How to Spruce up Your Custom Product Box on a Budget

There’s no denying the slight thrill of excitement you feel when a new order comes through your eCommerce store. The idea that everything – your marketing, website, and ordering process – all lead up to this moment is gratifying.

Now you need to put everything together, package it, and send it off. It must survive a nerve-wracking journey and make it to your customer intact. Everything needs to be perfect.

Your packaging is part of that perfection. Unboxings have become a trend amongst influencers and YouTubers, and the chances are good that your package might eventually hit the internet.

Is it going to blow people away, or fall flat before the box is ever opened? Here are a few ways to spruce up your custom product box if you need to stick to a budget.



The right kind of sticker can add a lot of personality to a simple and straightforward brown box. You don’t necessarily need to use the same custom sticker every time. Many craft stores sell affordable ones that come in a large variety of designs.

Add a little personal touch to your packaging with a ‘Thank You’ sticker that serves both to thrill your customer and keep your box a little more secure.

Inserts and Custom Tissue Paper


Whether you’ve decided to go for a simple design or a custom printed box, adding something extra to the inside of the package can add to the unboxing experience. 

Using inexpensive cards and adding little handwritten notes can make someone feel special, while a discount offer insert can create a potential return customer.

You can also get affordable custom print tissue paper, like the designs available through Deepking. It both reinforces your brand and adds to the memorability of your customer’s experience.

Exciting Color Use


If you want to catch someone’s eye, using color creatively can go a long way. It can also save you a few coins. For example, if you can get a packaging box that’s already the same color as your brand, you don’t need to do additional printing.

That said, there are other ways to use color to make your package pop. You can use a simple box to create an illusion, and then use a bright color on the inside to surprise your customer with something beautiful and exciting.

Natural Wraps and Burlap Sacks

Have you heard of the low waste and zero waste movements? These are phrases that are becoming extremely popular as more people dedicate themselves to eco-friendly lifestyles. The goal with low or zero waste is to reduce and even cut out non-recyclable and single-use products.

A great way to cater to these ‘lifestylers’ is to use reusable or natural packaging. Try using nature boxes and twine, or even burlap drawstring or muslin bags. Not only do they look more rustic, but they’re all environmentally friendly and reusable.

Bonus Tip: Test Your Package

Don’t fall in love with the design of your package quite yet. Before you start shipping your goods in brand new custom packages, test them first. Consider this: damaged goods account for about 20% of eCommerce returns. That’s a huge bite out of your potential profit.

Send ten or so packages to friends and family members as a test run. Ask them to send you photos and feedback about how the box looked when it arrived, how it held up during shipping, and if the product was damaged. Also, consider visiting Shiply to hire the best shipping provider for your needs.

The Wrap Up

Never underestimate how much of an impact a well-designed package can have. It’s more than just a way to protect a product on its way from point A to point B. Your custom package will be the first thing the customer sees. It’s going to create a powerful impression, and whether that’s a positive or negative one depends on the design.

Don’t be afraid to get creative, but keep in mind that simple can also be beautiful. Surprise your customers with an unusual or unique insert or give them something they can reuse.

Remember that you can still create a lasting impression and experience, even when you’re on a budget.

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