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Keeping Children safe at Daycare is Everyone’s Responsibility!

There’s no doubt that, once your drop your child at daycare in Rockville MD, and they enter the facility – they’re safe. You’ll never have to worry about them coming to harm, because they’re cared for, supervised and monitored by trained professionals who have the best interest of the child at heart. That’s a great stress reliever for every parent and guardian that has a child in the MCCA day care program.  

However, ensuring every child is safe in the care of our professionals takes more than the love and dedication of Program staff. Parents and guardians also have some responsibility in this respect.

What You Can Do to Ensure Child safety

In fact, there’s a lot that parents and guardians of children, in a Rockville day care center, can do to ensure everyone’s safety. By being thoughtful about following specific guidelines, set out by the Maryland Department of Health, the State Department of Education, and MCCA staff, parents ensure everyone has safe and healthy experiences at day care – especially their own children.  

Here are some important elements of the MCCA safety protocol, which is in line with City and State guidelines:

– As you drop your child at an MCCA Center, staff will directly observe as you take your child’s temperature

– Ensure that you wear a cloth face covering when doing the temperature check, and practice social distancing where practical and possible

– Please bring your own thermometer from home for the temperature check, and use it only for your child/family. Existing guidelines prohibit program staff at the daycare in Rockville MD from handling the device. Only you should touch/handle it

– Upon completing the temperature check of each of your children, please show the results to attending or supervising day care program staff. They must record the readings before approving your child’s entry into the Center

Following these simple guidelines not only keeps your child safe, but it also protects your health and that of program staff. Most importantly, because these standards apply universally to all incoming families and children, parents and guardians have peace of mind knowing that their children are entering a safe and healthy environment.

There Are Always Exceptions

Of course, while the rules exist for everyone, there are instances where exceptions apply. However, no exceptions exist that will ever jeopardize the health and safety of anyone, including program staff and the children they care for. One such exception is around how temperature checks might happen.

It is possible that some families might not have access to a personal thermometer when they come to drop the child. For instance, they may have forgotten to bring it with them, or (for any reason) it might be broken or malfunctioning. Don’t worry – there are protocols that your Rockville day care center has in place to deal with such situations.

If a family does not bring a personal thermometer, MCCA program staff can provide one upon request. Ideally, this will be a non-contact device. However, it could also be a temporal or tympanic (ear) thermometer. In either case, parents/guardians must perform hand hygiene and wear single-use gloves before handling the device provided by Center staff. This is an important aspect of the protocol. 

And, if you are concerned about the safety or cleanliness of the device you are handed – don’t be!  Program staff at the daycare in Rockville MD clean temporal and tympanic thermometers after each use, and non-contact devices receive cleaning frequently in line with CDC guidelines. 


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