Is it reasonable to ban the industry?

There have been lots of examples when certain industries cause huge problems. Sometimes it appears that the industry is actually a failure and damages the economy, causes social problems and creates many risks. In these cases, governments usually think that prohibiting an industry is the best solution to avoid such kinds of problems. Banning an industry is a strategy to get rid of cases of crime, avoid corruption, solve social problems, or improve mental health. It’s a common strategy that usually accompanies unacceptable actions.

Have you ever been punished by your parents in your childhood just because you did something bad? Banning is just a type of punishing. But this time, instead of parents, the government is punishing an industry for being a failure or for frustrating them. But most of the time punishment doesn’t work. In fact, psychologists suggest that if you want to change your children’s bad behavior, you shouldn’t punish them and try some other methods. Today punishment is considered an ineffective method and just like this, “punishing” an industry, restricting and banning it doesn’t really work. Let’s find out why.

Which industries are likely to be banned?

No government bans industries like healthcare or education. Everybody knows that some industries are just vital for countries to function. But the same doesn’t apply to other ones which are widely considered as damaging. Specifically, that’s especially the case with the gambling or alcohol industry and with everything that is regarded as immoral in some societies or addictive. AT a first glance it may sound reasonable to ban an industry that usually causes problems to our mental health but if we dive deeper into this strategy, we will find out that most of the time banning an industry just doesn’t work.

There have been examples in history when banning was a failure. For example, what’s happened with the prohibition of alcohol in America more than a century ago. Why should you ban something for citizens that are believed to have free rights? It just wouldn’t work in democratic countries and this case is a great example because after banning alcohol the industry became even more powerful and the problem actually got worse. The same can happen with the prohibition of gambling.

Impacts of banning gambling

No one doubts that gambling is a dangerous activity for mental health. In fact, it’s one of the most addictive activities which often results in financial difficulties, social problems, reduced work and study performance, and most importantly, in addiction. However, it doesn’t mean that because of its bad sides the entire gambling industry should be banned in the country. In many countries, gambling is restricted but not because it can be harmful to our health. Countries ban casinos because they are against their religions and they don’t consider gambling activities morally right.

If these governments really cared about the health of their citizens, they wouldn’t ban gambling because everybody knows that the prohibition of gambling makes things worse. But there are countries as well which have certain regulations in order to provide responsible gambling. For example, in Norway gambling is legal but it’s strictly regulated by the government. They let people take part in casino games but also, try to ensure the security of their citizens. This is why most Norwegian players use local casinos or local online websites to satisfy their gambling needs. If you follow this link, you will find out that Norwegian online casinos actually care to offer as excellent service, as possible to ensure that Norwegian players don’t use offshore venues which could be harmful to their safety. However, players from countries where gambling is prohibited often gamble on offshore gambling sites illegally, and as a result, they experience many problems with the law.

Therefore, banning gambling is not really a solution because people tend to find alternative ways to satisfy their needs. It’s impossible to stop online gambling. When this happens, people just use sites based in other countries. And these alternative ways could actually be more harmful than gambling legally in your country. This is why more and more gambling commissions are being established which try to convince governments to legalize gambling and create proper laws in order to regulate the industry as effectively as possible. Regulation can reduce many problems and it’s better than driving players to poorly-regulated foreign operators.

Another important reason against banning the gambling industry is related to the economy. Prohibition usually has a bad impact on the economy. That’s exactly what happened in the US when alcohol was banned. It eliminated jobs, created a black market, and triggered severe economic consequences as a result. Countries can hardly benefit from prohibiting gambling because in many countries the gambling industry is an important source of income. Often gambling is an effective way to raise funds for the state. Especially now, when there is a tendency to diversify the economy and rely on various industries, the gambling industry can play an important role in the economic growth of many countries which is why banning it is a bad decision.

Also, casinos can contribute to reducing the unemployment and poverty rate. They create jobs and these jobs are not just in the casinos themselves, but also in hotels or other parts of the tourism industry. Casinos often take part in reviving places that had considerable poverty or social problems in the past. Therefore, the gambling business can actually help countries to benefit and this is why banning them is an unreasonable decision most of the time.

Why banning an industry doesn’t work

As you can see, banning something usually makes things worse instead of solving the problem. Most of the time, the banned industry gets more powerful as it shifts underground and still continues to operate but illegally, leaving the country without economic benefits or other advantages.

But also, banning an industry is related to dangers because prohibition can lead to increased crime. When people can’t take part in their desired activity, they have no other way but to do it legally. As a result, the black market starts to operate, money laundering starts and legal jobs are destroyed which could be even more harmful than just legally taking part in some industries, like gambling. Besides, governments usually pose taxes on such kinds of industries, and banning them could have a negative impact on the economy. There hasn’t been a single example of the completely successful prohibition of an industry which is why countries should consider the disadvantages before actually banning an industry.

To sum up, banning an industry can’t really work. It’s just a lazy policy that aims to reduce undesirable activity but on the contrary, it does nothing but increases problems. Everyone who prohibits an industry just fails to examine the real causes of its problems and doesn’t understand the mechanisms of human behavior which tend to satisfy their needs no matter how hard it can get. This is why countries should develop more mature and reasonable policy instead of just banning some industries they don’t like.


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