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With the strong development of fashion fabric printing service as well as the establishment of more and more printing units, choosing a reputable and quality base is not easy for many people. Congtyinvai.vn with outstanding strengths in the current printing market. With experience and reputation built in the past 20 years and a staff of skilled, enthusiastic, dynamic. moreover, the synchronous printing workshop system, modern printing technology, always pioneered the market. Detailed introduction

Congtyinvai.vn is a website be owned by Hoang Anh Fabric Printing Company, which possesses outstanding strength by more than 20 years of experience in digital printing. Experienced, enthusiastic and dynamic staff, with asynchronous printing workshop system, the latest modern printing technology on the market, providing products and services from design to printing High-quality products. With the motto “Cooperation for development – mutual success” and continuous orientation to bring customers the best printing services on fabric. In addition to owning extremely modern equipment and machinery and a highly specialized professional production process. We have completed orders large and small across the country, and exported abroad. Always attaching importance to the word “TIN” to customers, committed to high-quality products, timely delivery according to the criteria, fast – beautiful – and cheap. Full contact information

Congtyinvai.vn always brings customers effective quality products and services, helping customers to save time and costs to improve competitiveness in the market as well as achieve high efficiency in business and marketing. Customers need publications printed on fabrics such as Heat Transfer, Cotton, PE, Simili, Silk, Canvas … high quality, ready to meet all your requirements in away. most enthusiastic and thoughtful.

Fabric printing services in Hoang Anh:


As one of the long-standing and popular printing methods, in the printing industry, especially on fabrics, the fashion apparel industry, is the digital printing method, applied to paper, some other materials by heating the ribbon coating, so that it sticks to the material to be printed. This method of printing is often preferred over direct thermal printing, thanks to the ability to create high-quality images with diverse and durable colors. Thermal transfer printing technology on fabric Sublimation Printing

The price of heat transfer printing is also different, if you print a lot, the price is cheap, printing less will be a bit higher.

Heat transfer printing is best suited for polyester spandex material. The large percentage of cotton brings cool feeling, sweat absorbing to the user, but it is the best for the printing process. Elastic spandex, cotton, or crocodile-colored fabric, or the lowest level of color, is more likely to surpass ink than polyester spandex.


Cotton is one of the most used fabrics in everyday life. Therefore, the demand for using cloth also needs to print pictures, print letters, information and logos on fabrics that are interested and selected by many people. Coming to the printing company, you can be completely assured of the quality of cotton fabric printing, price, ensuring all requirements of customers. Learn more about cotton prints

Cotton printing technique, with many colors, different prints, following the trend, and requirements of the user. The quality of printing is cheap, durable, timeless, and safe for customers, especially children who can use it. Washing hands or washing machine will keep the quality of fabric unchanged, prints will not fade, and fade, durable …

Importantly, Hoang Anh Printing Company ensures you will receive the most preferential price when ordering printed cotton fabric in bulk. Heat transfer Decal printing:


Thermal transfer printing is widely applied in everyday life such as printing on shirts, on cloth, or shoes, carpets, printing fashion items.

The printing process is not too complicated, low cost, so it is suitable for a small scale. In addition, print a small number of sharp images, which can be printed in many different colors.

It is also used for printing on sportswear, players shirts, jackets, shirts … or fashion people use it to print images, logos, letters.

Besides, it is also printed on the wooden, ceramic, crystal … making eye-catching and meaningful souvenirs.

This method of printing is increasingly developing strongly, including printing on fabric, meeting the needs of businesses as well as consumers.

Please contact us to be provided with quality service products and services, helping customers save time, cost to enhance the competitiveness in the market as well as achieve high efficiency in business. , marketing. The most diverse, quality and prestigious fashion fabric printing service available today:


Company name: In Vai Hoang Anh

Address: Bitexco Financial Tower, Floor 6, 7, 2 Hai Trieu, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh

Phone: 0938.006.586

Contact name: In Vai Hoang Anh

Website: https://congtyinvai.vn/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/In-vải-chuyển-nhiệt-911528325611803/

Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/5fnfxBubjuMcgsbS8

Email: [email protected]

Hoang Anh Cloth Printing Company always welcomes you!

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