Important Things For parents To monitor their teen’s digital behavior

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The statistics continue to show that 76% have a smartphone, 72% are on Social media, and 84% of the parents go online from time to time using a tablet, smartphone or other handheld mobile devices.

Keep Things Out in the Open

Many parents do not share important information with their teens, and that may endanger their internet use if they are not guided. The best approach to deal with responsible internet use is by keeping things in the open. Guide them, showing them how they can protect themselves from strangers online, whether through social media, emails, or accepting friend requests they do not recognize. If you have teenagers and you are not technology savvy, you can look for an online safety expert to help you understand ways to monitor teens at home.

Talk About it

The best way to win your teens from engaging in endangering behaviors is by talking to them. Communication is critical to keep your teenagers safe online. As early as the Preteen stage, you can start to shape your children until they are fully aware of internet safety. Talk about cyberbullying, identity theft, pornography, online predators, sexting, and others.

Set Up Ground Rules

Clearly, show your teen apps and sites that are off-limits and the ones that are not.


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