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Industries Lowest Current-Voltage 2-Wire Inductive Proximity Sensor [3 µA, +2.3V]

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Mercury United Electronics, Inc. announces the release of their new True-Off™ Series (M18M2) 2-Wire Inductive Proximity Sensors. The True-Off™ Series is the industry’s lowest operating current and voltage 2-wire Inductive Proximity Sensor.

This True-Off™ Series utilizes the patented Mirow Brand Sensors technology to operate at the industry’s lowest off-state leakage current (residual current) level of 3 µA (typ.) and the lowest “on”voltage level of +2.3V, making it ideal for low current portable/battery operated applications. A short YouTube video demonstrating the performance advantages can be viewed at the following link:

M18 Metal 640 x 640

The low minimum operating voltage of +2.3V also makes this sensor directly compatible with most types of computers for portable robotics, motor controls, and automation. This sensor provides excellent results with difficult-to-detect objects that use aluminum or copper metals.


  • Ultra-low off-state leakage current: 5 µA max.
  • Ultra-low on-state holding current: 20 µA min.
  • Low minimum operating voltage: +2.3V min.

M18 Metal 2 Drwg

Additional information and datasheets can be found at:


Mercury United Electronics, Inc. has manufactured quartz crystals and clock oscillators since 1973, headquartered in Taiwan, now offering the industry’s lowest operating power inductive sensor for the consumer market where low voltages and currents are critical.

Contact Information:

Art Trejo, National Sales Manager
[email protected]
(T) 909-466-0427 ext. 33
Mercury United YouTube Channel:


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