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How to save a YouTube video to MP3 DESKTOP/SMARTPHONE

Are you wondering how to save a video from YouTube to MP3? YouTube videos can be very entertaining, especially when you have millions of people that are enjoying the show or film. However, it is also possible for YouTube to create a huge amount of traffic without necessarily adhering to good user etiquette. One YouTube video can easily get lost in the millions, which is why it’s so important for YouTube to offer a way for its users to share their videos. With YouTube downloading to your computer or cell phone, you never have to worry about losing that important video files again.

Use YouTube Converter for Loss-less Compression:

YouTube converter software allows users to convert video files on YouTube into loss-less format. Before learning how to save a video from YouTube to MP3, you have to understand the difference between loss-less compression. Both compression types have similar effects. When a video is compressed, you still end up with the original video file, but the quality of the original is greatly reduced. To get the best quality, you should consider converting your YouTube videos to loss-less format while using mp3 converter.

Why only YouTube Converter?

  • YouTube converter or YouTube downloader software is a powerful software that is completely safe and reliable.
  • It is easy to use, affordable, and can easily repair corrupted YouTube video streams. YouTube conversion software is used by YouTube members all over the world, and millions of internet users enjoy YouTube videos each day.
  • The site continues to grow every day and more YouTube members opt to upload videos to their personal computers and mobile phones via YouTube’s free internet application.
  • YouTube conversion tools are great because they make the process of converting YouTube videos easy and fast.
  • When you decide to convert your YouTube videos to other formats, you must do it on your own or pay expensive fees to external conversion companies.
  • YouTube video conversion software allows you to convert YouTube videos to any format on your own schedule.

How to save a YouTube video to MP3 using loss-less video converter software is a time-saving option. There is no need to convert the video at the end of your YouTube session. Instead, you can convert your YouTube videos into loss-less MP3 format at any time during your online activity. Just make sure you have installed the latest version of loss-less video conversion software.


If you have made an effort to convert your YouTube videos to YouTube mp3 and you want to share them with family and friends, you can upload the converted YouTube videos to your MySpace or Facebook pages. How to save a YouTube MP3 file with video conversion software enables you to share your favorite videos with anyone. You can even email the converted YouTube videos. The software will enable you to convert video files in any format (H.264, AVI, JPEG, MBV, etc.) into loss-less MP3 format.

  • When you install the conversion software and set it up, you will be able to convert any file type – Flash, AVI, HTML, etc. – into loss-less MP3 format.
  • You will also get automated and user-friendly features. You can convert any file on your hard drive – including photographs – into lossless MP3 format with the help of Video Converter.
  • With the help of Video or YouTube Converter, you can convert any file type including audio, video clips, and slide shows.

Video Converter provides free conversion tool for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. YouTube videos are well known for their large file size.

Another Suggestion (Tip)

(Video and audio files are easy to convert and upload, but it’s not always possible to add subtitles and transitions, etc.)

Alternative Method.

  • Find the YouTube video on YouTube, open up Audacity.
  • Tap the red record button, and record the video you want to convert to MP3.
  • Save the video to your computer using Windows Explorer, or upload the video to YouTube.
  • Go to the tab: Save to Clipboard.
  • Paste the video to the clipboard, and paste it into your Audacity program (or just do it by hand.)
  • Once the video is in the program, drag the window with the recording down and hit pause.
  • Now you are in audio mode, and can easily convert it to mp3 using Audacity’s audio software.

However, by using this software you can convert any YouTube video into portable, lossless and safe format anytime. You can even share the converted files with family and friends using various web services such as YouTube, MySpace, and Skype. With this software, your YouTube videos can become more entertaining and engaging than ever.

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