Interview with Svitlana Antonovich, a top-class interior designer

Svitlana Antonovich is famous for designing different styles, such as art deco, neoclassical, and classic. She is a chief designer for Antonovich Home, a deluxe gallery with premium fishing. Besides, she is also a designer for Giorgio Collection, an outstanding Italian furniture brand.

Svitlana Antonovich

Host: You started Luxury Antonovich Design back in 2014 as a family business. Which were the interior design changes you witnessed? How did you become a successful interior designer?

Svitlana: knowing that Luxury Antonovich Design existed for 17 years, there were many changes in this field. The internet made the whole experience more straightforward, with a straightforward shopping experience and sourcing. Besides, you get access to neve ending source of fresh ideas. By far, Instagram is my favorite social network. I use other social media only to promote my business, but Instagram is my endless source of inspiration.

Host: In which ways does art impact interiors? Both commercial and residential interiors?

Svitlana: When designing a particular space, art is essential. You choose the artwork based on the room’s vibe and colors. Besides, clients often want their favorite piece of artwork to be incorporated into the space. No home feels complete without art. In some cases, due to the client’s preference, I would have to omit the art. In this case, I feel like the space is blank and unfinished. Art is available in any budget range, so there are no excuses not to make a statement in your home.

Host: Did your signature interior design style experience change through the years?

Svitlana: My style did undergo slight changes but remained around modern style. When I started, mid-century was my go-to style. Now, I like to add unique and charming pieces but still elegant.

Host: Which are your tips for choosing the right artwork?

Svitlana: Choose what you love. In many cases, I am not keen on my client’s art, but if they love it, I respect that. Apart from that, some technical aspects to consider are scale. Always make sure to pick the right size that complements the space. However, work your way around the rules and let art show off your taste and preferences. Some of the most common art pieces I use are photos, patients, paintings, macrame artwork, or ceramics.

Host: How do you communicate with a client about their specific needs and wishes? What happens when they want to incorporate their existing prices in the new design?

Svitlana: Clients do choose to work with me because of my signature designs. I ask them about what they like and dislike from my style. Also, I ask about their preferred colors since this is an essential aspect of the overall process. The budget is one of the important topics to me as a designer, as it gives me freedom or limitations. Of course, we discuss the available budget at the beginning to make it more clear.

In many cases, clients want to keep their favorite furniture or art and implement it in their new home design. I do my best to blend them with style and create a cohesive look. Sometimes, we give existing pieces a makeover to fit appropriately in the new design.

Host: Which room is your personal favorite when it comes to design?

Svitlana: My favorite room for decorating is the master bedroom. I love to design an area for peace and relaxation, meant to provide them an escape from every day worries. When designing large suburban homes, I enjoy working in the kitchen. Personally, I love large kitchens since I cook a lot for my family.

Official Antonovich Design website: https://antonovich-design.kz/

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