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How to market your products via instagram

The advent of better camera smartphones has facilitated the users to capture moments that are important to them. You no longer need to carry a camera around. With advancement in technology, sharing media has also become easy. Instagram is one such platform.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is a media sharing app that allows the users to share their favorite moments with friends, family or any Instagrammer. Although initially, Instagram was just for personal use, it is now being used for commercial purpose too.

With more than 600 million active users, every business venture wants to grab this opportunity. One more thing to note is that 90% of the Instagrammers are youth. This gives sellers a large target audience.

Instagram as a market tool

In the recent past, Instagram has emerged as a powerful promotion tool to promote one’s online business. It gives its users the liberty to stay in the same app and shop as well as socialize (virtually) simultaneously. Users have everything at the click of a button.

Not only business users but this social media platform is heavily used by celebrities too. This is because they know the power of the tool and helps them to stay in touch with their fans. Many companies make use of their stardom to promote their products.

Doing business on Instagram is relatively easy as it saves your time and effort to register with an E-commerce site. You also have the benefit of directly dealing with the buyer and saves you from the heavy commission cut of the third party.

Post constantly, but sensibly

Audience memory is short lived, if you don’t stay in touch with your target audience there is a good chance that you will be forgotten soon. People don’t usually wait for your updates if you are not active for a long time and start looking for alternatives.

Even a week’s time is a long time on social media. So it is better to keep your followers in the loop and constantly update them about upcoming product and services you are planning to deliver.

Although it is imperative to upload content time to time, but that doesn’t mean that you post a hundred pictures in a day. Such a large amount of photos and videos can frustrate the prospective buyers and they may unfollow you.

Invest in a good camera

Camera is probably the only big investment you are going to make for your online business. In order to make your content post online, you need a good camera. Posting poor-quality images can hurt your business and stunt its growth.

High-quality images can expand your fan base. I have witnessed this personally. Two of my friends started the business at the same time. One posted the updates using a normal camera phone, whereas the other one invested in a high-end camera.

There is a stark difference in their business revenues today. Buying a good quality camera paid off. Prospective buyers were enthralled by the high-resolution images and were able to see the products clearly. A good camera captures minute details and helps customer’s decision making.

Whereas my friend who used an average camera had to face many hardships. Customers often had the complain that the product didn’t look the same as in the images. The followers also used to complain to him that they were not able to see the product clearly in the photos or videos posted by him.

Buy likes, comments and views if you don’t get them initially

Instagram has grown as a big marketplace recently and it is becoming challenging to make yourself notice on it. There is a good probability that you won’t be getting a bulk of followers as soon as you join. It is also highly unlikely that your posts will receive truckloads of likes and comments initially. SocialShop, Buzzoid are some apps that help you buy Instagram followers cheap, buy Instagram views cheap, buy Instagram likes and also buy Instagram comments.

The Don’ts of Instagram marketing

There are some things that you need to avoid in order to market your products in the best way possible.

Avoid inconsistency

Once you have found the target audience and set up a fan base it is important to be faithful to them. It is important to post relevant products in accordance to the theme of your business. Trying hands on different types of business at the very start is probably not a smart choice.

Instead, it is better to expand your business gradually once you have built a brand name. But first, you need to deliver what you have promised and post on a regular basis.

Inappropriate Hashtags

Hashtags are intrinsic to Instagram. They are the keywords that help a seller write a caption and let a buyer search a product. It helps the people interact and bridge the gap between buyer-seller.

Using the hashtags in a right way can play a decisive role in flourishing your business. It is advisable to include your brand or organization name as a hashtag when posting a product variant as it helps in boosting the popularity.

Small business groups can take a hint from big companies that run unique hashtag campaigns for publicity. Such type of promotion is interactive for the users too, as it involves active participation. Using irrelevant hashtags can negatively impact your business.

Snubbing comments

Many people take criticism the wrong way. It should be seen as an opportunity to improve not something to be sad about. The feedback can help your business prosper in the right direction. Taking the user comments into consideration will make them feel valued. You can also buy instagram comments cheap.

It is important for you to appreciate the prospective buyer for their suggestions and users for their reviews. It helps you build a customer-centric image and shows your credibility. Having a friendly attitude is always helpful in business whether offline or online. Nobody likes dealing with a person who gets cranked up. Patience is the key in dealing with your followers.

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