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Key tips and tricks to bring you some self-earned glory in COD Warzone!

There’s no doubt to the fact that COD Warzone is the most sought after squad game out there. That said, we also know that Battle Royale games are difficult to master due to their unique element and context. Hence, we bring you some key tips and tricks here that may help you in making through your combats in Warzone.


Make it to the battleground faster.

As you utilize the parachute before returning to free-fall mode, you can reduce the time required to reach the battlefield. It’s possible that leaving your parachute extended all the time will slow you down. Being the first to land, of course, implies you’ll have better weapons. This will also protect you against parachute drop combats with lots of open fire.

Try neutralizing our enemy before touch down

In a Battle Royale game with up to 150 participants, every opponent you eliminate early on will make it simpler for you to win. As a result, some players devised a strategy in which they would begin eliminating their opponents before landing. To accomplish so, you’ll have to rip your parachute for a few seconds during your drop and use your gun to shoot your opponents before redeploying it.

Obtain a smart UAV to locate all of your opponents on the map.

The element of surprise is a weapon in and of itself. During gameplay, you can purchase essential equipment from the BuyStations, such as the UAV, which displays a portion of the map and alerts you to nearby opponents. The UAV can also reveal the positions and orientation of the other 147 players if all three teammates activate it at the same time.

Make the most out of Ping

The importance of the Ping cannot be overstated. It assists you in identifying your opponents and locating the loot. It’s also a way to keep your teammates informed about the surrounding combats As you make the best use of it, do remember to double-click the Ping key to alert your teammate to an approaching adversary.

Weapons should be used in the most efficient way possible.

Attempt to secure your weapon to a base or whatever else you can locate on the battlefield. You’ll be able to lessen the gun’s recoil while shooting, giving you better targeting accuracy. During a battle, this may come as a lifeline to you.

Remember to finish your Contract tasks

Completing contract tasks is the most effective method of earning cash in warzone. Contracts are a new and exciting feature in the game. Collecting loot boxes to slaying a certain opponents are all examples of tasks. Contracts are still useful even if you are unable to complete them. They could, for example, reveal an enemy’s location or point you in the direction of valuable loot. Honoring these contracts, on the other hand, rewards you with cash or special skills, such as early access to the next shrinking zone before other players.

Don’t forget to use the loadout packages

While playing online, you’ve most likely spent some time selecting your equipment and weapon additions. You’ve undoubtedly accrued some benefits, which is why Warzone allows you to purchase the loadout package, allowing you to call in your set of online gear. This allows you to take advantage of your numerous skills in order to speed up recovery or enhance running speed.

If you don’t have enough money, you can hurry to the loadout drop signals and pillage their contents, notably the Perks, which are quite important and offer you an advantage over your opponents. However, be cautious, as many other players will be heading towards the drops to plunder them as well.

Keep an eye on Redeployment Signal flare.

As mentioned earlier, a team can buy the Redeployment item from one of the BuyStations to respawn a teammate who has been eliminated. As a result, keep an eye out for the signal flare that appears whenever the tool is used in order to assure your teammate’s safe return and prevent being assassinated by your opponents.

Remember that they will return with few guns and will frequently be attacked by a rival squad in an attempt to kill them right now. Hence, it’s critical for you as a player to be aware of these signals, whether you’re looking to remove a weak opponent or safeguard a resurrected teammate.

Always protect yourself.

Shields in Warzone do not include helmets or other additional safety gear, unlike most other Battle Royale games. They’re more like armour plates that are worn under the outfit. The player can use up to three plates to boost his health from 100 to 250. Each participant, however, has the ability to save up to 5 armour plates, which they can use to help fellow players with low HP when necessary.

Final word

The abovementioned tips may help you to make the best out of your warzone gaming experience. Beside, you can also play along the Warzone LFG professional gamers and learn some handy tricks while having all the fun at the same time.

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