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Instant Knockout Reviews – Does Instant Knockout Really Work For Burning Fat?

The key benefits of Instant Knockout involve more than fat burning. After close review, we discovered that this supplement offers more of a support system to help maintain a diet and healthy lifestyle.

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Helps Your Body Burn More Calories

First and foremost, lets address the fat burn. Instant Knockout contains potent thermo genic ingredients we’re very familiar with, designed to raise your metabolism. That means you’ll be burning more calories, even at rest.

Supports You And Your Diet

The Instant Knockout formula also contains proven appetite suppressants. This is especially important for women, as we’re more likely to give into cravings than men are. With an appetite suppressant in the mix, you’re in complete control of your diet and are more likely to stick to it. Which in turn, leads to extra fat loss?

Keeps You Energized

On top of that, there’s also some caffeine in the formula to help you stay energized and focused while on a low-calorie diet. As an active lifestyle is essential to a fat loss journey, a stimulant like caffeine is so important.

We’re used to seeing stimulants in fat burners, however the majority of manufacturers over-dose their supplements with it. An additional benefit of Instant Knockout is it only contains about half as much caffeine as other fat burners. We found it to be optimally dosed to bring you a clean lift, without any jitters or a migraine.

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Is Instant Knockout safe?

As a carefully dosed, completely natural formula, we found Instant Knockout to be one of the safest fat burner supplements out there.

Firstly, it’s completely free of proprietary blends, which is a huge plus for us in terms of safety as many manufacturers use these unidentified mixes to fill their capsules. The main issue with them is you don’t know what’s inside, whether it’s good for you, or if these mystery ingredients are safely dosed.

Instant Knockout is completely free of proprietary blends and its capsules are vegan friendly.

We also mentioned before that Instant Knockout contains some caffeine. Although it is a substantially lower dose than most other fat burners and should be safe, it’s worth factoring the extra caffeine into your day.

If you’re a regular coffee or tea drinker, think about lowering the number of cups you would normally have. As caffeine is a diuretic, we’d also recommend you drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration.

If there is any chance you could be pregnant, we recommend you speak to your doctor before purchasing a supplement.

Read Entire List of Ingredient of Instant Knockout – A Must Read Before Buying

Instant Knockout ingredients

Instant Knockout contains 10 completely natural ingredients, including a number of vitamins and minerals. After reviewing the whole selection, we can confidently say they’ve been well researched and each one contributes to the fat loss process.

To give you an idea of how this supplement works, we’ve pulled out the key players and identified their fat burning roles within your body.

Green tea extract

Green tea is a powerhouse in the world of fat burner supplements.

We’ve seen countless journals of scientific research, showing the weight loss results associated with green tea [1]. According to these studies it’s the catechins in green tea that play a big part in promoting fat loss [2].

It also contains a small amount of caffeine, which is a thermogenic, meaning your metabolism will be higher and you’ll burn more calories. Overall, we’ve found that this ingredient has been linked to fat loss in 11 individual studies.

On top of this, the caffeine can also help to provide an additional energy boost for bigger workouts.


Also known as Konjac Root fiber, this is the ingredient that helps you stick to your diet. Glucomannan is a powerful, proven appetite suppressant that’s well known in the fat burner industry [3]. It expands when it hits your stomach, making you feel fuller, so you’re less likely to give in to cravings or overindulge.

As we’ve mentioned, this is a key element for women. Sweet treats and cheat snacks can often throw us off track when it comes to dieting. With additional support from glucomannan we’re more likely to stick to our diets and resist temptation.

Cayenne Pepper Seeds

We’re also familiar with the powers of cayenne pepper seeds. Not only are they packed with vitamins that will nourish your body, it’s also another powerful thermogenic. The spice in these seeds heat up your body, so you have to work harder to cool down. All of this expends energy, which means your metabolic rate will be raised.

It also works by increasing your insulin sensitivity [4], so you use and store carbs more efficiently. If you’re resistant to insulin, you’re more likely to store carbohydrates as fat, so the higher your sensitivity, the better.

Caffeine anhydrous

Many of us know caffeine can be a game changer when it comes to the working week. But when you’re on a weight loss journey, it’s essential to keeping you energized, even when a low-calorie diet has you feeling fatigued. With support from this ingredient, you’re more likely to smash a workout and stay active, which is vital to losing weight in a healthy way.

Instant Knockout is dosed to around half of many other similar supplements. This may sound like they’ve under-dosed it, however we like this a lot. So many products are overfilled with the stimulant, often resulting in headaches and jitters. This fat burner gives you the optimal amount to boost energy, without nasty side effects.

Vitamin B6

Certain vitamins are essential to the fat loss process and we’re happy to see a generous dosage of B6 in this formula. It helps to moderate the way you use and create energy from carbs, so you store less fat in your body.

Science shows this vitamin also directly impacts fat burn by boosting metabolism and elevating fat oxidization levels [5]. We’re very familiar with B6, as so many people supplement it for general health and we’re confident it’s earned it’s place within this formula.

Instant Knockout Testimonials

This supplement is well known across the industry, so finding testimonials and Instant Knockout reviews online wasn’t hard. Overall, we noticed how well received the supplement was.

We were surprised to find a huge number of body transformations, which claim that the fat burner was responsible for their impressive physique changes.

On top of that, we noted that a number of athletes like John Dodson, Holly Holm and Diego Sanchez were happy to recommend Instant Knockout. While we understand these may paid endorsements, our overall impression of the supplement, based on testimonials was a very positive one. Many consumers appear to be happy with the effects it offers.

Of course, we also found a number of reviews where the customer didn’t feel any difference when taking the supplement. However, fat loss is about a healthy lifestyle and a good attitude to food, so it’s difficult to say whether these consumers were active and succeeded in maintaining their diet.

Conclusion on Instant Knockout Review

Instant Knockout is hands down one of the best fat burners we’ve found. After review, we can safely name it one of our favorite products in this area of supplementation. Its all-natural profile, potent ingredients and the support it offers dieters puts it firmly up there as one of our most recommended supplements.

The combination of intelligent ingredients work together to provide a full support system, along with powerful fat burning elements that add up to bring you real weight loss results. We’re particularly impressed with the addition of appetite suppressants, which makes this an excellent fat burner for women.

In real life situations it seriously seems to work. If you’re struggling to burn off that last bit of stubborn fat, a product like Instant Knockout can help give you that final push. And from scouring internet forums, Instant Knockout review pages and more, we’ve seen some very impressive transformations.

The one drawback of Instant Knockout is that it’s at the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to cost. Although it’s by no means the most expensive supplement we’ve seen, it’s still pricier than the majority. Having said that, we’d still say it’s worth your attention.

With so many dodgy supplements out there and a huge number of them over or under-dosed, paying a little more can be worth it. Especially when the supplement is so effective and has the potential to really give your weight loss journey an edge. As long as it’s accompanied by a healthy, calorie-controlled diet and an active lifestyle, we see no reason why Instant Knockout won’t get results for you too. Visit Instant Knockout Official Website Today


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