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Introducing RegDOX® Managed Services – Customized Administration and Unlimited Storage

Jun 18, 2020 1:50 PM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Jun 18, 2020

There are an increasing number of cloud-based cybersecurity applications. Leading the list is RegDOX’s ITAR and DFARS compliant Data Room system that enables efficient and complete protection of federally regulated confidential electronic files. As with the best, RegDOX’s system is best leveraged when administered with expertise and fully integrated with a company’s entire cybersecurity strategy.

As the provider of its leading application to meet this regulatory need, RegDOX works closely with its customers to enable administrator proficiency. RegDOX’s customers likewise work diligently to maintain that training and knowledge transfer to ensure ongoing compliance with cybersecurity standards.

Many customers however have requested that RegDOX’s cybersecurity experts move beyond training internal administrators to providing customized administration.

In addition to this call for more direct involvement in providing account administration of their RegDOX application, many customers have also requested that all storage limitations within the application be removed.  Just as they do not want to be limited in their use by their own administrators not maintaining a complete understanding of the application, they do not want to be penalized as they bring more content in the system to obtain its protections and collaboration features.

Through its new and unique Managed Services option, RegDOX is saying yes to both these requests – our experts can administer each customer’s Data Room account and we can provide unlimited storage for no additional cost.

This new RegDOX Managed Services has two primary features:

  • RegDOX providing all account administration of customers’ RegDOX licensed application.
  • Customers having unlimited storage without any storage charges.

As William O’Brien, RegDOX’s President and COO, described this new option for its customers,

“RegDOX Managed Services will enhance the use of the patented RegDOX cloud-based ITAR/DFARS cybersecurity system while reducing customers’ direct and indirect costs.  No longer will it be necessary to limit use of the application to reduce storage costs. Likewise, we as the experts in the RegDOX system can ensure users are getting all the system has to offer.”

Companies considering a cloud-based solution to meet their ITAR and DFARS obligations to confidentially store and collaborate using Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) should contact RegDOX to become compliant while avoiding unnecessary storage costs and administrative overhead.

Call RegDOX at 1-800-517-3171, email us at [email protected] or go to to learn more.

Contact Information:

William O’Brien
Tel. 1-603-598-4868
Email: [email protected]


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