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How you can Growing Your E-Commerce Brand in 2020 with the help of influencer marketing

How to Use Big E commerce Brand Research to Grow Your ROI 1
When it comes to growing e-commerce brands on social media, nobody can deny the power and potential of influencer marketing. This is where effective influencer marketing gets in. Leveraging this powerful marketing tool in 2020 is something you don’t want to miss out on in your marketing strategy.

Create your Marketing Persona

A marketing persona is simply a detailed report on your ideal customer their age, location, interest and other demographics. Building one will give you an idea of who your target audience is and help you select influencers accordingly.

Revenue Generated:

This is the primary objective of influencer marketing.

To keep track of the revenue generated, check out metrics like

  • Affiliate Links Every sponsored post has an affiliate link that directs users to a product page or landing page
  • Google Analytics This is for tracking all conversion and sales
  • Promo Codes To track how many people used the promo code to buy the product

Give creative freedom to your influencers

Allow your influencers to unleash their creativity while promoting your brand online.

Summing Up

Yet there are many still unaware of this marketing gold. If you want join the wagon of successful influencer marketing campaigns in 2020, now is the time.

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