristwatch. Technically, however, it has a lot more to offer than just displaying the time. This is because it has various sensors, actuators and functionalities and can even be customized in some cases using apps. With one or the other smartwatch, it is even possible to answer or receive incoming messages, emails and calls. In order to use all these functions, the smartwatch has to be connected to a smartphone in most cases.

Now, however, there is another type of gadget that can be worn on the wrist: the fitness tracker. It also usually displays the time. Unlike the smartwatch, however, its function focuses less on accompanying everyday life and more on tracking and improving the health, activity and fitness of its wearer. It can also be connected to the smartphone. However, in order to use most of the functions of the Koretrak Pro, this is not necessarily required.

A third variant of the smartwatch is a combination of smartwatch and fitness tracker. Such a health tracker has the appealing design of a smartwatch and often makes reading messages possible as well. At the same time, however, the focus of these devices is on the fitness functions known from a tracker. Koretrak Pro is one of these devices.
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For many people, the smartwatch and fitness tracker have now become an indispensable gadget that they no longer want to do without in their everyday lives. The smartwatch is the perfect complement to the smartphone, since it can be paired with it and, unlike the smartphone, does not have to be constantly taken out of the pocket and unlocked first to display incoming messages and calls and to make settings. On the other hand, a smartphone can hardly fulfill the functions of the fitness tracker itself. The evaluation of training units is carried out by the smartphone or an associated app. The recording of the workout, on the other hand, is done solely by the tracker on the wrist. The smartphone can simply be put away here and yet it is still possible to listen to music or skim important incoming messages during the workout without any problems.

Basically, the smartwatch serves as a useful supplement to the smartphone. It partly allows controlling the smartphone, as it is connected to it via Bluetooth. The cell phone itself can simply remain in the pocket during this time. Trackers additionally support training and general health. They record and evaluate a wide variety of data. Corresponding statistics can be evaluated later on the smartphone. One or the other fitness tracker also has GPS and makes it possible to find your way around even in unfamiliar cities. Other functions include contactless payment and use in the smart home. With such a gadget, you will experience an improvement or simplification in almost every area of your life. Of course, just like a fitness tracker, a smartwatch also has some disadvantages. This makes it almost impossible to use without a smartphone. Of course, you can also record your steps with the gadget without connecting to your smartphone. However, statistics, training records or sleep analyses can hardly be viewed without a smartphone. Moreover, the data collected cannot replace a visit to the doctor. You only get an overview of your health data, not an accurate and comprehensive picture and assessment of that data. The battery life is often relatively short. Some models need to be charged every two to three days. However, some models can be worn for up to two weeks without charging.

  • Fitness tracking: This feature is especially popular among fitness tracker users. Even an all-around model can often track your fitness. This way you can monitor and improve your training, reach training goals, measure your heart rate and pulse, count your steps and calories and evaluate many other data. This makes it possible to evaluate the distance covered after a run and record the speed and duration. Some smartwatches even offer their own running courses or activity notifications for more motivation. Also, multiple sports are often supported.
  • Messaging: Messages and calls that come in on your smartphone every day can also be easily read from your wrist with the right watch – and even answered. Sometimes answering by voice control is possible. So you don’t have to take your smartphone out of your pocket to read and reply to the latest news.
  • Listen to music: You can stream music and control it. Additionally, you will of course need Bluetooth headphones, since cables would only be a hindrance here. Control is also possible via the clock – skip or pause songs and change the volume is possible with the clock.
  • Store health data: You can monitor your sleep, count your steps, monitor your heart rate and evaluate your burned calories. In combination with your smartphone, you get comprehensive statistics on your health and fitness. You can set yourself an alarm if you have been inactive for too long.
  • Contactless payment: Contactless payment at modern EC card stations is still relatively new with the smartphone – but it is also possible with the smartwatch. The only important thing is that your model has an NFC chip. So you can use the watch with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay.

