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India Pet Care Market Is Expected To Reach INR 5457 Crore By The End Of The Year 2025: Bonafide Research

india pet care market is expected to reach inr 5457 crore by the end of the year 2025 bonafide research

India Pet Care Marke

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Pets are the cutest things on the planet which always serves us with great affection, love and care. From the faithful and friendly buddies like cats and dogs, to the small creatures such as turtles, each and every pet amaze us with their nature. The pet adoption is not new to the world. In ancient times, pets were raised as a status of prestige. But with the swaying time, people started to adopt the pets to curb their loneliness. Many people still raise pets as their status symbol in the society.

The Indian pet care market is vastly diversified into the segments of Pet food, Pet accessories, Pet grooming and Pet healthcare products. Whilst the Dogs and cats are adopted more due to their fraternal nature. Other pets such as rabbits, birds, turtles, tortoise, rats, etc. are still least preferable in India. With the responsibility of the pet raising comes with the demand for high quality pet care products in the market. The pet owners don’t want to compromise with quality for their loved ones. Hence, the Indian market is craving the necessity for the new and high quality pet care products. From the pet foods to the pet accessories such as belts, chains & toys . The pet grooming products such as shampoos & combs to the pet healthcare products such as supplements. All these have bloomed the Indian Pet care market.

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According to the report entitled “India Pet Care Market Outlook, 2025”, published by the Bonafide Research, the Indian Pet care market is expected to reach INR 5457 crore by the end of the year 2025. It will be registering a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 19%. As per Vedant Pandya, Market Analyst at Bonafide Research, “The Indian Pet care market will experience a robust growth in the future. Whilst Pet foods are gaining a status of necessity. At the same time pet accessories, pet grooming and healthcare are also proliferating in the market. The reason behind that is the encouragement by the global trends of pet adoption and pet care. The increased rate of pet adoption in India is expected to drive the pet care market.”

In order to gain the attention of the pet owners, the brands have adopted the strategy of premiumisation. Now they are making premium products for the pets and targeting the intuition by introducing their pets as their family member. Recently, the brand Pedigree launched a campaign on dog adoption. It urged the pet owners to adopt the abandoned dogs as their new family member. Pedigree had also launched a child replacement campaign. It convey the message that dogs and pets are far more lovable and caring than their own children. Some start-ups in pet care market are trying to innovate in hope of filling the gap in the market-

  • PetDom, which is an online platform for pet adoption.
  • BarkNBond, which is a consulting service especially for pets.
  • CollarFolk, who arranges pet friendly vacations.
  • BarkLoot, who offers monthly pet gifts on its subscriptions.
  • Waggle, who helps the pet owners to find out pet friendly home during their outside visit.

All these efforts and emerging trends will increase the pet adoption rate in India. Which will allow the brand leaders to introduce new products in the market and target the institution of the pet owners. This will also help the Indian pet care market to be a pavilion of incredible possibilities.

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Major Companies Present in the market

The key players of the India Pet Care market are Agro Food Industries, Blue Buffalo Co. Limited, Champion Petfoods LP, Gitwako Farms India Private Limited, Indian Broiler Group Private Limited, Royal Canin India Private Limited, Venky’s (India) Limited, WellPet LLC, Provimi Animal Nutrition India Private Limited, Mars International India Private Limited, Bharat International Pet Foods Private Limited, Purina Pet care India Private Limited, Diamond pet foods.

Considered in this report

  • Geography: India
  • Base Year: 2018-2019
  • Estimated Year: 2019-2020
  • Forecast Year: 2024-2025

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The following aspects are covered in the report “India Pet Care Market Outlook, 2025

  • Global Pet Care Market scenario (Historical & Forecast)
  • Global Pet Care Market Size by value (overall, North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific)
  • Global Pet Care Market share (by company, country, pet type, food type, sales channel)
  • Global Pet Food Market Outlook
  • Global Pet Accessories Market Outlook
  • Global Pet Grooming Market Outlook
  • Global Pet Healthcare Market Outlook
  • India Pet Care Market scenario (Historical & Forecast)
  • India Pet Care Market Size (by value)
  • India Pet Care Market share (by company, segment, pet adoption type, pet type, sales channel)
  • India Pet Food Market Scenario (Historical & Forecast)
  • India Pet Food Market Size (by Value – Historical & Forecast)
  • India Pet Food Market Share (by product type, pet type, sales channel)
  • Global Pet Accessories Market Scenario (Historical & Forecast)
  • Global Pet Accessories Market Size (by Value – Historical & Forecast)
  • Global Pet Accessories Market Share (by product type, pet type, sales channel)
  • Global Pet Grooming Market Scenario (Historical & Forecast)
  • Global Pet Grooming Market Size (by Value – Historical & Forecast)
  • Global Pet Grooming Market Share (by product type, pet type, sales channel)
  • Global Pet Healthcare Market Scenario (Historical & Forecast)
  • Global Pet Healthcare Market Size (by Value – Historical & Forecast)
  • Global Pet Healthcare Market Share (by product type, pet type, sales channel)
  • Market Trends and recent developments
  • Company Profiles of the leading market players

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Table of contents

  • 1. Executive Summary
  • 2. Report Methodology
  • 3. India Demographics Insight
  • 4. Global Pet Care Market Outlook(Market Size, Market Share)
  • 5. India Pet Adoption, Types & Life Span Analysis(Market Size, Market Share)
  • 6. India Pet Care Market Outlook(Market Size, Market Share)
  • 7. Product Price Variant Analysis
  • 8. India Economic Snapshot
  • 9. Market Penetration
  • 10. PEST Analysis
  • 11. Policy & Regulatory Landscape
  • 12. Trade Dynamics
  • 13. India Pet Care Market Dynamics
  • 14. Market Trends & Developments
  • 15. Competitive Landscape
  • 16. Strategic Recommendations
  • 17. Disclaimer

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