Before you decide whether Koretrak Pro is the right model for you or whether another model suits you better, you should look at some other buying criteria. It is important that the display is easy to read and operate, that the battery is as powerful as possible and that the watch itself is compatible with your smartphone’s operating system. You should also not neglect the internal memory and the possibility to make phone calls when choosing your smart watch – as well as the material the model is made of. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

General Koretrak Pro reviews

Some reviews and ratings are published on the website of the official Koretrak Pro provider. The reviews are overall very good – most reviewers rate it with five out of five stars. They report that thanks to the gadget, they are now much more motivated to exercise and establish a more active and healthy lifestyle. The functions of the Koretrak Pro are also positively highlighted in many places. Users report that they particularly like the measurement of blood pressure and resting pulse. The pedometer and the measured calorie consumption are also said to be very accurate – as is the distance measurement of the kilometers run. The display of notifications is also positively highlighted.

Why do I need this smartwatch?

Koretrak Pro is interesting for everyone. Not only for athletes who want to check their daily performance in detail, but also for people who want to become more athletic or keep track of their health data, the fitness tracker is well suited. In the context of sporting activities, it enables the evaluation of these, but also simply the measurement of pulse and blood pressure. Koretrak Pro often also acts as a means of motivation to finally live a healthier and more active life by sending alerts in case of prolonged inactivity or by detailing the daily calorie balance. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

Known FAQ about this product

  • Q: Is Koretrak Pro just a fitness tracker or a smartwatch?
  • A: Koretrak Pro is both a fitness tracker and a smartwatch. It combines the biometric functions that a health tracker captures with the convenience and style of a smartwatch.
  • Q: How is Koretrak Pro operated?
  • A: Koretrak Pro has a one-touch button. This enables intuitive operation and navigation between the apps.
  • Q: Is it possible to go swimming with the Koretrak Pro?
  • A: According to the IP67 protection class, the Koretrak Pro is waterproof. It can be submerged for up to 30 minutes to a depth of one meter. Still, the Koretrak Pro provider recommends not staying in the water with the Koretrak Pro for extended periods of time.
  • Q: Does Koretrak Pro come in different colors?
  • A: The fitness tracker is offered in different colors and types on the order page. You can therefore make an individual configuration of your CoreTrak.
  • Q: Can Koretrak Pro be used when the smartphone is out of range?
  • A: The Koretrak Pro stores data for up to seven days. As soon as your smartphone is near the smartwatch again, it synchronizes via the Bluetooth connection and the data is saved.

— Visit the official website here! —

Where can I buy Koretrak Pro?

Koretrak Pro is offered exclusively on the website of the official provider. Here you can find all the details about the product as well as a form where you can order the fitness tracker. First, you choose how many smartwatches you want to buy. Depending on the order quantity you will get a discount:

  • 1 Koretrak Pro: around 30 percent
  • 2 Koretrak Pro: around 30 percent
  • 3 Koretrak Pro: around 50 percent

Then you can choose whether you want to receive a protection and replacement warranty. This will cost you a one-time fixed surcharge. In return, you get a lifetime warranty for the health bracelet.

Now you will see how much the total cost is and how much money you save with the discount. Protection and replacement warranty costs and shipping costs may be added to the total cost.

In the next step, you specify whether you want to pay by instant bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. You will then need to enter your first and last name, email address, phone number and delivery address. You can already order the Koretrak Pro for a fee. Click here to discover the current discount!

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Koretrak Pro technical facts

  • Multi-sport mode (steps, calories burned)
  • Training performance statistics
  • Inactivity warnings
  • Monitoring heart function and health
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Smartphone notifications
  • compatible with Apple and Android
  • Touchscreen
  • elastic and robust comfort strap
  • Protection class IP67
  • Improved sensor chip VC32
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Dayband App
  • Full charging time 1.5 – 2 hours via USB connector
  • Display size: 1.08″
Who is the provider of the product?

Quality Performance Limited

377 Valley Rd # 1123

Clifton, NJ




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